EU moves to assuage Cameron after outvoting him on Juncker

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JoeObserver wrote:

As they say – Britain is a tiny insignificant island which tries hard to seek attention but nobody listens to it. The reality nobody in Europe and around the world likes Britain – for Brits are not so straightforward i.e they don’t usually mean what they say and Scottish people know it. Europe is tolerating Britain because they just want Britain’s membership fees.

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Dron wrote:

@JoeObserver, Britain wants to try to dominate the EU, but they don’t have the means to do it. Thats why Britain was strongly opposed to the reunification of West and East Germany after the Cold War, because the British did not want a larger and stronger Germany that will be number one in Europe and make Britain irrelevant.

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harrykrishna wrote:

if only the eu could put out cameron out to pasture with blair. two losers in a row for the uk.

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bbazz wrote:

UK has done exactly the right thing. Wait for action and not act on rhetoric. The Europeans have made enormous promises without results. The EU is nothing but Germany’s lightly veiled means to create a larger German Republic.

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Juncker is so corrupted, even more than Merkel itself!

They both supported the CORRUPTED Greek Government with unethical means and unlimited money, in a sense the literally DESTROYS any kind of Democracy!
1. Greek GDP is around 160 billions from 230 in 2009, a significant drop, beared mainly by middle Class! Debt levels have actually risen to 205% since debt ratio denominator has fallen like that! Debt was reduced only by 30 billions (the PSI had no effect to Greeks, but just on the Euro) to 330 billions today!
2. The entire depression, with an employement at 28%, reduced salaries, uncertanty, loss generations, suicides, etc was for NOTHING! It appears that “markets” became lenderes with supprisingly low rates, at worse debt and economic condition level? Are citizens a number or gameplay? For what? The “the lost generation” is for laughs to some people? Or monetarist have fun with us by expecting to drop wage rates with our misery?
3. All Greeks, not just policians and their blind followers have been accused globally for corruption and were called to “pay the price” for which reason? To get free gas, resources, islands and beaches? Seriously?
4. All PASOK debt was “deleted” when the Party renamed it self to a debt – free “Elia”. ND bears similar unberable debt levels. As if they haven’t gotten enough money out of Greece so far..
5. These people actually have kept political prisoners with no trial to jail for 6+ months now! Really? They have closed the National Broadcast Network (ERT), without any democratic procedure followed, in 1 night!
6. They made laws for “repatriacion of the lost capital” from banks of around 80 billions, for a commision of 6%. So the goverment acts as an intermediary for Money Laundering!
7. The have destroyed Greek Economy with this “uncertainty” and their really long chats for changing the tax system, so oftenly! No one can budget taxes payable! Its crazy!
8. The freezed all scandals investigation, just not to have political losses! So its normal in Greece if you are a goverment member accused of bribery, corruption, money laundering to be trialed at 2050, since ND- PASOK may loose votes! Oh…the crime is “void” then? Ah…right! The “Landarde list” scandal has yet to be investigated, some loans to bankrupted relatives of Politicians also!
9. I am not gonna even chat about Goverment deficit since they don’t count in expenses the numerous billions to the “Good Bankers” (“good fellows” obviously that still kept their posts). The give them a tremendous percentage of Government Income each Year (up to 40%), without any appropriate audit and they don’t count it expenses!
10. EU and Troika, let them even give away a fake “primary surplus” (!!!what about secondary or the Debt/GDP ratio who increased???) of 1 billion for pre-election reasons!
11. After the elections more scandals came out on PASOK leader, who literally “closed down Parliament” to avoid accusations on a corruption investigation who was dispersed due to time limit overdue for the INVESTIGATORS!!! They couldnt search it timely!!! And the crime was dismissed according to Greek Law!

THIS IS EUROPE! EVERYONE SHOULD REALLY STAY AWAY FROM THIS MESS that allows corruption to grow by the day!

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AmericanBison wrote:

It is amazing how Cameron thinks that England is still center of the earth. He had one vote to use so he used the way he felt was in his interest. But don’t pick up the ball and run away screaming like a little spoiled brat if things don’t go your way.

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What European Reform!

Have you seen EPSO COMPETITION for the hiring of EU Personnel? Hahaha, seriously have you seen it?

To hire Auditors or Legal Personnel (2 most important roles – with no intention to insult assistants – AS competition), they only do phycometric and HR based tests and TOTALLY Ignore Professional Qualifications and OBJECTIVE SKILLS.

A nobelist could fail these tests, but a political “supported” candidate with 1 lesson in Bachelor in Audit would get a “GREEN” light, since 80% of the tests is based on subjective skills and oral assesments, NOT AUDIT OR LEGAL related!

Experience doesn’t count, Professional Qualifications dont count, Ethics don’t count, but HR based questions e.g. “Describe me an occasion that you did good”. And these people in Brussels, may FAIL and AUDITOR with 10 years of experience and e.g. ACCA and CFA, to get a “random” candidate that was someone has “given” them a name in a paper – with 1 lesson of audit at a bachelor level that works in political Office in Brussels! This IS EU GREATNESS!

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Burn1938 wrote:

The situation is now very clear . This vote means that the EU will now move to a United Stares of Europe . A move which the UK , for a variety of reasons , cannot accept . So it will have to find a new club or grouping which it can join.

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ReadandShare wrote:

26 to 2? Britain — please just sit down!

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hariknaidu wrote:

If Cameron cannot stand the heat…in the kitchen…he’s welcome to get out! That would be good for UK and EU – going forward. Limey’s have lost their true occupation – world cup soccer…and now Juncker!

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