Kerry urges Kurds to save Iraq from collapse

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Silbertibor wrote:

Why would the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, a man firmly committed to democracy when it suits the purposes of the USA, discourage the four million Kurds from holding a referendum on independence to decide their own fate?

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snappy wrote:

Kerry is a fool. The Kurds now have what they wanted for years – a de facto independent state. I’m sure they have no interest in helping Maliki with his Sunni problem.

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ufTiger wrote:

Has Kerry ever had a successful negotiation?

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Oh yes, the U.S. must follow up on its War Crime invasion and occupation of Iraq. Absolutely. Definitely.

Why?? Hasn’t the USA done enough damage, already?

This is now a Middle East regional problem, appropriate to the U.N. at best. The U.S. has been “out” of Iraq for two years. Maliki wouldn’t give the U.S. troops a license to kill Iraqis with impunity; our troops had to go. Finally, the U.S. War Crimes in Iraq came to an end.

So, why is Kerry now trying to choke U.S. “assistance” down Maliki’s throat? What can the U.S. contribute, in the first place? The U.S. doesn’t have a dog in this fight. Iran has promised to take care of the ISIL problem; let their ‘martyrs’ clean up the mess. Saudi Arabia now has ISIL at its border. Let them “protect” themselves. The U.S. can clean up on arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is nuts if they don’t realize that they are “next.” What is Kerry doing in Baghdad?

Oh yes, the November elections; of course!

Just think. This all began with the CIA-created Taliban (“blowback”) halt of opium production in Afghanistan. Seriously!

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Ken1Lutheran wrote:

If the Kurds are starting to mend fences with Turkey, that could be a very good thing for them, for Turkey and for the US–less so for Iraq or Iran.

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Neurochuck wrote:

Sometimes searching using DuckDuckGo in the Netherlands gives better results than Google outside the “American Bubble World”.
Found this English language website for a “sensible” news source in Kurdistan.

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Margaretville wrote:

To George Bush and Dick Cheney: You two are the only ones left in America who believe that your decision to declare war and invade Iraq back in 02-03 was the right thing for all your changing reasons. You two only believe that to keep those who would like to see you defend yourself against war crimes to humanity. What a waste of human life, treasury and a resultant unstable middle east.

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unionwv wrote:

The Arab Baath Party government of Iraq gassed the Kurds in 1988.

Why should they now support another hostile authority over them (Shiite)?

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vinniec wrote:

Kerry! Get on your yacht and take a long, long vacation! You are in over your head and only making things worse!

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Geez is Reuters reporting getting bad. The ship with oil was an attempt by the Kurds to sell oil outside of the agreed framework. The ship sailed around for weeks, including coming to the U.S., and found no takers. That the Israelies took the oil is no small item. Refusing to allow the Kurds direct access to the market is the stick that everyone, including the U.S., has been using to keep them from going independent. This is not some secret, and Reuters should have included it.

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gentalman wrote:

Now when Kerry is sure that Sunni cant’t go further without American help,he is trying to consolidate whatever little good will is left with his relationship with Maliki.No one can match smart Maliki.Through out he was sailing successfully through crisis after cricis.

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lag46 wrote:

Hey, John. If the Kurds control the oil in Northern Iraq, what is their interest in saving Iraq from collapse?

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Art16 wrote:

Reading the Iraqi press, it looks like some of the Iraqi people are not happy over this mess either, and look at the US in a very unfavorable light. The political imperatives for the beginning of all this go way beyond the capabilities of anyone in Junior High Obama’s administration to understand or render meaningful assistance. Junior High Obama is playing the classic Nero character to the fullest, and Nero was never an accomplished statesman either. Kerry is a fool’s fool, and it takes no imagination to realize that, considering everything he and his predecessor have accomplished in the imaginary world of their fantasies.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Kerry and Obama talk…everyone else walks…away

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CliftonC wrote:

Did John Kerry serve in Viet Nam?

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gregio wrote:

In the end there will be Kerry talking to the new dictator in Bagdad sitting in one of Saddam’s palaces with Maliki’s head on a stick next to his throne. Kerry will be pleading with the new dictator for permission to allow oil technicians to enter and restart some of the larger refineries because the worlds oil prices have skyrocketed. The new dictator will tell the guards to “throw the bum out” in Farsi and the camera’s will go black.

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Timbuk3 wrote:


“it looks like some of the Iraqi people are not happy over this mess either, and look at the US in a very unfavorable light”

and you are blaming Obama?

