Palestinian village wins UNESCO listing against Israel barrier plan

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DJSanDiego wrote:

excellent approach for base line facts on the ground.I would gladly pay more taxes to Disband all Israeli military,Naval,Air force,police,mossad,shinbet….remove all evidence of repressive enforcement….push the settlers back to Israel proper….Free Palestine Gaza and the west bank to the jordan valley….The Chosen will have that seamless electronic security they have worked so hard to achieve…. Drones overhead…. Hi Def.Hi Res. Camera’s everywhere…Give up the Espionage,the Weapons industry,The Intel/clandestine services….And we give you sixty day Visa’s anywhere you want to go….

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Swiss422 wrote:

I agree. Also, Mexico should get back New Mexico and California, as they were illegally seized by the United States. Look up your history.

Oh wait, that would imply a double standard, wouldn’t it. :(

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MonitorLizard wrote:

Swiss422: You are way off the subject at hand. The word “Mexico” wasn’t even mentioned. Perhaps you are on a different site and have lost your way.

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Agence21 wrote:

Swiss 422 your response is completely moronic. It was wrong then and has long been acknowledged to be wrong. It was wrong when the Nazis rounded up Jews and stole their property, lands, etc. Wasn’t it? Or does that justify Israeli action against the Palestinians as the US’s actions centuries ago against the Mexicans? According to your line of ‘thinking’.

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Potemkin wrote:

Interesting. DJSanDiego wants to “disband all Israeli military”. I assume he doesn’t want to disband US military, even though US was involved in far, far more armed conflicts than Israel in the last 65 years. Agence21 says US land grabbing was wrong but he wouldn’t want to give that land back to Mexico. On the other hand, he wants Israel to give back everything.

Like Swiss422 said, double standards.

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factssheet wrote:

Knowledge is power.
The wall in Israel is build to protect the free Israeli people from Arab terrorist attacks.
The Arabs and their supporters are doing everything to prevent Israel to protect their people and maintain free passage for terrorists.
Remember: Crimes are committed before laws.
Terror was committed before the wall.
Unbelievable: The Arabs start taking care to preserve Israel history!
It is a huge change in Arabs habit to destroy any evidence of Jewish sovereignty.
Example : In Jerusalem the Islamic Waqf controls al asqa mosque. They systematically destroyed archeological evidences dating from the Israeli second temple period.
I don’t wander that the United Nations cultural agency didn’t act to protect the heritage site of monotheism. With 58 Muslim countries in their agencies the UN will pass any anti justified or in 99% unjustified Arabs anti Israeli resolutions.
Bittir, whose name it preserves, was a second century Jewish village named Beitar, the site of the final battle of the Bar Kokhba revolt, against the Romans for Jewish independence.
For Israel this village is an important historical place and they consider all the aspects when defining the barrier rout.
And for the Arabs, that are worldwide famous for destruction non Muslims sites is one additional weapon in their dream to destroy Israel.

Jun 21, 2014 2:19pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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