At least eight killed, 20 wounded in blast at Nigerian college

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carlmartel wrote:

Since the translation of “Boko Haram” is “western education is sinful,” an attack on the Kano State School of Hygiene would fit their pattern. Further, the continuing attacks prove that the government can’t protect its citizens, its primary duty. The rule is that rebels don’t win rebellions; governments lose them.

In addition, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has been advising and training Boko Haram since 2011, and al Qaeda’s current leader has been moving the group within striking range of the oil and gas infrastructure in north Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East. Nigeria is a major oil producer that sits next door to Cameroon, another oil producer, and their major customers include the US and NATO, so al Qaeda wants to strike inside both countries as Boko Haram has done. Such attacks raise the terror premium, raise revenues for Arab oil states, raise donations to al Qaeda and other groups from citizens of Arab oil states, damage the mechanized economies and mechanized militaries of the US and NATO, and let the US and NATO pay for both sides in the war. It is an effective strategy that requires effective countermeasures that Nigeria has not been able to implement.

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