For what, fulfilling the US Forces agreement negotiated by Cheney and signed by Bush? What happened to “Mission Accomplished”? Why must every regime change in the middle east require US casualties? “Junior High” indeed, what a meritless insult. If Obama is “junior high”, then Bush and Cheney were Pre-School. I prefer Obama’s strategy, thanks anyway.

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Periclete wrote:

It appears that the Kurds are the only decent and UNbloodthirsty group in that area. They are not seeking conversions, beheadings, and smothering of other ethnic groups. Leave them alone Mr. Kerry, let them live and prosper.

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TomKi wrote:

What extreme hypocrisy in U.S. foreign policy.

When GW Bush pushed for unprovoked invasion of Iraq for ‘regime change’, then supposed WMD, then Sec. of State Powell warned Bush ‘You have no basis. You break it, you fix it.’

Today, Iraq after the invasion is broken beyond repair after 10 years of American occupation. Now it is on the verge of civil war, the government could be overthrown. Thus creating the second fundamentalist Islamic state. What does the American president do? He runs away from responsibility. What does the neocon Bush & Cheney do? They denied responsibility but calls for a second invasion. And what does the dim-wit puppet Kerry do? He asks the Kurds to save Iraq by doing what the U.S. has failed.

First it was the Korean War. Then it was the Vietnam War. Now the Iraq War. U.S. reputation in foreign and military policy is in tatters.

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fadingstar wrote:

“What extreme hypocrisy in U.S. foreign policy.”

How about in mankind ?

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fadingstar wrote:

“What extreme hypocrisy in U.S. foreign policy.”

How about in mankind ?

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bluepanther wrote:

An independent Kurdistan has arrived, despite the foolishness of American foreign policy and “nation-building” in Iraq the last couple of decades.

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carlmartel wrote:

Kerry helps the Obama regime waste time. No one in his right mind wants to join Iraq now. I have advocated blowing up ISIL/ISIS vehicles from the air with smart munitions from Navy FA-18s and drones. Obama may be preparing to use our 300 Spartans to spot for the smart munitions. It’s the only practical use for them in Iraq. It is officially summer, and the 130 degree heat in Iraq is perfect for reducing ISIL/ISIS to march on foot and carry their food, water, arms, munitions, and all other supplies to slow their advance.

Imagine ISIL/ISIS in control of the oil and money in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen. They could also effectively close the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea at its southern end that would close the Suez Canal. That might give the US and EU a few economic problems.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Kurds promise to clean up some of Bush’s spilt milk. As soon as they stop laughing their asses off.

Iraq is toast. Best not to put wet fingers back in the toaster.

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AZWarrior wrote:

Screw Iraq. The Kurds should immediately declare an independent nation of Kurdistan and the US should immediately recognize it, give aid and negotiate a large airbase there. As long as the Kurds are shackled to the corpse that is Iraq, they will never be free and truly prosperous. Let the rest of Iraq kill each other to their little Muslim hearts’ content. It is all thry seem to know.

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rj88631 wrote:

Tell me, why would the Kurds want to save Iraq? What incentive do they have when doing nothing contains everything they’ve wanted for a century?

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sabrefencer wrote:

Obama, Kerry, ohh what a mess ye reap, when you play golf, go on vacations, fundraisers and are not qualified for your positions.

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k2d2 wrote:

Didn’t the U.S. “encourage action” from the Kurds after a previous Gulf War? If I remember right, we left them hanging out to dry, and watched in silence as Saddam gassed them, with “WMD” purchased from the U.S.
I wonder if they will fall for it again.(Not really, I think ‘Project Al-Humpty Dumpty’ has about as much chance as Kerry’s efforts in Palestine.)

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SR37212 wrote:

@TomKi: It was the Brits and French that drew up fantasy borders after WW1 that had no base in reality that actually creates the problems in the middle east. It was the Brits And French after ww2 that created the problems in Vietnam (It was the OSS that trained Ho Chi Minh and his army). A lot of the problems in Africa could also be blamed on Euro colonialists who had no regard for actual nationality borders.

My point is that you can play the blame game all you want and get all fuzzy and warm by setting a start point that is self serving……or you can look for solutions that have a possibility of success.

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JakobStagg wrote:

Kerry must have rocks in his head. Why would the Kurds do anything to save Iraq? Iraq has been trying to murder and eliminate them for decades. Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against them and Iran, with US CIA assistance.

Why don’t the Iraqis do something to save themselves? If they have no interest, may be we should just let them destroy themselves. Really good idea, Dub. At least Saddam was able to maintain more stability.

