NFL's Redskins' trademarks voided, board says name is a slur

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readingyou wrote:

Good. It’s about time someone handled this matter like an actual grown-up. Now we’ll see who responds to this decision like real adults.

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TOTL wrote:

Funny though how Obama’s home town team, the Blackhawks, with it’s indianhead logo (very similar to the Redskins!) and feather head dress hasn’t EVER been mentioned.

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BillDexter wrote:

I was unaware the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is authorized to ‘cancel’ Patents based on the personal opinion of it’s public employees.

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CliftonC wrote:

It will be overturned by the courts. Just another way for the busybodies of this country trying to force their beliefs on others by making hardworking people pay for lawyers.

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dbwarbler wrote:

Would she mind if I called her a black horse? What the hell is wrong with calling her a redskin if she’s a fan? Is she ashamed of being a native american or something like that? Many folks hate the yankees, but I wouldn’t be offended at being called a yankee, except to tell whoever did it that I’m a Pirates fan…Redskins is not an insult, it is an honor recognizing good native americans, and so old black horse should just go away since she’s ashamed of being one.

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AZWarrior wrote:

The courts will throw this out as they have done in similar cases in the past. What is really going on here is a group of leftist Federal bureaucrats are attempting to impose their beliefs on others under the color of authority.

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Simplerman wrote:

This is horse$%&#! If the patent office can do this then nothing is off limits.

Meanwhile real problems go unanswered. A little too much free time around DC these days…

Americans need to wake up.

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BillDexter, how is a court ruling before TTAB any less legitimate than a court ruling anywhere else? It’s also a trademark, not patent cancellation.

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Kahnie wrote:

That is SO political and so PC. How about the Atlanta BRAVES, the Cleveland INDIANS, the San Diego PADRES, the CHEMAWA H.S. BRAVES (Oregon), numerous teams with the name of LOGGERS, The Tillamook CHEESEMAKERS, etc., etc. etc. How PC can you get? Seems Whitey is setting the rules.

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Doc62 wrote:

Thanks bdwarbler, people are oversensitive and the ACLU overreacts.
Teabagging aside, how about the Clev. Indians or Atl. Braves. The S.D. Padres? watch out Hispanics. Minn. Vikings? beware Nordics.
Naming something famous after a person is an HONOR! RFK Bridge, JFK Airport. The Kennedy’s didn’t mind.

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AZ1811 wrote:

Another case of the progressive liberal agenda being carried out via a government agency to appease a PC mentality gone crazy.

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Ask any Native American and they will probably tell you the term ‘redskin’ is offensive, while others like ‘Indian’(some may not like this one), ‘Braves’m would not be considered offensive.

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RexMax46 wrote:

While I REALLY think the name “Redskins” needs to go, this is not the way to do it. It is a very slippery slope when the USPTO can arbitrarily decide which trademark they will or won’t uphold. Furthermore, will the Redskins organization get the registration fees refunded?

Also, for the posters commenting “What about team X?” The obvious answer is those team names aren’t offensive to the groups that are referenced. It really is that simple.

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unionwv wrote:

Cancellation of the trademark means that anyone can now use this mark.

Hope a couple hundred or so high school teams, etc. adopt the mark!

Serve the PC Commissars in this administration right …

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beofaction wrote:

What a crock! The Redskins are a privately held organization. So now we have thought police like the novel 1984. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is alive and well – if your speech or “free expression” doesn’t offend certain people.
It’s a sad day in America. You politically correct fools need to learn a little history. We are becoming a land of economic and ideological oppression.

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herbxerx wrote:

Lotta Redskins fans getting butthurt over this and exposing their white privilege. It is about time this team name was changed.

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BillDexter wrote:

voiceofreason42 if someone sued the Redskins, we would have the legitimacy you presume. This was “a patent office administrative tribunal”. No one is claiming to have the ‘Redskins’ Trademark ahead of the NFL franchise. Either way, the Patent Office has no authority to revoke a private company’s Trademark. This simply is not their function.

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TOTL wrote:

The NCAA unilaterally and successfully told North Dakota U. they may not use the “Fighting Sioux” name or face sanctions. The local Sioux tribes had no problem with the name, only the NCAA (which has yet to mention the Florida Seminoles). So if that sets the precedent, then any group can demand that anybody stop using a name if they find it offensive. So if I as a Scandinavian object to the MN Vikings, they should be banned from using the name. If PETA objects to a team name with some member of the animal kingdom, they can be banned. How far does it go?

