Hillary Clinton notes distance from Obama on Syria rebels

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REnninga wrote:

Hmm, of all the photos you could have chosen, what was the purpose of using that one, Reuters?

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REnninga wrote:

@SKYDRIFTER wrote: “Just stay out of it!” Collin Powell (a leader) defined “leadership” a long time ago. America doesn’t define a mission, its requirements, its final “image” or its end-point in time. That is to say that Powell learned the appropriate lessons of the Viet Nam War.”

Wow, you have a selective memory!

I like Gen. Powell, too. But I will also always remember Gen. Powell with CIA Director George Tenet sitting right behind him, ‘selling’ Tenet’s and “Darth Cheney’s” load of hooey to the rest of the world in making the case to the United Nations for going to war with Iraq.

It was Gen. Powell who with a straight face sold the Bush/Cheney lies, presenting George Tenet’s “slam dunk” assurance to the UN that it was an absolute certainty that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and could use them at a time of his choosing.

Too bad that Gen. Powell DIDN’T learn the lessons of Vietnam (as you claim). If he had, he wouldn’t have participated in the worst US foreign policy debacle of the last 100 years, which sent 4,600 American service men and women to their deaths in Iraq, 10′s of thousands more service members injured in that hell hole, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children now dead, … all for a grand lie! Unfortunately, the scoundrels in the White House lied to Gen. Powell, too.

By the way, you may also be forgetting that Gen. Powell TWICE endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States; clearly adjudging him to be a more capable “leader” than both Sen. John McCain, and Gov. Mitt Romney.

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wilhelm wrote:

When thieves fall out, honest persons come by their own…

the whole lot of them belong on trial.

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wilhelm wrote:

When thieves fall out, honest persons come by their own.

the whole lot of them belong on trial.

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carnivalchaos wrote:
“It’s always funny when our brain-defying US conservatives can’t decide which way to spin an attack on Obama. On his foreign policy they can’t decide if he’s too hawkish or too dovish. To add to the humor, everyone knows they don’t really care, as long as they’re criticizing him.”

A perfect example of this is the crisis in Syria. In 2012, conservatives were criticizing him for being a “wimp” and not getting us involved in another Middle East war. In 2013 when we were on the verge of using missile strikes against Assad, suddenly they were criticizing him for being a “warmonger”. Now it’s 2014 and we’ve found a diplomatic alternative to disarming Syria’s chemical weapons, he’s back to being a weakling that lets people walk all over him. A weakling who’s also a warmonger… except when he isn’t. But he is.

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unionwv wrote:

The record of this woman’s political career is available.

Same goes for the senators and congressmen up for election this November.

Vote the record. Ignore their rhetoric.

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xyz2055 wrote:

unionwv..I think that’s good advice. Better still…considering that some of these people have held office for decades (while our country’s problems continue to mount)…why would anyone consider voting an incumbent (either party) back into office? I was pleased with Cantor getting a “pink slip”. Change we can believe in? When Boehner, Graham, Ryan, Reid, Pelosi, Issa and McConnell get theirs. But sadly, how popular Cruz is in Texas tells us we still have a long way to go. Politics of today…spend millions (John McCain’s record spending in his last primary) attacking your opponent (with lies and half-truths) and not 1 single viable, detailed plan to fix any thing.

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Macedonian wrote:

Her laughing about Gadaffi being killed is the only example of such undiplomatic behavior in the human history.

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yurakm wrote:

@ REnninga:

It is hard to doubt that Sen. John McCain would be an even less capable “leader” than Barack Obama.

Even more important is that Sen. John McCain should take anger management classes, repeated every semester, instead to be near power levers. It is way too dangerous to have a president of a nuclear superpower who cannot control himself.

It is completely different with Gov. Mitt Romney, who proved himself many times as a great professional crisis manager – exactly what the US needed in 2008 and likely still needs.

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lag46 wrote:

@ yurakm: Amen on Mott Romney.

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nose2066 wrote:

Reply to Macedonian: Wasn’t Gadaffi an unarmed “prisoner of war” when he was killed??? Maybe Hillary doesn’t understand that there are international conventions on how “prisoners of war” are supposed to be treated???

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Mandingo wrote:

Obama can’t win with conservatives no matter what he does. If Syrian Rebels were given Surface to Air missiles and one of them got out of the country and took down an American airliner then they would have screamed blue murder for Obama’s incompetency.

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REnninga wrote:

@yurakm wrote: “@REnninga: It is hard to doubt that Sen. John McCain would be an even less capable “leader” than Barack Obama….

“It is completely different with Gov. Mitt Romney, who proved himself many times as a great professional crisis manager – exactly what the US needed in 2008 and likely still needs.”

Well, perhaps, if it weren’t for that problem of not keeping a consistent position on any issue for more than a couple of Republican Party polling cycles.

Virtually EVERY position and core value which Mitt Romney was on the record for espousing during his governorship of Massachusetts, and during his 2008 presidential campaign, evaporated in 2011-2012, as he reversed his positions when Republican Party polling suggested he was not 100% in-synch with the most far right Republican base.

In the ontemporary Republican Party, if you vary in any way on any issue from the most right-wing base of the party, you will be labeled a ‘RINO’ (Republican In Name Only). So he flipped on every position to pander to the right-wing base, and Americans noticed and were put-off by that. Voters will vote for a person who holds a different position or opinion on some issues. They will not support a person who changes a position or opinion, and then tries to say he has always believed the same (even though there is ample written documentation, recordings of prior speeches and TV video showing it’s not true).

Americans in their late 30′s through 50′s who looked at themselves in the mirror quietly affirmed for themselves that people of substance, character and strong core values just do not flip on their opinions and convictions, and fundamentally remake who they are in their 50′s and 60′s.

Americans looked at a middle aged Mitt Romney, running as fast as he could away from his own bipartisan accomplishments in Massachusetts, running away from his own hugely successful healthcare plan in Massachusetts which was the model for the ACA, and running away from the business practices he used at Bain Capital to make his fortune off of hundreds or thousands of other Americans losing their livelihoods, and running away from being forthcoming about how much tax burden he had been willing to share along with average Americans of lesser means, or even address the very reasonable question as to why he had moved a significant portion of his many millions of dollars in wealth into foreign banks.

Americans looked at THAT Mitt Romney and said:

“He’s not authentic.”
“He’s not the man we thought he was when he was Governor of Massachusetts.”
“We don’t know who or what he actually is, or what he actually believes?” ….

And on election day Americans said “No thank you.”

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Pumuckl wrote:

That so many of you are unable to grasp the fact that ALL politicians exist for one reason and one reason only . . . to gain power and once in power to KEEP power underscores just how dim the public is.
It doesn’t matter what party or even what ideology . . . it’s the same the world over and you people buy it with the side show antics that they perform in order to hoodwink you into believing there is a benefit choosing one over the other.
So now we are expected to swallow the need to be allied with Iran and al Qaeda?
This only shows that they are willing to throw any and all ideals overboard in order to gain their aim of getting POWER.

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