Iraq asks United States for air support to counter rebels

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Margaretville wrote:

Perhaps it is time to ask George Bush to defend himself against war crimes charges for the wreck he made of Iraq with his discredited invasion.

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umkomazi wrote:

Margaretville wrote:

Perhaps it is time to ask George Bush to defend himself against war crimes charges for the wreck he made of Iraq with his discredited invasion.

EXCELLENT IDEA! and while you’re about, put his fellow war criminal B’liar in the dock with George Warmonger Bush!

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Margaretville wrote:

What a mess in Iraq. Perhaps it is time for George Bush to defend himself against war crimes charges for his discredited invasion of Iraq.

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BeRealistic wrote:

I second bricks suggestion and add umkomazi

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mustafaspeaks wrote:

By “holy sites” is meant the tombs some Shia visit to pray to the dead instead of to Allah alone; so-called “sunni” sufis do this also. Believing Muslims have the right and obligation—without bloodshed—to destroy these deviant places of “Muslim” worship.

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KyleDexter wrote:

Who committed 9/11: SUNNI’s
Who was responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing: SUNNI’s
Who was responsible for the Boston Bombing: SUNNI’s
Who was responsible for the London Bombings: SUNNI’s
Who was responsible for the Madrid Bombings: SUNNI’s
Who was responsible for the Mumbai Bombings: SUNNI’s
Who was responsible for the Amman Bombings: SUNNI’s
Who was the shoe Bomber: A SUNNI
Who was Osama bin laden: A SUNNI
Who is Ayman Al-Zawaheri: A SUNNI
Who is Al-Baghdadi: A SUNNI
To what branch of Islam does Al-Qaeda belong to: THE SUNNI BRANCH
To what branch of Islam does the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant belong to (ISIL): THE SUNNI BRANCH

It is Sunnis who kill. Shiites are only defending themselves and their interests. PERIOD.

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Doc62 wrote:

Many radical comments. Not all Sunnis, Shias and Kurds are terrorists. Only truth in Iraq is Daddy/Baby Bush upset the apple cart and created this mess. Daddy fanned the flames after 9/11 and his baby followed through.
Sunni Saudis are peaceful and the Shia Hezbollah/Hamas are murderous. It goes both ways.

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So, in this expanding sectarian war, which Muslim denomination — the Sunni or the Shiite — is the equivalent of the violent and bloody protestant divisions that divided the Christian religion into several denominations? Remember, Islam is 600 years younger than Christianity.

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Burn1938 wrote:

What must worry us all is that the intelligence services – be they UK , US , Israeli or French based – did not pick up the strength of ISIS . Now they rampage through Iraq catching us all by surprise .Nothing to do with Blair , Bush or anybody else . It is now and we knew nothing !

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AlkalineState wrote:

Time to let Iran get bogged down in this and Syria. They have time on their hands anyway.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Burn1938, of course the intelligence agencies knew. They CREATED ISIS. It’s a common enemy to unite the world in a difficult time. Why else would they name it “Isis.” The ancient Egyptian Maternal Goddess of Nature and Magic. It is a cynical name, but very funny if you think about it. One of the few instances of the CIA having a sense of humor. I think they did good here.

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BC5000 wrote:

Perhaps the Iraqis should stop fighting each other and join against the invasion from Iran? Once Iran stations troops in Iraq they will never leave.

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branchltd wrote:

Tell them no. What the US can best do the help in the long run is to terminate Obama’s proxy war against Syria and lift the sanctions so they can take care of business on their end.

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loxegwen wrote:

maybe we’re better off letting iraq be broken up and partitioned between the kurds, iran, and sunnis. Once the Sunnis are accountable only to themselves, the rest of the sunni world will be able to pressure them more effectively, effectively rendering them a puppet state of the Gulf. Who says that Iraq has to survive as a nation?

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

” Margaretville wrote:
Perhaps it is time to ask George Bush to defend himself against war crimes charges for the wreck he made of Iraq with his discredited invasion.”

Spare us the cut and pastes from the Leftist 101 textbook.

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

Those that are still using the Bush distractions are starting to become very boring. Can you at least attempt to fast forward your brains to 2014?

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JackHerer wrote:

@KyleDexter – as I’ve said before, your cut and paste comments would carry more weight if it weren’t for the fact that Shiites have been slaughtering innocent Syrians in their thousands for some time now.

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JackHerer wrote:

The U.S. would be insane to provide any support to al-Maliki when he clearly isn’t doing anything politically, bar lip service, to resolve this problem.

Without serious political engagement for change, any military action would therefore be never ending and accordingly ever expensive.

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allaluvsyou wrote:

It’s interesting to think any of us have any impact on this
situation, Bush, Obama, and all the rest inherit a fight that
Mohommed started back in 600 A.D. The ONLY way to correct this
situation would be a reset that would eliminate the Muslim religion
all together, not going to happen. Next, remove the problem, kind of like Hitler and the Muslims are trying to do now from their point of view. So there is NO solution, sit by and watch.

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pyradius wrote:

I am sure Lowell would love to forget the past failures of his terrible GOP.

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beofaction wrote:

Oh, NOW the Iraqi government wants us back, do they? Us war mongering, imperialist Americans? I say tell them to go to you-know-where!

