Israel says Hamas militants behind abduction of three teens

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paintcan wrote:

It’s to make up for all the teenagers that waste in your prisons no doubt”. The Palestinian prisoners are on a long hunger strike as I understand it.

When both sides are wrong in some fundamental ways – what does it matter now that the wrongs can only be less or more wrong?

Israel can always make it worse by blasting, at a rate of hundreds to one, more Palestinians. Or the seminary students can get their noses out of their provincial “good books” and get to know someone from the other side for a change? It’s gotta be some kind of brainwashing to do Jewish and nothing but Jewish all day? It’s must be outright stultifying?

Who know? Maybe the Hamas militants will be taking them home to meet their families to show them what that expanding biblical homeland, uberIsrael, really costs in human terms? Seminary students are very like Islamic Madrassas from the sounds of it. Or at least some of them are.

It’s pretty obvious now – and very boring- that anyone can be a terrorist if you aggravate them enough.

BTW – anyone can lie, a very practiced lie, while they are polite and the situation is well under the cover and protection of politeness. It’s when you get them really steaming mad and they really get hot under their stuffed shirt that you really start to see some of the truth. And that doesn’t required sadism or torture.

But be careful, you just might reduce them to tears.

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paintcan wrote:

I’m so naive. Being reducing to tears is a psy-ops tactic and the people that know the technique can still be lying and greedy bastards and on the take or hired by some interest or another. I didn’t read about death camps and see holocaust movies since high school for nothing. And even that had a more immediate profit motive then I realized then including the price of the books.

Frank Capra endings are for Christmas. Hell is always far more attractive than heaven and a lot more profitable. I haven’t seen the quote yet but Nietzsche is supposed to have said “civilization is organized cruelty”.

They used to say it about Kennedy’s assassination all the time: “We killed John Kennedy”. How about a new one: the occupants of those illegal settlements kidnapped those seminarians? Too cloying?

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VultureTX wrote:

“what does it matter now that the wrongs can only be less or more wrong?”

so moral relativism from you, well congrats may you too be kidnapped even though you as a individual were innocent.

/oh wait that would not happen because you are an anti semite who only cares about the actions jews do, and ignore what muslims do in the same region.

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MayGodHelpUs wrote:

Thanks to our naïve, incompetent President who traded a captured military deserter for 5 high-level terrorist enemies of the US., all countries around the world will now experience many, many more kidnappings with the hope of having them traded for prisoners; thus no one is safe in any country where terrorists exist – which is everywhere. There are religious fanatics in every country willing to do things and/or die for their misplaced causes……May God Help Us!!!

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Dr_Steve wrote:

Carpet bomb

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PaulBradley wrote:

@VultureTX plays the ‘anti-Semite card’ again. Could you make a comment without it???

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DbPolk wrote:

Israel sez….odds are lies.

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

Israel only has itself to blame. They negotiated prisoner swaps before and this is what it created. Obama followed suit. Stand by for many abductions.

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PaulBradley wrote:

@Dr_Steve wrote: “Carpet bomb”

I take it, you are not planning on being there, right?? Are you saying that respect to value of life pertains only to the ‘chosen’, right?? What a despicable person you are suggesting “carpet bomb” . . . .

And, have you ever considered the Mossad orchestrating the “kidnap” since they are the most efficient State of Israel sponsored terrorist organization on this Earth ??

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Nagant wrote:

Israelis have to blame only themselves. If they hanged terrorists, instead of keeping them alive and comfortable in prisons, there would be no incentive for kidnapping.

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VultureTX wrote:

@paul Bradley
I don’t know will you stop referencing KKK and and nazi member sites?

/sucks that you are so sensitive to be called out. Maybe if you had an objective stance but nope you only call it crimes when jews do it.

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gany wrote:

Israel taaught Obama how to lie much better and how to ignore basic rights,

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expat75 wrote:

I remember my wife and I in Jericho on Easter Sunday, 1980. Three young Israeli teenagers armed with Kalashnikovs beating a sleeping Arab taxi driver at 2 PM that hot afternoon to drive them somewhere. If the three Israeli teenagers who supposedly have been kidnapped have the same attitude towards Israeli Arabs, then I can have very little sympathy

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sabrefencer wrote:

it is so interesting how the Jew haters, find a way, in their little minds, to hate people for their religion and blame them for anything and everything…the jewish people, whom were here, way before Christianity, or baptism was even a thought, to humanity, helped give birth to other religions..they are smart enough, to hate no one, for believing in their g-ds, or prophets… those jew haters, your just sick and as a prophet once said, g-d forgive them, for they know not what they do…for the events taking place, im sure obama’s weakness contributed to this mess, as the timing is very suspicious…to those that wont make peace and can only kill, such as hamas, or whomever else kidnapped these kids, I hope you are dealt with swift and total…to those that want peace.. demand your top two leaders, of the Palestinians and Jews, lock themselves in a room and cannot be let out, till a peace deal is reached…this strike and counterstrike, has gone on too long already..time for peace to be reached, with serious compromises on both sides…but, as the Jews walked away from Lebanon, Sinai, gaza, the arabs must live up to their commitments and tackle their own extremists, swift and total…or else 70 years from now, we still will be dealing with this mess….

