Miss Delaware loses crown for being a few months too old

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bunk wrote:

though is misspelled in the first paragraph as tough

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HappyGoLucky1 wrote:

All pageants have rules. Who’s responsibility is it to know these rules? Submitting the documents knowing that you will age out before the end of term if you win does not shift the responsibility to the pageant.

“It’s like they’re trying to erase me in a way like it never happened,” Longacre said on “Today.” “And it’s not fair because I won outright and I deserve to represent my state and I want the chance still to go to Miss America.”

No! Britney Lewis deserves it and is now the queen. She abided by all the rules!

Longacre… you’re an adult! Grow up! Accept the consequences of your actions.

I hope “oops!” is not deemed a valid defense!!!

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julesberry wrote:

I agree with “HappyGoLucky1″. She knew she was ineligible when she turned in her application. Apparently she hoped the committee would be so busy that they would overlook her deception.
Now they are going to reward her deception by giving her the scholarship.
Grow up lady and act your age.

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Telstar wrote:


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Telstar wrote:


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mmor0gmail wrote:

Are you kidding me? She darn well had better know the rules when applying. She doesn’t deserve a scholarship if she is that stupid to not know she was outside of the limits. Amazing, and because someone else didn’t catch it, she gets $9000 for crying to the public. It was her responsibility all along.

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haggler wrote:

Delete “a few months too old.” Insert “ineligible.”

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BobWhite2000 wrote:

sound like they want to “age” contestants just like race horses.

“Age” of a horse foaled in North America shall be reckoned from the first day of January of the year of foaling.

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AmazingItsNot wrote:

Did she have access to the entry requirements before entering? If she did, she is the only one at fault. She either didn’t read the rules, or didn’t care.

Ask Luis Suarez about having rules enforced after the fact when the infraction wasn’t initially caught during competition.

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pyradius wrote:

Her ‘life’ (of being an object) is so totally over now…

Jun 27, 2014 10:02pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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