Egypt jails Al Jazeera journalists, U.S. calls sentences 'chilling'

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Neurochuck wrote:

Anyone even thinking about travelling to Egypt for business or tourism should look at:
- the use of non-Egyptians for an internal political show trial, regardless of their attitudes to events;
- the extortion and harassment of numerous adjournments for months;
- the non-credible and absurd “evidence” by the prosecution;
- the long sentences in bad conditions for “thought crimes”, or possibly the death penalty.
You could be next.

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Lyrik wrote:

Third world countries like Egypt apparently have no free speech or due process. Which doesn’t surprise me given how pitiful justice is in the more developed areas.

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mustafaspeaks wrote:

The Egyptian military continues it policy of the past 60 years—why does this surprise anyone? Egyptians had a faltering democratic system for a few years but have chosen to return to the bosom of their dictatorship—a good example of the Arab conservatism that keeps them mired in poverty and backwardness.

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JamVee wrote:

Until Egypt’s legal system can be reformed, there is no possibility that it will (eventually) regain any sort of leadership position in the “Arab world”. And the reform of the judicial system is totally dependent on the government’s reform of itself.

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lapazjim wrote:

This is a foreign country #1 and #2 they make their laws as they go.They are not going to show any respect for a media that shows them in a negative way.Remember that these are Middle Eastern Muslim countries.Their Holy books are turned into and made to say what they want them to say and thus the laws are what ever they make of the book at the time.

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digressor wrote:

Coming from the number one terrorist creation and support base, this is a bit hypocritical.

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AZWarrior wrote:

I haven’t seen the evidence, and no doubt we will not see that from American media who see themselves above the law of any nation they are in, but based on Al Jazeera’s past behavior on behalf of Islamic Terrorists, there is every possibility that they are guilty. The Muslim Brotherhood tried to take over Egypt by a deceptive political campaign. The Egyptian Army showed them the door when the Brotherhood showed it’s true colors. Sounds like a reasonable reaction to an existential threat to the future of the Egyptian people to me. Al Jazeera has been on the wrong side of history in the Middle East and they apparently got caught again.

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RickyBobbyII wrote:

Although USA won’t jail someone for lying, This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Aljeezera in the US is nothing but a socialist spin doctor. During Sarah Palin’s campaign, they lied about her, and smeared her in many articles and youtube videos.

If you could jail someone for lying in the US, the entire aljeezera Washington office would be in Jail right now.

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senojbr wrote:

Where is the information about what they were accused of doing? What actions brought the charges? This is a one sided opinion with out that info. If journalist want to be respected they should not be partisian. Partisan journalists are only propagandists.

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RickyBobbyII wrote:

John Kerry can go to Egypt and plead for the release of an Australian, a Canadian, and an Egyptian, but he can’t go and plead for a US Soldier jailed in Mexico.

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mohamedmohsen wrote:

I saw fabricated video shots claimed to be live, and the real thing I can see too. Aljazeera during our uprise the people of Egypt against the brotherhood. Aljazeera was playing dirt game lies and untrue video streams.

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majkmushrm wrote:

And exactly how different is the Egyptian law from our law about “providing material support to terrorism”?

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Bludde wrote:

The Journalists worked for Qatar funded Al Jazeera, and Qatar is perceived as an enemy of Egypt..

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Nikos_Retsos wrote:

What else can anyone expect from the U.S. puppet president General Sissi? To end insult-to-injury, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Baghdad, Iraq, today lecturing the Iraqis about civility and equality. The U.S. is back to the 1950′s and 1960′s campaigns in Latin America where hundreds of thousands of leftists opponents of the U.S. were arrested in the middle of the night and disappeared, or convicted in shameless courts trials – like Sissi’s Kangaroo trials in Egypt today. The U.S. should have broken diplomatic relations with Sissi, and have forced him to restore the democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi, or to behave humanly toward his opponents and the media at the minimum.

Unfortunately, any bloodthirsty dictator can do anything he wants with a U.S. “wink-wink” and get away imposing thousands of death sentences or long prison sentences against journalists for just telling the world what happens daily in Egypt. Then, there is the U.S. that launched two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretext to establish democracy, but supports, pampers, and wink-wink to General Sissi to trash democracy in Egypt. And we, the majority of Americans who oppose such brutality by U.S. allies, are mistakenly being hated by the most Muslims as collaborators! We are NOT! The U.S. Multinational Corporations ans the U.S. Military and Industrial Complex is doing it against our will. The polls are our witness.

