Gun battle flares as Israeli soldiers seek missing teens

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VultureTX wrote:

So Abbas and the PA security forces openly allow IDF troops to search for the kids , the kidnappers, and any presence of HAMAS in the West Bank.

/well so much for the palestinian unity govt.
/Hamas may end up regretting that it once again threatened to drive out all the jews from Palestine (which they define as Israel, hypocrites since it used to include Jordan too)
/// speaking of hypocrites the silence on Abbas by his Western Leftist supporters is quite noticeable. they condemn the jews but not Abbas (Abu Mazen) , when it is clear that the one in the wrong is HAMAS.

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WestFlorida wrote:

Kidnapping teenagers is a low thing to do. It represents the stench of a particular type of slime that needs to be washed away forever. And for what purpose is this kidnapping? To liberate Palestine by capturing young Israelis? Ain’t gonna happen. Instead, a steel hammer will come down on the heads of the kidnappers, and anyone associated with them.

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Margaretville wrote:

It can fairly be said that the militancy and extremism seen today in the Middle East is a direct consequence of the occupation in 1947 of Palestinian lands to create a State of Israel. Palestinians have been rebelling against that occupation ever since.
That rebellion engulfed and inflamed the entire region over time and the Palestinians are now called terrorists and Israel is called the victim. This conflict will go on until one or the other achieves its goal.
At this point Israel is between a rock and a hard place. I would not want to live in such an unfriendly neighborhood.

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VultureTX wrote:


” occupation in 1947 of Palestinian lands ”

What is “palestine” that you speak of, it was Ottoman Empire Lands last I checked. And the Arabs in that region were attacking jews in the 20′s because of their muslim faith told them to. (see Grand Mufti of Palestine). And those lands were promised to the Jews by Britian, France and the US (congress even passed a law).

/The Palestinian Nation was not a entity that was recognized even by arabs until 1967 when Jordan gave up their claim to the West Bank.
// hell even the arabs themselves rejected (twice in votes to british mandate authorities , once in revolution/war) their own nation in the palestinian mandate at least three times before the Jews founded Israel, but you only blame Israel and the jews…. sad.

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TBellchambers wrote:

Collective punishment of a civilian population is a war crime under the provisions of the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights. Those responsible should be brought before the ICC in The Hague.

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VultureTX wrote:


so you plan to file charges against Abbas and the PA now Anthony?

If it was collective punishment (and this isn’t because they are only arresting hamas and their supporters) then how is it legal elsewhere like say BOSTON during the search for those two muslim terrorists.

But come on Tony, show us the definition of “collective punishment” you are using ’cause last i checked house-to-house searches for kidnap victims in a limited area is not intimidation.

/or did you once again wake up british and said “Help I am being repressed!”

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Nagant wrote:

@WestFlorida wrote:
“a steel hammer will come down on the heads of the kidnappers, and anyone associated with them.”

If there are any excesses I can blame on Netanyahu, that would be excessive softness.
Out of those Hamas members arrested by Israelis recently, somebody should know something, and that something must be extracted. Some weatherboarding would go a long way. Thermorectal cryptanalysis works even better. The time is of essence. If not freed within days, the boys would be irreversibly traumatized for the rest of their lives. From what little info is available, Gilad Shalit has not returned to a normal life of a person his age, and is not expected to.

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Hatsin wrote:

Rueters, is this a joke to you?

You just gave Abbas’ statement that he condemns the kidnappings 2 lines in the 4th to last paragraph. That’s ridiculous! This is a huge statement that quite frankly has more impact on Israel-Palestine relations than the last 10 years of negotiations. Abbas is the leader of the unified people of Palestine and you just gloss over his statements.


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Doc62 wrote:

Sorry Hatsin, but Abbas is the leader of El Fatah, only. Hamas, who is preventing them from success/unity, shot them out of Gaza in one day. Israel does not trust him and we are not fooled. Mashaal just killed the chances for a Palestinian state. Read my post

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bbsnews wrote:

As Reuters undoubtedly knows, there is simply no evidence that any “kidnapping” ever occurred. Indeed the UN has found no credible evidence and as everyone knows, in the Occupied Territories the UN does not miss much.

Deputy Spokesman for the UN Farhan Haq said a couple of days ago “We have no information to confirm an abduction.”


The United Nations would know.

Secondly, ISIS took responsibility several days ago when Dawlat al-Islam said they nabbed the wild-eyed hilltop colonist youth who were outside of Israel hitchhiking no less on a nice price-tagging lark near Hebron.

According to the New York Daily News they reported “The Dawlat al-Islam network released a statement saying they took the teens hostage as revenge against Israel for killing three of its operatives in the West Bank months ago, according to a local TV report.”

This is just another one of Colonel Flag’s (Israel’s) BS operations.

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