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carlmartel wrote:

Most islamic insurgents operate among populations and hide their military activities until the explosions and shootings start. ISIL is now operating more openly because its forces allow it to challenge the Iraqi army in battle. This is an opportunity for the US that should be taken at this time because the targets have come into the open.

The US should station two carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf near Basra. Use US aerial tankers to keep the fighter/bombers on station longer for airstrikes. Use more satellites and Global Hawk drones for surveillance. Use more Reaper drones for air strikes and surveillance. We should destroy ISIL’s vehicles day and night to hinder movement, reduce the numbers of ISIL’s fighters, and lower the morale of ISIL’s fighters. We should push the air campaign until ISIL is on foot in the 130 degree summer of Iraq. Generals Heat and Sun will help us defeat ISIL because food, water, weapons, munitions, and other equipment and supplies become heavier in excessive heat. That is why we should start our bombing campaign at the start of summer. In 1991, we proved that we could virtually halt all vehicular movement in Iraq, and we need to do something similar in the smaller, northern region today. Further, ISIL has come out more into the open to become targets, so we should shoot those targets while they are out there.

Most of my comments oppose war because it is destructive, and trade is more profitable. The current situation gives us a chance to inflict severe losses on a known enemy with air power and help defeat al Qaeda’s current plan to defeat the US and NATO by striking the oil and gas infrastructure of north Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East. The air campaign requires no ground troops other than special operations forces that MAY be needed to rescue downed pilots. ISIL has limited air defenses that should not be able to bring down our aircraft, but occasional mechanical problems occur in the best of plans.

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beofaction wrote:

Oh, NOW the Iraqi government wants us back, do they? I guess we’re no longer “warmongering imperialists”? I say we tell them to go to you-know-where.

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JZA1 wrote:

Really wish the US could reply with something like “well, maybe if you weren’t so consumed with killing each other in the name of whatever sect of Allah, you wouldn’t have to rely on other nations for technology.” So ironic that Arab culture had a big part in the development of science and mathematics, and it seems like sectarian violence is all they’re known for now.

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111Dave111 wrote:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) took to the Senate floor to lambaste the former vice president, Dick Cheney, for doling out advice about a costly conflict that many believe was a misguided effort engineered by the Bush administration. “If there’s one thing this country does not need, is that we should be taking advice from Dick Cheney on wars, Being on the wrong side of Dick Cheney is being on the right side of history. To the architects of the Iraq War who are now so eager to offer their expert analysis, [..] we have already tried it your way and it was the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of the country.”

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Kahnie wrote:

Let them phone Iran. They have an air force as well. So we are told. STAY OUT OF IT, AMERICA. STAY OUT!!!!!

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Kahnie wrote:

@LOXEGWEN: During the Ottoman years, prior to the interference of the Brits and French, what is now Iraq (a British decision), was three parts. Time to go back 100 years to what it was: Ethnic separation as well as religious separation. Worked for the Ottomans.

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sjfella wrote:

When will the madness of U.S. involvement end?

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Kahnie wrote:

@ Lowell_Thinks should read Lowell_ Doesn’t_Think.

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bravo-six wrote:

Riyadh supports Sunni fighters in Syria but denies aiding ISIL.

Enter religious proxy war in the ME.

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UScitizentoo wrote:

Please let the muslim cancer (A) kill the muslim cancer (B) so the rest of the sane world can continue with the business of living without violence.

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indymind wrote:

Can’t anyone in the damn country fly a freakin’ plane?

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tmc wrote:

@Kahnie is right. The US should stay out of it and use influence to help it get back to the days of the Ottoman empire. I think it is the inevitable end anyway. Perhaps the Turks would even step up?
But, then there’s Israel… a new player on the field….staying suspiciously quite…

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Bob9999 wrote:

Putting recent history aside, the problem with trying to help Iraq is this: What can you do for a 900,000 military that throws down its weapons and flees in the face of a force of 10,000 who are much more poorly armed. There is no amount of air support that can make up for the inability of the regular armed forces of the country to stand and fight a less well-armed enemy that is smaller in number.

After $15 billion in training and weaponry, Iraq appears to be defenseless. Iran says it will send troops to defense the Shiite holy places of Iraq. But, of course, ISIS probably doesn’t want those places, so Iran will never have to act on its offer to defend. And why should they have any confidence than anyone else in Iraq’s willingness to defend itself?

Look for Baghdad to fall.

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Jingan wrote:

DEFENSE PRINCELINGS NEED TO CHANGE into new models of Bentley, Porsche adn Lambos…that’s why

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SaveRMiddle wrote:

Let them pay in oil for our assistance and the horrific expense of dropping each and every American taxpayer funded bomb.

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kehenaliving wrote:


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edgyinchina wrote:

Why didn’t they ask Saudi Arabia for air support? They have been buying hundreds of our fighters and bombers for over 50 years. and they are much closer.
Why didn’t they ask France for air support? It was the french who supplied much of the air strikes in Libya…
Why do they ask the US? Why not ask some closer friendly neighbor?

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cheeze wrote:

Really, when the military trained by the US runs? Fat chance, no way.

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comitas7 wrote:

Anyone who believes the US and others can accept the establishment of an Islamist state in Eastern Syria and Central Iraq is an idiot.

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DbPolk wrote:

I’m glad Obama is making the call.

Jun 18, 2014 9:49pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Jingan wrote:

Rebels/militants ask Russia for air support to bomb Shiites…..btw rebels are called in Syria: Freedom Fighters

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