Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric calls for prime minister to be chosen by Tuesday

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Doc62 wrote:

ISIL knows the FSA has failed and their efforts are wasted in Syria. Assad has a powerful force and air supremacy.
So on to Iraq they go. Al Maliki’s army is “Chicken Shite”. He is an ineffective leader and should be replaced by a hawkish one. I’m impressed by the Kurdish forces and maybe Talabani should lead Iraq. He’s not an Arab either.
We need to stop upsetting the Islamic “apple carts” and focus on our own problems.

Strong leaders make strong countries.

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njglea wrote:

“Obama asked the U.S. Congress on Thursday to approve $500 million to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels” NO. Not one dime of MY hard-earned taxpayer dollars to the middle east religious wars. Here’s an idea – send Dick Cheney and John McCain to run the country. They’ll get it in shape in no time. Just do not give them, any corporation or non-profit/non-governmental/religious agency one dime of MY money. None.

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gentalman wrote:

“Switch sides and back the Govt”!!……….is it true or vis a versa?
Rebels are rebels.They will get stronger to fight the Govt.
Designs of all concerns to oppose Syrian govt.has failed so far.One must not ignore that Syria is supported by Russia as well as Iran.
I don’t know what is the exct motive of US giving money to rebels.It is like putting kerosene in the fire.Both Obama and Kerry are seasoned politicians to use their judgement constructively and not destructively.

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gentalman wrote:

No Maliki is a smart leader so far holding in the turmoil.He has not allowed Iraq to be torned between Iran and US any how.Now is the acid test of his leadership.He is not anti to US govt.Othrwise he would not have asked help from US9Which yet has not been given whole heartedly).If Maliki goes it will be a serious civil was pouring blood from thousands.Also it will be open proxi war between Iran and US…….but Obama also is a very intelligent leader.He does not act and tactfully delaying the decisions.He is watching.He is waiting for the fate of Maliki in a natural course than by deliberate action for US.(Kerry has different notion).

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PolitioIslam wrote:

Many competing narratives and misinformation fed through media. West and USA in particular need to understand ramifications of its action and inaction.

Off the bat, ISIS is not Sunni but Salafi (aka Wahhabi) – official ‘sect’ (movement) practiced in Saudi. 100% of AlQaeda is Salafi and they (Salafi/Saudis) were behind 911 attack. The ultimate goal of AlQaeda/Salafis is destroying US at any cost (ISIS and AlQaeda both have made this clear already).

No doubt war in Syria started with genuine grievance by Syrians against Assad. But now it has been completely overtaken by Salafis (Qatar helping AlNusra and Saudi helping ISIS as per The Atlantic article). Americans/West are logic-driven people. In the mess of Syria war, how would anyone logically give assurance that $500M will go to “moderate Sunnis” and not Salafis? In reality, US, Israel, Saudi, and GCC, nations sees this as opportunity to cut Iran from Hizbollah (or a strike on ‘Shia Crescent’ – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon; to be fair, US has no grudge against Islam or Shias in this case) . so, this war is not about Asad at all. If it was about democracy and human rights, heads should be rolling in the entire ME – as it is full of tyrants and US is protecting all of them (or as US puts it, “protecting US interest”)!

Fall of Assad is a ‘death blow’ to Hizbollah, and significant blow to Iran. Both will not let that happen. And if it did happen, Hizbollah will do what it has not done thus far – convert from “Islamic force” to becoming a “Shia force” by reaching to ~300M worldwide Shia communities to share its “expertise.” This will also happen if ISIS crossed redline and was successful in destroying major Shia shrines in Karbala and Najaf (Iraq). To Shias, destruction of shrines (Iraq has 90% of all Shia holy sites) in the ‘shrine cities’ is equivalent to destruction of Vatican (for Catholics) or Mecca (for Muslims). It will spark an extremely violant response from Shias around the world – if there is a case to be made for WW3, this has enough ‘fuel’ to start one (can you see how easy it will be for Iran to tie $500M by US as game changer that helped destroy Shia holy shrines? By the way, Shia followers of Grand Ayatollah Sistani dislikes Iran and Sistani himself is well respected by US).

What is at stake for US/West?
US/West is currently adopted a lose-lose strategy vis-a-vie Islam for its short term gains (Oil). The $500M in Syria, alliance with Saudi/GCC, and ISIS, means rapid conversion of moderate Sunnis to Salafis. If successful, we will have ~900M Salafis (80% of Islam is Sunni, while Salafis are currently a ‘fringe element’ within the wider Sunni Islam) convert to Salafism. The remaining 300M will fall to Iran and Hizbollah. So, theoretically if US/West was successful, it will have successfully 900M Sunnis to AlQaeda and 300M to Hizbollah and Iran.

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carlmartel wrote:

The first problem with the volunteers is that they have no khaki uniforms that would be good in sand or sand-colored streets. The black clothing of the Mahdi army, and the colorful civilian attire screams: “Here I am! Shoot me! I’m ready for martyrdom!” They don’t appear to have any training, and they are going to fight against combat veterans from Syria’s Civil War. Previous photos show many white and red pick up trucks that are likely to pick up bullet holes and RPG explosions from ISIL veterans.

I have advised using US satellites and Global Hawk drones and other air assets to gather intelligence. We should send a second US carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf near Basra to launch F-18s for air strikes with precision guided munitions against ISIL vehicles. We should send Reaper drones to launch air strikes with precision guided munitions against ISIL vehicles. We used precision guided airstrikes against Saddam’s armed forces of over a million troops and virtually halted vehicular traffic in all of Iraq. We won’t have the same air assets, but we have a much smaller area that we need to control to stop ISIL. Further, summer has started, so Iraq’s temperatures will hit 130 degrees for ISIL’s surviving troops that will be forced to CARRY all food, water, weapons, munitions, and other supplies ON FOOT in 130 degree heat.

If we fail, ISIL could take the US embassy in Baghdad with its 5,500 US personnel. Does anyone remember the 1979-1981 hostage crisis in the US embassy in Tehran with a measly 53 hostages? Now, we have the chance to endure 444 days of a hostage crisis with over 100 times as many US hostages. I can hardly wait.

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deadterrorist wrote:

Did Reuters mention Russia is going to give Iraq some jet aircraft? They should prove useful.

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