Israel re-arrests former Palestinian prisoners in hunt for teens

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Tiu wrote:

False-flag, just like the WTC and Buenos Aires.

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Tiu wrote:

@Purplehaze77340, could you explain why it’s ok for Zionists to demand atrocities such as “wipe the whole area off the map”, and yet also demand sympathy for the “Holocaust” at the hands of the Nazi’s? Why is ethnic cleansing not ok in Europe and yet something you are calling for in Palestine?

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Truthhhhhh wrote:

I hope that purplehaze77340 did not reply to your stupid anti-Semitic comment
For a Nazi like you are kids life worth nothing…. especially if they are Jews

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Obsilutely wrote:

@Truth (Whatever that means lol) – First, there is no such thing as God. Second, this is America. Your children’s lives are worth less than a dollar.

Did you watch the video of the two American soldiers murder those two children from a helicopter (like cowards) while calling them derogatory racial names?

And you want to pretend you care about children? haaaahahahahahaha!!

Israelis and anyone who believes an imaginary man is a real estate agent and has deeded a part of the world to them needs to be locked up in a ward.

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hmp49 wrote:

Tiu wrote:

“False-flag, just like the WTC and Buenos Aires.”

“@Purplehaze77340, could you explain why it’s ok for Zionists to demand atrocities such as “wipe the whole area off the map””


Just how long have you been delusional? Are you receiving professional help? I hope so.

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hmp49 wrote:

Brilliant response by the Israelis.

The only way to stop these kidnappings, perpetrated in an effort to release convicted Palestinian murderers, is to show they result in an increase in the number of prisoners, rather than a decrease.

As for my accusation that Palestinian murderers fill the Israeli jails:

“Two hundred and eighty of these (prisoners exchanged for Shalit) were sentenced to life in prison for planning and perpetrating various terror attacks against Israeli targets. Hamas military leader Ahmed Jabari was quoted in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Hayat as confirming that the prisoners released as part of the deal were collectively responsible for the killing of 569 Israelis.”

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Dr_Steve wrote:

A supporter of Israel, I am. But, I must say that it is only Abu Mazen (Abbas) who is the voice of reason in this whole forked up maelstrom.

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VultureTX wrote:

@bbsnews – the Reuters Mod has warned about your word usage. So give me an excuse please to follow up.

Next care to explain why the PA security detail HELPED arrest all those HAMAS members in the West Bank?

And Since HAMAS says (tuesday news conference in Gaza) they are at war with Israel and that it is okay to kidnap civilians, why it would be illegal for IDF to jail and interrogate HAMAS and their known allies in the West Bank of which Israel has military control?

/don’t strain your brain too much, after all you can’t even cite your own website for supposed facts.

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bbsnews wrote:

These were not “kids” – they were wild-eyed hill-top settler youth, price taggers in the making, and squatter terrorists in training.

They were on occupied land OUTSIDE of Israel where they (and all the other illegal colonists) should not have been. Oh well…

All is fair in love and war.

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bbsnews wrote:

When Israel has admitted the plan to steal the rest of the Palestinians land, see: then it’s no wonder that wild-eyed hilltop youth, out for a joyous day of price tagging, get picked up…

Maybe if Israel was not stealing the land and terrorizing innocent Palestinian women and children on a day to day basis, and allowing “price tag” attacks, and burning down olive trees, and cutting off services and on and on, maybe there would not be these problems.

Indeed, if Israelis loved their children and kept them out of lands they do not own and were trespassing on, maybe these things would not happen.

Maybe if Israel valued peace over land and resource theft, maybe these things might not happen.

Of course given the shenanigans from Israelis over the years, this may be just a Mossad operation trying to discredit the new unity government. There’s only one thing that frightens Israelis more than BDS and that’s a Palestinian Unity Government…

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Grimster wrote:

Why do we think these kids are being secretly held hostage (a concept that defies logic on its own merits) and not tied up in some pervert’s basement?

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VultureTX wrote:


1 because HAMAS has publicly stated they are okay with kidnapping civilians in order to arrange a trade for their terrorists in Israeli prisons.
2 IDF does routine tunnel detection, so it is unlikely after the exhaustive search that there is some unfound basement with these kids in it.
3. believe it or not but Jews have a have a guest code too and the hitchhikers are considered guests of the hosts, not targets.

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bbsnews wrote:

Your quite right Grimster. Indeed it has been reported that ISIS took responsibility for the kidnapping. What Israel fails to internalize is that the collective punishment of Palestinians in Palestine is a War Crime in an ongoing decades long series of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity by Israel and most people just are not that het up about three wild-eyed hilltop settler youths who were out and up to no good being nabbed in belligerently occupied territory.

And Hebron no less where the egregious acts of Israel and it’s citizens towards Palestinians knows no bounds.

The rule of law means nothing to Israelis or its “supporters” and that is leading to Israel’s demise by its own hand. (With the support of the wingnuts and sockpuppets in this thread).

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