U.S. House Republican leader says all options open in Iraq

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Freaking NeoCons. They still can’t understand that we have no dog in the fight in Iraq. Neither side wants us there, most Americans do not want us there, and we are practically bankrupt.

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Margaretville wrote:

As a life-long moderate Republican and fiscal Conservative I say that Kevin McCarthy needs to learn that the right-wing Christian knee jerk desire for perennial war is not shared by sensible people. Another boots-on-the-ground operation in Iraq? McCarthy, that’s not being Conservative, that’s being crazy!

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sabrefencer wrote:

Let Iran, the Shiites kill themselves, as they have been doing for centuries..the head of Iraq, is already controlled by Iran…which is why all the Sunni aren’t helping them, fight off these invaders…what we need to do is get back to what is really the problem in the middle east….IRAN, IRAN, IRAN ……they have helped Syria, helped stoke the flames of war, thru Hezbollah, Hamas..Lebanon, no longer will exist as we knew it, neither will Iraq…neither will the gulf states and the Saudis, as iran will come for them next…when Iran gets their nukes and hydrogen bombs, then maybe non of us will exist…then the angry old men, whose lives are over anyway, will have taken a few billion, to keep with them in the h…, that they are headed for….

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JoeSchmoe123 wrote:

If anyone would like perfect clarity on why these things happen, they need only too Google (or thereabouts) “Bohemian Grove” and you’ll notice:
1. Every entity that brought down our economy last two times, and
2. The only people on the face of the planet who make money off all this. It’s the military industrial complex, as Dwight Eisenhower predicted – after all. That they’ve got the Republicans/Tea Party in their pockets is in no way abnormal.

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Eideard wrote:

Give McCarthy and John McCain parachutes and all the weapons they can carry. Drop ‘em in and let ‘em fight their way out.

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Dimhdden wrote:

Mitt Romneys boys will lead the charge

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TheNewWorld wrote:


This is and their social conservativism stances are what has kept me from the GOP. The GOP loves to harp how Reagan’s star wars program and other programs helped push the USSR over the edge into fiscal collapse. Now we are letting Muslim sects with financial assets smaller than most of the Forbes 500 push us into fiscal collapse.

If you are looking for fiscal conservatives, they are very, very rare in the GOP. The Defense budget is out of control, filled with fuzzy accounting practices, and returns little on the dollar for the average American. And the vast majority of them refuse to cut budget, and very vocal minority has a hard time passing up on any conflicts in the world.

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JoeSchmoe123 wrote:

And if I may add to TheNewWorld’s comments, the Reagan-worshipers need to give proper credit where credit is due. Reagan wasn’t just a cigarette-pimping Hollywood actor, his wife’s astrologer ran our country for 8 years.

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crod526 wrote:

Ok. He should be the FIRST one to volunteer and also send his family over there. So easy to say why sitting in the UD in AC and drinking coffee knowing none of your kids are going there.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

Just Another GOP ChickenHawk. Why would any sane person even listen to these dolts? The bush/GOP invaded Iraq with no plan for the aftermath!

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Jaay wrote:

How will this conservative with a big mouth pay for boots on the ground? Will McCarthy send is own relatives to fight?

The U.S. got involved in Iraq because Bush senior, the skydiving idiot, cries a lot. So doesn’t John Boehner.

Poor non-stop complaining conservatives, they can’t get anymore self-righteous.

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N226TK wrote:

It’s very simple. It’s our oil, it has always been our oil, and we must have a regime in place that keeps the oil business flowing our way. These silly Iraqis who think they can manage their own affairs (much less believe it is actually their oil) are an obstruction to our capitalist enterprises, our American way of life.

Now, as to Iran, that’s British oil, and it seems a British problem; the British are obviously not doing very well at managing their empire.

Unless, of course, we’ve grown up a bit in the last 50 years and discovered that we’re no longer dictating how the world functions for the sake of our corporate interests. But I doubt it.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

“What are they going to do? If you don’t have an overall strategy, how do we push back this momentum of this terrorism that is growing throughout the entire region.”

If only bush jr., ChickenHawk cheney and the GOP who enabled them had asked those questions… What we’re seeing is the result of their disaster.

Jun 23, 2014 3:05pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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