Equipped with Humvees, ISIL clashes with rivals in Syria

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carlmartel wrote:

Another Reuters article today states that ISIL/ISIS has captured al Waleed, a border crossing about 20 km northeast of the Iraq, Jordan, and Syrian border. The insurgents also fight for the Baiji refinery that could supply them with fuel and lubricants for their Humvees and other vehicles to continue mechanized advances in both Iraq and Syria. This would also put them on interior lines and allow them to shift forces to any post under attack while their enemies would need to go around the outside of the “circle” under their control. This would allow them to control bigger areas with fewer forces than their opponents.

Further, Iraq and Syria are two separate countries that would need a political alliance for coordinated efforts, and that alliance will arouse anger in the US and NATO who oppose Syria’s President Assad. ISIL/ISIS have the advantages of more mobile, better trained, better motivated forces on interior lines that can only be defeated with US air power guided by US technology at this time. US refusal to use its aerial capabilities condemns Syria and Iraq to cede territory for the creation of an ISIL/ISIS “state” between Syria and Iraq. When will the US, EU, and Russia grant official diplomatic recognition to the new ISIL/ISIS nation?

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benburned wrote:

The mideast nations will be in a state of flux and dynamic change as they realign and come to realize western interventionist efforts are/have ben largely self serving. Look for new unions to sprout in order to resist meddling from the west

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So, will hundreds of American and Nato warplanes support the soon-to-unfold joint Iranian and Shiite Iraq and Shiite Syrian military action to destroy the rapidly growing military might of ISIS which is well along the road to reshaping the entire Middle East and its huge oil and gas supplies which fuel Western and Chinese and Japanese and Indian economies? Well, will these warplanes go into action or will the West just watch the global economy crash? Well?

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hto_eto wrote:

“ISIL, a splinter group of al Qaeda which wants to set up an Islamic caliphate encompassing both Iraq and Syria”


“ISIL, a group that has broken ties with al Qaeda and wants to set up an Sunni Arabs state encompassing both Iraq and Syria”

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JPHR wrote:

Article dating from 2007: Clarifies some origins. The usual suspects again.

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