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PaulBradley wrote:

@VultureTX – - How much are you getting for posting ridiculous comments?

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@PaulBradley – Don’t bother trying to explain to people like this what the Mossad is and what they’ve done throughout history. They probably think Mossad is the Jewish Santa Clause or something.

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PaulBradley wrote:

@WarOfOurFathers – - I share your feelings. You should have also mention that the “holy book” that gives them ‘right’ to Real Estate they wrote themselves – - How convenient!!! :-)

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johnnyboone wrote:

The extreme right wing settler dominated government of Israel confiscates land based upon the “God of Real Estate.” This is a 2,000+ year old fairy tale. I mean the Indians in the U.S., god must have given them all of the United States. It was only 500 years ago Europeans took the land so can Native Americans claim it all back? The Israeli position is so stupid it is hard that anyone doesn’t crack up and laugh in their face! Israel imprisons thousands of Palestinians for no cause, uses live bullets and shoots and kills 2 teenage peaceful protesters and then gets their shorts in a bunch over three students.

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Dr_Steve wrote:

Am Yisroel chai.

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PaulBradley wrote:

@Dr_Steve – - Don’t worry, we know who you are and what you stand for. However, being a fanatic is terrorist trait . . .

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bbsnews wrote:

Israel has killed a Palestinian child every four days since the year 2000. Three yeshiva students who were where they were not supposed to be are about to get a rude awakening from their colonialist brothers.

This was not Hamas, nope, it’s another murderous Israeli farce.

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bbsnews wrote:

“There are religious fanatics in every country willing to do things and/or die for their misplaced causes……”

“May God Help Us!!!”

The irony is delicious. There is no more a “god” than there is 72 virgins. The “god” construct was created by men (no women) who did not bathe and thought some guy lit up the stars made out of oil lamps, for the sole reason of control of naive and ignorant people and for a cash flow.

Nothing more and nothing less. There is no invisible skydaddy handing out land deeds, I suggest you get over it and see the root cause of the terror and that is Israel, always at the heart of it all.

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bbsnews wrote:

I love how all the idiots keep talking about President Obama as if he is the kidnapper for getting out the LAST prisoner from the Taliban.

These anti-American, fake patriot, wingnuts used to be ignorable but now, since they are also supporting Israeli terror, they are as dangerous as the Israelis are.

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2Borknot2B wrote:

MayGodHelpUs wrote: You do realize that Israel just released Palestinian prisoners, aren’t you? May God Help Us? Why? god helps those who help themselves, isn’t that one of the popular sayings? L.

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2Borknot2B wrote:

Is hitchhiking a common practice in Israel? I know of a uncountable number of teenagers who have disappeared off roads in America for doing the same thing. Mankind is just sick. L.

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paintcan wrote:

@vultureTX – Moral relativism? That’s all that life dishes out and I am willing to live with it. I don’t believe in absolutes usually. Name a few you think I should believe in. I can’t think of many and none that have universal acceptance or much practical or consistent application.

Yes,I could be kidnapped and be “innocent”. I could be blown to pieces or maimed and be “innocent”, and I’m not sure anyone would really care. I am not very wealthy, don’t have many friends and no contacts in high places and it won’t matter to the neighborhood, the country, or the planet, if I did meet a terrible end. I think my father might grieve and a few other living relatives, but otherwise it wouldn’t matter much to most people anjd they would eventually get on with their lives.

Why should the kidnapping of two seminarians matter to the Israeli’s to the point where the government takes punitive action on whom? Religious people of other denominations have been kidnapped and murdered too and their governments haven’t gone of rampages in their defense. Kidnapping is a situation where the kidnappers exert a lot of leverage. It’s surprising the story was revealed at all. Maye be it’s only in the movies but I thought a gag order usually accompanied a ransom demand?

I think it s wrong but I think a lot of things are wrong and shouldn’t happen. The question is what do you think should be done about it? Do you want to pay the ransom for them? Do you want everyone to pay it?

BTW – And how do you define “innocent”?

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