Tea Party struggles to repeat Cantor-style shock in Tennessee

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astroz wrote:

Alexander supported the anything goes S744 mass amnesty, double legal immigration, no real enforcement immigration bill that will crush wages, increase unemployment, and undermine our laws and democracy. That alone is reason enough to get rid of this guy….he is toxic!

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Bob_Oscar wrote:

This should be the philosophy:

Vote for the TParty candidate in the primaries and vote for the winner in the general…with the conviction that the *worse* R is light years better than the *best* D.


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Mott wrote:

As was hyped much, this win had little to do with the “Tea Party”.

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SanPa wrote:

The Tea Party seeks to overturn a national decision made at great cost 150 years ago …. whether to take the US to a federalist system with a weak central government, or remain a republic with a strong central government. The drivers of this movement are firmly entrenched in the southern states.

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The term Tea Party is a dog whistle to Liberals who know little to nothing about the real motivation behind the Tea Parties formation. The have idiotic speeches for Michele Bachman dancing in their heads. It was and is about balancing the Governemnt. Bringing the size in line with the revenue it collects and restoring hope that our children and grand children can have a good life without the crushing debt, pervasive interference, and incompetent management of programs.

The Senate version proposed immigration reform will dump massive numbers of workers into the market flooding it for Americans including legal immigrants at a time when there is already a large shortage of jobs. It also has nothing that insures border security.

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Calvin2k wrote:

If you think the Tea Party is working for the good of The People, you are highly delusional. They brainwash their sheeple using the same propaganda methods as Faux News and company, giving lip service to “small government” only when it suits the needs of their corporate overlords.

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AlkalineState wrote:

SanPa warns: “The drivers of this movement are firmly entrenched in the southern states.”

We are well aware. The losing side since 1865.

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diluded0000 wrote:

DennisV, if the Tea Party was like you describe in your first paragraph, I would support it. But the Tea Party has it’s own turkey call for bigots. I’ve followed the movement since it started, and the focus changed from tax less/spend less, to illegal immigrants being the biggest problem in the country. I’m not going to debate why I don’t think immigrants are a major financial problem. I will argue that the real motivation has changed from less tax/spend to a message of hate. They focus on spending less for social assistance, and spending less regulating their industrial donors.

Where is the focus on across the board spending cuts that we really need? It is an easy sell to tell people their tax dollars are going to support the lazy. And while that is partially true, the best lies are rooted in a truth. If the Tea Party isn’t about hate, why do they focus all their attention on government interaction with minority groups?

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Bakhtin wrote:

DennisVictor223 wrote:

“The term Tea Party is a dog whistle to Liberals who know little to nothing about the real motivation behind the Tea Parties formation.”

Liberals know that the real motivation behind the Tea Party’s (not Tea Parties…) formation was Koch Brothers. Here is proof: -> http://web.archive.org/web/20020821185019/http://www.cse.org/tea/about.php

In case you are struggling, the proof is the ‘project of CSE’. CSE is Citizens for a Sound Economy, owned by Koch Brothers.

“Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) was established in 1984 by David H. Koch and Charles Koch of Koch Industries. Ron Paul was appointed as the first chairman of the organization. ”


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