Obamacare insurance holders rate themselves sicker: survey

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the basic concept of insurance is lost on people. everybody pays into a pool that is used to cover costs when needed. then everybody tries to not need it. those who don’t need it,now,whine about it until they need it. then they demand it. the other side is the insurers try their best to not pay. and, the third part is the providers look at insurance as free money. the whole thing can be handled by cutting the cost of service. that includes the providers of health service and the providers of insurance. both are clearly out of control. health should never be a commodity. the sole purpose of government is to safeguard the health of citizens. the health industry is actually a threat to the health of citizens. insurance companies are actually parasites on the back of health providers. the cost of health care is mostly for people who provide no health care. they stand in line to take a share as the money is processed. administrators aren’t doctors. they take no oath to do no harm. many people who are made healthy still can’t go home because it’s been taken to pay the people standing in line with their hand out. administrators and insurers are a cancer that needs to be cut out.

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Abenaki wrote:

Yes I have to agree, but I have not used the health side yet. I have used the dental side “Dominion Dental”. You pay $42 a month and get one cleaning every 6 months. It cost more to have the dental then to not. You think maybe it would be good for emergency dental care, but then you find out it does not cover anything above a teeth cleaning. I had developed an “abscessed tooth” and you have only two options either pull the tooth and put a implant in or root canal and crown. So you end up having to pay for anything like: root canals or crowns. Plus you also find out that any dentist that takes the plan would charge more. The dentist that took the plan wants to charge around $1,800. The dentist that does not take the plan wants to charge around $1,300.

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Timistheword wrote:

It’s not as if more people are sick, it’s just that people didn’t feel like they could say they were sick before, given fears that they’d be uninsurable. The headline should read “Americans now less fearful of being honest about their health.”

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Crash0866 wrote:

the sole purpose of government is to safeguard the health of citizens.

Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness.
The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says has been given to all human beings by their Creator, and for which governments are created to protect.

Where does it say what health? The type of life is a choice. I wouldn’t want a government in control of how I choose what type of health I will have and where I can & can’t go in pursuit of my health.

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JustWorld wrote:

So, you would be OK then to deny ER admission to uninsured?

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TheNewWorld wrote:

This isn’t surprising, half of the sign ups are subsidized, and they probably couldn’t afford the insurance to start with or the hospital bills. Then you have the ones with pre-existing conditions. It is good they can get the health care now, but this going to cause are prices to go up. We brought in more expenses to the health care groups, those expenses have to be paid for by the group.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“the sole purpose of government is to safeguard the health of citizens. the health industry is actually a threat to the health of citizens.”

I disagree. The purpose of the Federal government is to provide for a national defense and take care of interstate issues. Everything else falls to the state governments. If the government wants to provide health care lets do it with public options ran on the state/county/city levels. Certainly health care is more important than parks/libraries, and we still pay tax dollars for those. But I would not say it is the sole purpose of the government.

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Crash0866 wrote:

“So, you would be OK then to deny ER admission to uninsured?”

Where did I say that? Where does that happen now? And does the ACA mandate that those with or without insurance must be treated at the ER?

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

“Life, Liberty & the pursuit of happiness.”

Speaking strictly for myself – I’m happier when I’m healthy, and slightly more so when not being bent over the table by an insurance company.

I’ll leave for a separate discussion the concept of God given rights.

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your health is your life. defense is needed to protect our lives. most local laws are about protecting the health of citizens. public safety, building codes, utilities, parks, schools, police and fire fighters are all extensions of the job to provide a healthy environment. everything derives from protecting the people from harm. life, liberty and happiness are states of health. for the common good is a state of health. individual freedom is a state of health. the health of the nation. call it what you will, a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being is what governments are created to protect, and to provide when threatened or absent. amazing that so many people think it’s for something else. it’s ironic that most objectors would probably be happy if the only thing government did was provide the best healthcare for their family. the rest would be somebody else’s business. health is number one. it’s the one thing you want covered if everything else fails. what would you rather have? your family healthy, or …?

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jrj906202 wrote:

More moral hazard,until the whole system crashes.Would be better to incentivize healthy living,not more health care use.

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auger wrote:

the survey might be more useful after the newly-insured have actually seen a doctor.

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