The other reality is that part of the world has been at war since day one. Nobody or no thing will alter that other than rendering it all uninhabitable.That would be an expensive option. Leave them alone. Let them kill each other. Then go to war with whoever might be left.

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Timbuk3 wrote:

The reason the US would prefer that Kurds not establish their own autonomous nation, is that there is a significant Kurd population in the adjoining region of Turkey who would also like to be part of an independent ethnic Kurd nation and these Turks would then try to break apart Turkey as well, and Turkey is one of our few allies in the area. It is not in the best interest of the ME and the rest of the world if Iraq, Syria, and then Turkey all simultaneously break out in civil wars. Imagine millions more war refugees and casualties.

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crod526 wrote:

Why would the Hurds help jeep Iraq together.. They have now the opportunity and the economic means to establish their own country something that they would never get from Iraq,Iran,Syria and Turkey.

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captaindoc wrote:

The kurds have been mistreated for most of last few centuries by Iraq including large amounts of death due to nerve agents being dispersed by Iraq. The Kurds have wanted a nation of their own and now they have a chance for it. They have the oil, the army to back it up, synchronization with it’s religious factors, loyalty, and cohesive community that is willing to fight for what they should have had many years ago. So do you think the Kurds will save Iraq, hardly. The Kurds will defend Kirkuk and keep it. They will not drop their arms and run as they have no place to run or hide. Look Mideast there is a new nation brewing.

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WestFlorida wrote:

Is this some type of joke? The Kurds are going to nothing but work hard to preserve their independence. Helping others — forget about it. They have their hands full stopping attacks.

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carlmartel wrote:

The Syrian cavalry is coming. With apologies to Reuters, The Wall Street Journal has been reporting since 7:45 pm EDT that Syrian warplanes have been bombing ISIL/ISIS targets in western Iraq. Of course Assad is under attack by the same group, so he may want to keep Iraq in the war to prevent ISIL/ISIS from turning on Syria with additional resources after capturing parts of Iraq. It could give their troops more arms, munitions, and Sunni fighters to keep their war in Syria going while they pause or reduce actions in Iraq. Assad would not want that to happen, and he would want to restore some measure of stability in Iraq to prevent insurgents from using Iraq as a base to attack Syria while he continues to destroy the rebels inside Syria.

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Saluki21 wrote:

Someone explain to me how Bush caused all this hatred over there. I am not saying his invasion was right or wrong, but it did not cause the hatred that is driving the ISIL conflict. If Bush was wrong to invade, then that means leaving Saddam in power was better. For the people in Iraq, neither answer is a good one. Look at history, for therein lies the answer to the source of the problem, and as much as many of you brainwashed FoxNews and MSNBC junkies want to blame this on Bush or Obama you are just plain wrong.

The peoples living in these lands did not draw the borders of their “countries”. They were drawn up by withdrawing colonial powers. So I say let them define their own countries. Let the Kurds have their own state. I don’t recall the US sending military advisors to Canada when Quebec had a referendum to be its own country. They should not expect military aide unless they can pay for it however.

That said, my personal belief is that ISIL is an evil group, wanting to control people. Fundamental religions that seek to remove life or liberty from non-believers need to be eliminated around the globe. As humans we have been on the moon, we dream of going to mars, we have sent probes outside the solar system. WTF is the dark ages still hanging around in half the world? No one should be mistaken here – ISIL, MB, Saudi Arabia, Iran, parts of Africa – these countries that openly or covertly support discrimination of women and minorities do so not for any spiritual reason. It is to maintain the political and economic power of those in charge.

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sajjad.m wrote:

the isil is an oraganized terrorist group wich benefits even the support of some international news broadcasters such as BBC & we watch this channels they are intentionally or may by unintentionally giving prestige to this group by using the exact phrase of “islamic state of iraq & levant” & repeating it at least every 30 minutes.surely there are some hidden hands behind this scenes and they aare misleading our minds.

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Invictuss wrote:

doubt the kurds will risk what they have gained from the destruction of Iraq just to make Kerry&Maliki happy………

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tpvero wrote:

The photo in this article is reminiscent of the one I just saw of McCain holding hands with the leaders of ISIS on is secret visit there. It is interesting that Reuters has not printed a story of this secret visit which will help the people asked to send their children to die or be maimed to fight them to know who exactly is behind funding this group.

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TheDeuceman wrote:

Kerry is F**KED up like Hogans goat if he thinks the Kurds will move a muscle to help Bagdad. After being treated like dirt since the ’20′s by the powers that be in Bagdad, they would rather see the whole enterprise fall and come in and pick up the pieces later. Kerry is as big an idiot as Obama.

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