Shame on the U.S. and Saudi Arabia which support General Sissi -both with weapons and $ billions- to continue his atrocities! Nikos Retsos, retired professor, USA

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SoutherRican wrote:

The biggest problem the United States has is that one day it is on one side and the next day our country jumps to the other side. Which is the trademark of John Kerry, and the Obama administration, that likes to draw Red Lines, once the line is cross it just draws it further down the road like in Syria.

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Victor631 wrote:

This should happen in the US to those faux-journalists who intentionally lie to the American people and twist the truth. Unfortunately the amoral Democrats in power condone such actions since it benefits their party’s grasp on power. NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN,

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dave.young50 wrote:

I find it amazing that everyone here seems to have the belief that FUNDAMENTALISTS have some RIGHT to impose their Religion on OTHERS !!!

Whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian, you have NO RIGHT to impose your beliefs on ANYONE in the WORLD, and this is why these supposed Journalists will be doing time in an extremely funky prison, they thought they had a RIGHT to DEMAND the Egyptian Army ALLOW these Fundie Terrorists to take over their Nation !

And anyone of you that uses the lamest excuse in the world for their being in power as the MORONS of Egypt voted them in, idiots should NOT have a voice in this World, and the Egyptian Army agrees with my sentiment !

the Religious that want to be treated as Slaves don’t have the mental aptitude to have a Right to choose who will be their Slaver, they just have the Right to be treated as SLAVE !

The Religious are NOT Special, and they deserve NO respect for thinking stupid, no matter what their preachers tell them !

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beofaction wrote:

“Al Jazeera, whose Qatari owners back the Brotherhood…” Unbiased journalism, huh?
Obama did everything he could to back the Brotherhood also despite their crimes and terrorist activities, but the liberal “West” would never condemn a Muslim organization, would they – no matter how many markets or hospitals they blow up!

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nocroman wrote:

When you start putting your citizens in prison for speaking out. then you are NOT a free society and do not deserve any help from us U.S. Taxpayers. I direct Our Government who work for me , Not to send any aid to Egypt until freedom of speech is allowed and all those imprisoned are released.

So I the tax payer have said, so let it be done.

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REnninga wrote:

I am a late-middle-aged American, old enough to remember when American broadcast journalism was a). balanced; b). comprehensive and informative; c). taken seriously by the American public;
d). produced by well-educated professional journalists.

I grew up watching the evening news EVERY evening of my childhood, presented by the likes of Edward R. Murrow, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, Jim Lehrer, Robert McNeil, et al.

Today, the closest television news that I can find which resembles the caliber of what I knew from my youth is watching the BBC and Al-Jazeera.

Granted, both sometimes miss the mark as regards complete “balance”, however both are vastly superior to any current US-based mainstream network or cable news organization, with the possible exception of The News Hour on PBS.

Al-Jazeera and BBC are vastly more comprehensive in covering news stories; actually reporting worldwide and domestic news in-depth, rather than wasting scarce air time on fluffy human interest stories, referencing and showing the latest ‘viral videos’, ‘social media’ and perhaps most disturbing blatantly promoting films and television programs produced by the entertainment-centric parent companies of those news networks (Disney, 21st Century FOX Entertainment Group, Comcast, National Amusements, Time-Warner).

If Americans truly wish to be informed today, and have limited time to sit before the television, unfortunately they must turn as I do to foreign broadcast organizations which have news and information as their primary charge (rather than entertainment).

One has only to watch BBC and Al-Jazeera for one evening while recording and later watching the same evening’s broadcasts of the US-based networks to see how poorly served we are as Americans by the companies which have been entrusted with our publicly-owned broadcast airwaves.

Just my tuppence.

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hmp49 wrote:

Egypt shoots unarmed demonstrators by the hundreds, sentences political opponents to death 500-600 at a time, and now this.

I’m waiting for PCUSA to divest from companies that do business with Egypt.


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hmp49 wrote:

mustafaspeaks wrote:
The Egyptian military continues it policy of the past 60 years—why does this surprise anyone? Egyptians had a faltering democratic system for a few years


When Morsi subverted the new Constitution, and assumed dictatorial powers.

