One student, gunman dead after Oregon high school shooting

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leadfoot97 wrote:

What in the world is wrong with these people that want to kill for no reason?

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mustafaspeaks wrote:

It’s not so much a gun control issue as it is a mental health issue, i.e. American culture and society have engendered a nation of wackos.

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Reality2Day wrote:

Bad parenting; violent movies, games; and no accountability. Everything handed to young people and taken for granted with no responsibility for anything.

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obstreperous wrote:

mustafaspeaks andpromplyinsertsfootintomouth

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BeRealistic wrote:

I agree Reality. We have grown a culture where there is no respect for anyone or anything. We are almost mandated to follow liberal ideology of rewarding every kid for simply being and prevented from pointing out failures and shortcomings, let alone being able to apply any kind of discipline. Kids are taught they are special in every way even with zero accomplishment. They are taught that their own desires have a right to be satiated immediately at any cost.

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BeRealistic wrote:

My condolensces to those who have lost a child and to those who must now seek to move forward in this trajedy.

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Kabooki wrote:

I agree with BeRealistic Reality2Day; this liberal mentality and violent video games/movies are to blame. The world has become worse and worse. With equality and respect for all being forced down our throats. We need to go back to the good ole days where we can drown women for being witches and segregate ourselves from different races in the 60s/70s because they are different than us which must mean they corrupt our ideologies. Or go even further back to the good ole Catholic rule days and start some Holy Inquisitions again, that should show how much respect we have for others.

This is a tragedy and a normal occurrence in history, unfortunately. To start blaming things and associating that blame with no aim or proof is called ignorance.

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

obstreperous – actually mustafaspeaks is in the close proximity of some truth here, certainly in my opinion. The question becomes one of defining “wacko”.

Certainly over the past… let’s say 40 years…. we seem, as a society, to find it harder and harder to simply have a civilized, adult discourse over items the we’re in disagreement about. Current technology has only accelerated that trend – people seems to have trouble grasping the fact that just because we have ACCESS to immediate information, doesn’t mean there is any factual information immediately available.

Case in point – Reality’s post implies that some youth was the shooter, yet as of this moment no news source has stated this as a fact. It may well have been, and we’ll know shortly – but why not wait for the facts to become available before drawing conclusions?

People have always had a tendency to “rush to judgement” – current technology has only fed, and accelerated, that tendency. These sort of shootings – all of them – only illustrate that for some it has reached the level of psychosis – i.e. “wacko”.

Frankly, everyone needs to step back and dummy up when events happen, and wait for actual facts to emerge. Too much of the endless speculation becomes “quasi-truth” – and that just fuels the fire. Much as with nuclear weapons – just because you CAN say something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

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leopardlady wrote:

ENOUGH! We can blame everything and everybody, but what are we going to do about it? This killing innocent people has got to stop.

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GQ222 wrote:

We need to just get used to it. Mass shootings every day. That 2nd Amendment is one VERY costly Amendment. Not sure if this is exactly what the founders had in mind, but hey, Wayne L is happy.

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RichLake1978 wrote:

TheWhiteLine says it best, and to answer the question of Leadfoot97, I will give my own opinion. As a person who suffers from a mood disorder, sometimes I find it difficult not to think of how useless I am to society, and how no one will remember me when I’m gone. This is not a true fact, but my mind doesn’t care to believe so.

As we idolize school shooters and other instigators on the news, it becomes clear that this is a way to immortalize one’s self, no matter what their mental status is. More people in this country can name the school shooters from the past couple of years than can name any of the victims. This is wrong.

We spread information quickly and without proper research, and the media is the worst about it. They are allowed to say and do as they please and it is called fact. No one dares to call out the media for showing things in the light that gets them the best viewership. Instead, lets blame the President, video games, movies, parents, mental disorders, etc. We don’t blame the people who knowingly withhold information or massage facts to fit their agenda.

If this is a child, don’t blame video games or movies. If they are not old enough for the ratings on them, blame their parents. Honestly, we need to have a stronger check on mental instability and gun access.

I know a man who was diagnosed with PTSD after a tragic work incident. He was put on an antidepressant, but asked his doctor if this would affect his ability to own a gun. Because of the nature of PTSD, the answer here is yes. The doctor, however, marked his insurance documentation and file as a temporary mood disorder caused by medication for his injury. Now he is able to own his guns with a disorder that can cause extreme depression and rage.

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Kpaolino wrote:

@TheWhiteLine, only thing I wonder is whether we are actually told the facts and they have not already been biased by the media somehow. But I agree on waiting for a full story and not picking up pieces and carrying on.

