U.S. lawmakers introduce bill to ban 'paid prioritization' of web traffic

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“”Americans are speaking loud and clear – they want an Internet that is a platform for free expression and innovation, where the best ideas and services can reach consumers based on merit rather than based on a financial relationship with a broadband provider,” said Leahy, who plans to hold a field hearing on net neutrality in Vermont next month.”

These Americans mostly have no clue what they are talking about. If Netflix pays a cable company to mirror their content at their servers so it is delivered as quickly as possible to the end user that benefits Netflix, the cable company, and the end user. Why is anyone opposing that? If they are successful these partnerships will not exist and you will continue having to stream your content at slower speeds. I wouldn’t ask the average American for their opinion on pretty much any technical/engineering issue, I would rather ask those in the appropriate industries.

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Ralphooo wrote:

TheNewWorld — As far as I can see, the article said nothing about mirroring. It only addressed transmission speeds, presumably encompassing latency as well.

Mirroring is, of course, done all the time, and it causes no problems. The trouble begins when GM pays a lot of money for advertising on, say Huffington Post, then pays Verizon, or Comcast to prioritize that traffic. GM also wants some authority over the content associated with its advertising, rejecting certain cultural or political messages which do not fit with its corporate image. The net result is that orthodox ideas are given an express route to the consumer, while dissenting views are forced to wait, possibly to the point where they cannot effectively be viewed.

The above is conceptually what has happened to the US during the last 100 years, when all commercial radio and TV programming was paid for by advertisers rather than by viewers. That sounds fine until you realize that the corporations selling soap are paying for the power to modify your habits and beliefs so as to make more profits. The profits aren’t the most important things in this picture. What suffers the worst is freedom of expression over the communications media.

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simbolistic wrote:

The Republican Puppet-Masters won’t let that happen…

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