Dogs, debris and Satan make their mark at Oklahoma capitol

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gregbrew56 wrote:

From the article: “‘There will never be a satanic monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol, and the suggestion that there might be is absurd,’ said Alex Weintz, a spokesman for Governor Fallin.”

If a lawsuit is filed (and it will be), Fallin will ultimately lose. Either the 10 commandments will come down, or other religious displays will be allowed to go up. It’s called The Establishment Clause to the US Constitution. Politicians should read it some time.

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njglea wrote:

And Oklahoma is the “reddest” state in the nation as well as one of the highest federal government dollar benefactors. What are they using MY hard-earned tax money for? Fighting gun control, closing family planning clinics and making it harder to vote. What a sad state of affairs.

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libertas wrote:


Yes,politicians should read it, especially Democratic ones. Judges, especially liberal ones, should read it too; all of it. Maybe then they would quit ruling contrary to the constitution by limiting expression of religion.

It is common to hear the first half quoted but one rarely hears the second half, ‘…, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…

In full:
‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; …’

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Dr.Gutorov wrote:

The dogs attacking your posteriors outside the capitols never were that dangerous as politicians at all levels…

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PapaG32 wrote:

My next door neighbors have mix pit bulls. They are kept tied up in the day time but let one out at night, Guess where it wants to crap?
Not in its yard.

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Loothor wrote:

libertas -

Nope, you don’t understand the Establisment Clause (“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”) or the Free Exercise Clause (“or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”).

The Establishment Clause was meant to enforce the idea that laws could not be made legally elevating any particular religion above any others, so the Oklahoma blew that one by placing a distinctly Christian monument on state grounds.

The Free Exercise Clause means the Government cannot create laws standing in the way of people practicing their religion, which has little to do with this scenario unless you consider placing a monument on state grounds as an integral part of the practice of Christianity. Which if you do, you have a big problem still, because that would still mean you need to entitle the Satanists and Flying Spaghetti Monster worshippers and Hindus the same rights… or you are again violating the Establishment Clause.

Conservatives love to try to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to the Constitution, but the reality is any Government act that treats Christianity as any more valid than any other religion (no matter how ridiculous the majority may think it) flies directly in the face of the Constitution’s religious intent.

To win this case, Oklahoma should need to convince the courts that the monument is not religious (a ridiculous argument that only the most biased judges will buy into), or that placing the monument on state grounds did not constitute an act of law (which won’t happen because the monument was placed under legislation passed and signed by the Governor in 2009).

The Governor’s spokesperson is right, there won’t be a Satanic monument on the Capitol grounds any time soon… I suspect the corollary is that eventually there won’t be a Ten Commandment monument there either.

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Loothor wrote:

I’d be pissed if I was an Oklahoma resident watching my state piss away my tax dollars on incredibly obvious violations of the First Amendment with that very poorly-conceived monument act… not only do they clearly have no respect for the US Constitution, they also have no respect for the value of their constituents’ money.

Any first-year law student that wasn’t failing out could have seen the costly legal battle and eventual loss coming.

Even if this makes it through all the State courts (which can only happen on the basis of bias and politics) it will crash and burn at the Federal level… the eventual loss that will be handed to the State Government will no doubt outrage everyone with the Federal Government choosing law over religious furor but the reality will still be that the State of Oklahoma will have accomplished nothing but the waste of MILLIONS of their tax dollars on legal process by the time this is over just so they can try to make some sort of pro-Christian God statement. Apparently political grandstanding outweighs anything practical like the law and their money even while their State Capitol falls to ruins.

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Magictac wrote:

Well they asked for it putting up the ten commandments. If one religion can be represented, then all can be.

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