Dow, S&P 500 end at record highs

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JustProduce wrote:

Still waiting for the blow up top. Until it happens, it’s all inflationary melt up.

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divinargant wrote:

You know it really is amusing how these pictures at the head of these articles always show these intense floor traders who seemingly are very involved in the trading process. I wonder how many in the general public realize that anymore this is mainly for show and in fact these zombies are really just part of the construct and image put there to stage the human element as being a vital part of the trading action. At one time long ago that was a necessary function..not so much anymore. It now functions primarily for the purpose of promoting an image for the cameras since the main action is behind this staged show coded in software traveling in nano seconds making or breaking the trade.

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PopeAlgore wrote:

Yep, the only people getting ahead are Obama’s Wall Street banking buddies and CEOs with sky-high bonus checks.

The Obama Years will be remembered as the time when the rich became ultra-rich, the middle class kept losing ground, and the poor were enslaved on the Democrat Plantation of government dependence. But the brainwashed ObamaVoters will defend this disaster, no matter what!

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FTCAIN wrote:

Meanwhile gas, food, utilities, consumer goods and rents are also at record highs, while household incomes are down $4,500 per household and Healthcare premiums are up $2,500 per household since 2009. Wall St does well while main street continues to spiral ever downward and the dollar loses value every day.

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Bradnaksuthin wrote:

This is a great time to be a baby boomer entering retirement.

6 years ago….As Bush was preparing to leave office in early 2009….
the DOW had fallen to 8000 and the NASDAQ had plunged to 1500. If you had a 401K or were heavily invested in stocks….most of you watched in horror as people nearing retirement lost HALF their wealth
…almost overnight.
At the end of 2008 The country was in economic free fall.
Banks that had survived the Great Depression were going out of business,
Housing prices were falling like a rock as the bubble burst,
Hundreds of thousands of workers were being laid off EVERY month.
The US auto industry was on it’s knees begging for a bailout.
The Bush administration had to borrow 700 billion dollars from the taxpayers to bail out the banks..which were frozen in fear and afraid to lend.
Newscaster started using the ominous words “2nd Great Depression”.

And where are we NOW…6 years later?

The worst recession in US history is over.
People are going back to work.
Banks are healthy and profitable again.
The US auto industry is the pride of the nation.
Housing prices are on the rise again.
Home building is up .
The average rate of inflation in the last 6 years has averaged a low 1.6 percent vs 2.8 percent for the average inflation between 2001-2009
Interest rates are low.
Consumer confidence is soaring.
And the stock market?
Well, The DOW is higher than it has ever been in it’s history. It’s breaking records. It broke another record today…almost reaching 17,000. Wow!! If you are retiring like me and have a lot of your assets tied up in the stock market….THIS IS THE BEST OF TIMES.
We are cashing out when the stock market is higher than it has ever been.
The NASDAQ has tripled since the closing days of 2008

6 years ago, with the country in economic chaos, None of us could not have ever dreamed that our country would be where it is today. It was unthinkable. Unimaginable.

Yet here we are today….in a country that rose from the ashes
of economic disaster called the GREAT AMERICAN RECESSION that began in
2007….to become a vibrant growing healthy economy.

In 2009 the last administration handed this administration a stinking rotten lemon…and in 6 years this administration has turned it into sparkling premium Champagne.

Are better off today than when Bush turned the country over to Obama?

YOU BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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