Exclusive: Virgin America flight attendants to hold union vote

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SEAflier wrote:

Interesting that Mr McDaniel’s statement has no balance in this article. Let me provide some corrections:
He states, “They have no recourse in disciplinary matters and that can cause them to be terminated for little or no reason.” The FACT is that there IS a process in place, which TWU has been busy downplaying and discounting. It’s the same as a grievance at a union, with fellow flight attendants reviewing the details as shared by the flight attendant concerned, and a decision is reached which can correct smaller problems, misunderstandings, or disciplinary actions. Similarly, there is a peer review group which hears cases in which a flight attendant has been terminated – again, with other flight attendants being able to hear all of the details and decide whether to change any decision with regard to the flight attendant’s employment.
To state otherwise is simply a lie. It’s disappointing to see this article share such a quote without bothering to ask anyone from the work group, or from management at the airline whether it’s even true.
TWU has been very busy spending Southwest flight attendants’ money to peddle these kinds of ideas at Virgin America. It failed in 2011. It will fail again in August.

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dallasstew wrote:

Really hope the Virgin America Flight Attendants educate themselves. A lot of the Flight Attendants at Southwest are very unhappy with 556 and have chosen to opt out of their Union. They are wanting to start their own Union.

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dallasstew wrote:

Do hope the Flight Attendants at Virgin America do their homework in researching 556. They mostly care about the money in their wallets, not the best interest of the Flight Attendants. A lot of the Flight Attendants at Southwest have opted-out which means they want to start their own Union. The un-elected officials at 556 are also in the back pocket with upper management at Southwest.

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