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timebandit wrote:

It’s a complete mystery why so many parents are thrilled beyond belief when they procreate a male child, if not 2 or 3. Increasingly, you end up with a disrespectful, hateful and violent misogynist nut bag, like this one – along with the 5 million others just like him now vegetating in federal and state prisons across the country. Perhaps, when enough victims pile up American parents will begin to raise their sons to be civilized and compassionate, instead of crude barbarian warriors. None of us ought hold our breath on that, though, since the U.S. has plunged into 2nd world territory over the last several decades.

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Randy549 wrote:

What has changed in the past few years is the ability to spread news far and wide in a very short time, via Twitter/Facebook and other social media. The people committing these acts are often looking to get the attention in death that they could not get during their life. And nowadays, that attention is going to be immediate and widespread.

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Kyle2112 wrote:

Say what you want about “religion” but this did not seem to matter as much when we forced our kids to go to Church every Sunday. Even when we didn’t want to go ourselves. Just saying.

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Kyle2112 wrote:

Say what you want about “religion” but this did not seem to matter as much when we forced our kids to go to Church every Sunday. Even when we didn’t want to go ourselves. Just saying.

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MarkMulligan wrote:

“It’s not so much a gun control issue as it is a mental health issue.” No, it’s a gun control issue. If guns weren’t being given out like candy, we would not see so many shootings.

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Other countries have violent video games…

Other countries have a stronger ‘liberal ideology’ (whatever that is) then the USA…

Other countries have a lower % of self identified ‘religious’ people..

Other countries have strict gun control laws…

Other countries do not have much less gun violence then we do.

Objective is a wonderful tool, too bad the radical right gun nuts do not have this tool.

another sad day in America at the altar of the gun god.

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Agoraphobic wrote:

Agreed, it’s not religion, video games, movies, or any other outside influence. It’s weak minded individuals that don’t care about others or themselves. And have no desire to better themselves or humanity. In my opinion, if people don’t want to contribute to humankind. They should leave the gene pool “without taking others with them”.

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FX145643 wrote:

If you look at a map of every shooting since Sandy Hook and compare states with the strictest gun control laws vs. the states with the loosest gun control laws, you’ll notice that the vast majority of shootings occur in the states with the looser laws.

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

Kpaolino – absolute agreement. I’m dating myself here, but I miss Murrow, Cronkite, Huntley/Brinkley – where are the true journalists, people committed to reporting the simple facts and allowing ME to come to my own conclusions?

Id note that much of this “psychosis” seems to have accelerated when virtually all news depts – which historically operated at a loss – decided that profitability was more important than integrity. I’ll forego naming the worst offender(s) – others here will bicker back and forth enough about them…

Randy – I think we’re on the same page, at least in the same chapter. Again, one problem is that the “news” being spread so quickly often isn’t news at all – it’s rumor, speculation, innuendo and hyperbole. I learned back in the 60″s that just because it appears on a screen doesn’t mean it’s truth. As such, I’m the media’s worst nightmare – I take it all with a grain (block?) of salt until I find the facts.

Kyle – although not religious myself (spiritual, yes – religious, no) I will concur with this – the Sunday ritual did/does promote a sense of “socialness” if I may invent a word. For a few hours a week you’d hang out with your neighbors and others in your community – meet them, know them. Sorry, but “friends” on Facebook don’t count here. I don’t personally believe that religion is required for this – it could be made to happen under other pretexts – but certainly the end result is desirable. Not only the sense of belonging to a community, but it’s gotta be at least a little bit harder to pointlessly kill someone that you were just chatting with the other day.

RichLake – we share a common problem, or certainly did. For myself, things like the martial arts, Zen, and an absolute commitment to rationality showed me a path to self-acceptance and inner peace. You’ll find yours, keep looking. If your screen name indicates your age, it’s a statistical certainty that I’ll be leaving before you – but I’ll make this promise: Up until the moment I check out, I’ll remember you. Persevere, my friend – it can get better.

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Sigh, next time i proof read before posting, should be,

‘Other countries DO NOT HAVE THE gun violence that we do

Objective THOUGHT is a wonderful tool’

Oops, that what i get for posting in a hurry, ruined my whole point :(

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MrNomad57 wrote:

Background checks won’t pick up kids & instances who take the guns from their parents unlocked closets. But legislation could hold parents responsible for leaving guns lying around unlocked. Of course, the NRA & its right wing stooges (aka: congress) will block anything that deprives the right of the deranged to randomly kill anything that moves. An enlightened society would identify and assist kids with problems but the goal of our defective congress is to gut everything for the people and to enrich the 1%. Ergo, health care & education are likely to be chopped in Nov but so are corporate taxes.

