FCC looking into slow Internet download speeds

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If the FCC does their investigation properly, it seems pretty clear that it’s the ISPs fault, that they’re not managing their networks correctly.

They’re trying to create the appearance that companies like Netflix are overwhelming their networks but companies like Netflix have been around for a long time and there’s no excuse for having slowdowns when they have all the resources they need to ensure that network traffic is effectively managed.

The ISPs and cable companies are lying to us again.

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WestFlorida wrote:

For some reason it is common that here in New York City, our Netflix subscription does not play well, and frequently stalls for as long as 30 seconds, while at the same time other services such as YouTube or Bloomberg streaming work perfectly, and the SpeedTest.net indicates that the link from our house to the nearest switch is working well. Since all other services are working at the same time well, it appears Verizon DSL is singling out Netflix. If this is true, it should be strictly regulated and prohibited and enforced with massive penalties to stop it.

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dumspirospero wrote:

Which country I’m talking about?

- the internet is slow, expensive, unavailable in areas that aren’t even rural, and its content is heavily censored and monitored by the government
- product obsolescence is rampant and there is zero quality control for daily items; regardless of which store you buy your items–if you make $300K+ then you can get around this by purchasing high-end international brands.
- you can’t trust the food you buy unless you buy overpriced organic food or food from abroad
- health care sucks
- there is a huge discrepancy between the rich and poor
- people work long stressful hours with almost no vacation time
- there is rampant violence against women and discrimination of minority ethnic or religious groups; this is a country where women are discouraged from walking down the street alone after sundown and encouraged to travel in small groups
- an overwhelming majority of citizens are uneducated and unable to obtain higher education–particularly STEM education
- making money by any means how or moving to a more developed freer country is the only way driven people can live a better life.

Is it China? Is it India? Is it Russia? Is it the US? Don’t fret if you aren’t sure… after all, we can still tell ourselves apart from North Korea–for now.

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