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anarcurt wrote:

The Redskin’s name is pretty bad. Hopefully this is the final nail. I really don’t think anyone would stand for a team called the darkies or shylocks. And yes, it is MUCH different than the Braves (named after a positive trait), Padres (named after an occupation), Blackhawks (named after Chief Black Hawk was a real person), Chiefs (an honored position), and Seminoles (tribe associated with the area). But let’s be honest; you cannot get anything positive out of the name ‘Redskin’

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rkematt wrote:

All of you who say “it’s a private business….government can’t do this…”, try reading the law. The law that was passed by your representatives in Congress. That law says a trademark can be revoked if it is deemed to be denigrate a group of people based on racial or ethnic grounds. Anyone who understands the history of the word “redskins” and how it has been used to justify the attempted genocide of an entire race can’t argue with the fact that it is absolutely disparaging. As the litigant said, would Snyder (or any brave commenter here) walk up to someone who is a Native American and call him/her that name to his/her face?

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rkematt wrote:

For all of you making reference to other sports teams, understand what you’re typing before you type it. Blackhawks are a recognized tribe. Indians (while technically incorrect) is not a term used to denigrate. Neither is the term Braves. Please understand: the term “redskin” was always meant to denigrate.

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BeBopman wrote:

The panel did not cancel the trademarks just because one person complained. The panel members looked at the entire history of the use of the word “redskin”, and it’s not pretty. I continue to be amazed that people think this word is OK. It is very much like naming a team after the “N word” and claiming that it’s OK to use that word when referring to the team and its fans.

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umkomazi wrote:

The named petitioner in the case, Blackhorse v. Pro Football Inc, is Amanda Blackhorse, a Navajo psychiatric social worker.

I hope she realises that BLACKHORSE is racist…should be called Amanda nonwhitehorse…..

Honestly has the US got nothing better to do than quibble over political correctness …what will they be called Washington Red Indians?

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anonuser12 wrote:

The team has been in existence since 1932, but the USPTO has just now figured out the name is disparaging… “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.” Where was the USPTO in 1830 when Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act?

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SR37212 wrote:

When are they going to rename the New York Yankees….. we all know about them thar damn Yankees…. it’s a disparaging name – get rid of it.

Next on the agenda is any sport team names that could be considered a trigger for violence. Oakland Raiders? — Are they promoting B&E?
SF Giants? Why are they singling out a portion of society. Tall persons are people too. NO Saints? They are promoting a religion…Think of how damaged the non-religious feel.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Libertarians don’t need copyright protection anyway. The government was in their way :) This should be no big deal.

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SR37212 wrote:

How long before the US government moves their PC bent over to the library of congress and start telling musicians, writers et al what they can and can not write?

Pressure was brought on the patent office by a US senator and they revoked a trademark. What is to stop another Senator from being offended by something written and having that work banned.

In itself it’s just a trademark but the implications to what government control can become is the point.

Jun 18, 2014 6:27pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
onlyif wrote:

meh… who cares

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4825 wrote:

There is an attack on this country and it comes from within. Make no mistake about it, this is the government confiscating private property and censorship. The liberals will end up taking this country down. We need to fight back at the ballot box in November and remove every liberal democrat from office. The command to void this patent was from a higher office than the patent board. This is feeling a lot like the IRS targeting of conservatives, where the liberal government is using political office to usurp the laws and push a liberal agenda.

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PaulBradley wrote:

Red-skin = that’s what ‘white people’ get while sunbathing in an effort to look ‘black’ . . . :-)

No offence meant = = just trying to be funny since I think some people are using ‘possible’ human sensitivity to gain political points . . . And, who cares about our First Amendment . . .

Jun 18, 2014 8:58pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
PaulBradley wrote:

Red-skin = that’s what ‘white people’ get while sunbathing in an effort to look ‘black’ . . . :-)

No offence meant = = just trying to be funny since I think some people are using ‘possible’ human sensitivity to gain political points . . . And, who cares about our First Amendment . . .

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DaveinKL wrote:

I guess the

Cleveland Indians
Kansas City Chiefs
Something Warriors

must go as well to salve the politcal correctiutde folks.

some people have too much time on thier hands!

Other the other hand, they couldnt be called blackskins, or whiteskins, or yellowskins… so maybe it is time.

How about= Dark Pink Skins. Does pink offend anyone?

Jun 18, 2014 10:44pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
astroz wrote:

And the Fighting Irish probably offends Irish as being aggressive. And the Demon Deacons may offend some Christians. What’s next from the word police far left? They used to claim to be the party of tolerance and civil liberty….what happened? Oh yea…they came to power and began to follow their guru Obama. 1984 seems to be more of our future under these folks than our past.

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