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igot wrote:

The fruition of the failed liberal socialist policies/agenda rearing its ugly head once more.

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Randy549 wrote:

@WhiteLine, we’re on the same page. Back in the “old days” it would easily be the next day or even the day after that before news of a shooting would achieve widespread coverage — and even then, only to people who took the effort to watch the evening newscast or read through the papers. Nowadays, it’s both the official news organizations as well of millions of self-publishers that can spread the news of events like this within minutes rather than days.

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If it had not been a gun……it could have been a homemade bomb.

If someone wants to kill……they will kill.

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

BTW – in due deference to Reality, it is now being reported that the shooter WAS a student at the school – fair’s fair.

…but it was only a couple of hours to CONFIRM that, was it really so hard to wait a bit…?

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CountryPride wrote:

You have to love the naive comments that continue to blame guns or the 2nd amendment as the problem. By the way geniuses, how many people are killed by cars every year and what are you going to do about it? Cars kill way more people and are way more dangerous than guns.

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Roscoe8 wrote:

The person walked in, killed one person, left and killed them self. Sounds like there’s some twisted reason behind it. Will the news find it is the question.

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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

Was looking at a list, a very long list, that CNN had posted of all the school shootings. It looked like about 95% were under 18 yrs old and the older ones all sounded like they were mentally ill. So how about keeping guns away from under 18 yr old young people unless under adult supervision and keeping guns away from the mentally ill. Having more and easier access to mental health help for young males…since they seem to be involved in the majority of mass killings.

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cheeze wrote:

So sad, today parents are not doing a very good job of bringing up the kids. I have three grown boys that I could not be prouder of, which took a lot of time and money to accomplish. With today’s society of ” anything goes and do what you want” we are all seeing the results. Divorcing parents exceed 50 percent, kids are not given the love and time they need to grow into responsible adults. If these kids were involved in loving caring families, this would not be happening. The kids today are being shoved into day cares, left to do what they want when dad and mom split, and are basically not being shown how to be responsible adults, as can be seen with the herion aver dose rates. Call me old fashioned, but when mom was home in the 1950′s and dad had a good paying job, the kids were not out shooting others. America has lost its way and the rich politicians are only worried about how to maximize profits for their rich buddies who put them in office, and not about how to bring jobs that can pay dad a living wage so mom can stay home and raise the kids. That if course is if mom is worried about her children and not climbing the career ladder. As the culture of America has radically changed in the last generation, unfortunately, we are paying the price of this new society, hopefully someday, we will wake up to the fact that kids need love and care at home, and put our own selfish needs aside to raise up healthy children.

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oneStarman wrote:

Oscar the Grouch says,
“Today’s Gun Murders are brought to you
by the letters NRA and GOP”

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Sheebson wrote:

@CountryPride: Granted, cars kill more people. But car accidents are mostly just that.. accidents. People generally don’t utilize cars as murder weapons, which is why we do nothing about it.

Gun control aims to make it more difficult for people to achieve rapid, effective murders. Sure, people can build bombs or conduct knife attacks, etc. But that at least takes some thought, effort, and time–all of which put obstacles in the path of a tragedy occurring.

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dd606 wrote:

MarkMulligan wrote: “It’s not so much a gun control issue as it is a mental health issue.” No, it’s a gun control issue. If guns weren’t being given out like candy, we would not see so many shootings.


Then why were there not as many shootings like this in past decades, or past eras, when most homes had a gun right out in plain sight?

I’m still waiting for all the anti gun people to explain how they plan on getting the millions of guns in the world, to simply vanish. Even if you passed a law worldwide tomorrow, it wouldn’t do jack. So I really don’t understand why people keep making the same comments over and over.

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Bakhtin wrote:

MrNomad57 wrote:
“Background checks won’t pick up kids & instances who take the guns from their parents unlocked closets.”

Maybe not, but gun regulations in every advanced country *except* the USA don’t allow irresponsible gun owners to leave guns in unlocked closets.

Right there is the problem in the USA: the majority of ‘law abiding gun owners’ are irresponsible idiots who would not be allowed to own a gun in any other advanced country. They pursue this irresponsible behaviour, which makes it so easy for criminals/idiots to get guns, with the blessing of the GOP/NRA who pretend that being free to be irresponsible is a right. They resist any attempts to bring in regulations similar to other countries that are proven to stop incidents like this, that happen every few weeks *only* in the USA.

The only thing the NRA/GOP have got even close to being right is that the problem is not the guns per se. It is the irresponsible gun owners who buy them.

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VanDiemen wrote:

I wonder how many more times must this happen until the americans will realise that it won’t be that opressing for their society if they start applying gun-control.

Jun 11, 2014 7:04pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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