As though this were any better than the Sisi. How many millions of Egyptians turned out in the streets to get rid of Morsi?

Jun 23, 2014 5:31pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
anonymot wrote:

“interference in its internal affairs”.

Giving the Egyptian military 1.3 BILLION Dollars is also “interference in its internal affairs”. We have no reason to support this regime that our CIA put in power by overturning Mubarak. Kerry should not resume that payment no matter what happens to the al Jazeera journalists.

Jun 23, 2014 5:37pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
KNoose000 wrote:

See, your middle eastern ideals are inferior, time and time again.
This is why the West attacks. Western ideals are superior and why they developed most all of the modern world.
These vile ideals will be chopped down, one country at a time if needed.
You cant even understand basic rights of humans. Pathetic bronze age wachos.

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tony4 wrote:

Another Obama administration cop-out word…”chilling”. I’m sure that just the use of the word has made Egypt rethink their decision. I’m surprised that they did not add “deeply concerning”, or deeply troubled as they normally do.

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JakobStagg wrote:

Does anyone think Egypt cares what the world thinks? Every place on the planet has stopped respecting a different opinion or perspective. It must be a growth in the view that “difference is dangerous”.

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barrycrimm wrote:

The U.S. leads the world in incarceration, jailing more people than any nation in history. What’s Kerry got to say about that?

Jun 23, 2014 6:08pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
nigelcairns wrote:

meanwhile, in the US:

Manning is in jail for revealing embarrassing truths,
Assange is confined to the Ecuadorean embassy for PUBLISHING embarrassing truths,
Snowdon is in Russia for revealing unlawful spying by our government.

Long live the US! (I doubt it)

Jun 23, 2014 6:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
1forMike wrote:

Yes and the USA just last week handed Egypt $565 million in aid.
That is just wonderful when we have people going hungry , finding no job in the country, whereas all those Middle East countries, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan continue to get hundreds of US millions in yearly aid, and for what?
Iraq is the best example. Literally trillion of dollars given, hundreds of millions cannot be accounted for. Five thousand-plus US soldiers died – and for what. There is no accountability for that in Washington, but the public is too stupid to recognize that.

Jun 23, 2014 6:27pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
oddmike wrote:

REnninga – you are absolutely right. I am too young to have seen Murrow, but I also watch Al-Jazeera rather than waste a minute watching American cable news. Plus a half hour of BBC’s radio news show. Real news about events all over the world. The only time we hear about other countries’ news in US MSM is when there is a disaster or we are invading them (yeah, that’s kinda of the same thing).

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elsewhere wrote:

I guess news writers here are scared. If they continue to spread propaganda or ignore important news, there could be consequences. It just happened in Egypt and many Americans do not trust the media in the US.

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TOR01 wrote:

Egypt is doing what we are in the US are afraid of doing i.e.: tackling radical islam head-on. We should be supporting Egypt for doing our dirty work for us.

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Margo4531 wrote:

I wonder why my comment is not published when I have basically said the same as many here .. time for people to stop interfering in the affairs of other countries and if they insist upon doing so, they must be prepared to take the consequences – just or unjust ..

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Pragmatic56 wrote:

And the United States continues to harass Julian Assange for over 4 years now. That is also chilling. You may not like what he does, but it is legal.

Jun 23, 2014 10:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
p19 wrote:

OK Congress, it’s time to cut off all foreign aid to Egypt, in fact, the entire Middle-east, including Israel. The US taxpayers are busting their butts off to pay their ever increasing taxes with ever decreasing wages. Also, kee.p the US out of Iraq

Jun 23, 2014 10:11pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
dd606 wrote:

Then on the other hand… Maybe they’ll think twice about trying to pass off their one sided, agenda filled nonsense as… ‘news’ from now on. Probably not though.

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karpenter wrote:

So Egypt Is Fighting Jihad
And ‘Rights’ Activists Are Outraged ??

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bryanric wrote:

What I cannot understand is why Secretary Kerry made such a positive statement to Egypt’s leader, including a promise to lift the hold on weapons deliveries. Even after public releases of the courts decision the State Department did not retract it. It’s like saying “well you did a bad thing, but we can still be friends”. All countries with ** staff should file a complaint with the UN and hold Egypt in violation of free speech charter, particularly for journalists.

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