China fetes India, Myanmar, says Beijing poses no threat

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gentalman wrote:

What a good news for India and Asia as a whole.India has proved that nonalignment policy works provided if it is free of greed.China also proved that they were misunderstood.Indirectly hinted super powers that the world is no more unipoler.
Pakistan also is trying to be secular,coming closer to India.
I see world is closer to peace with such leaders.
Obama also has the same thinking but for the local politics.His hands and mind both are unnecessarily tight.Putin has already proved he is a man of peace by resolving he will not attack Eukrain.I am sure he will continue supply of gas to Eukraine and increase his business with EU via Eukrain.EU and US has proved Russia is not enemy by milder sanctions so far.
I clearly see good days ahead for the world.Yes good days are coming.

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gentalman wrote:

………to add.New PM at Iraq will satisfy both Shea and Sunni.Syria can not be overrun by millitants has been proved by Assad.Israel is understands they more can take for granted US help seeing attitude of US towards Iran.
Yes good days are coming logically.
Men proposes and God disposes.

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Redford wrote:

Diplomacy… the art of letting others have your own way. So long as you’re getting your own way, well and good. When you’re not, well that’s another matter. A nation that committed genocide against the Tibetan people, and murdered more than 60 million of its own in the cultural revolution, and is currently violating the territorial integrity of its neighbors, has a long way to go to be considered trustworthy.

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mils54 wrote:

Formulating my opinion from the Chinese people i have come in contact with where i reside, I find them to be belligerant and un friendly. IMO the Country of China is way over populated and will need more and more of all things nessasary to sustain that population, Hense a locust event will happen in the future, Where China will have to take the things they need to survive, Kinda like in the movie Independence day…….Beware the sneaky Chinese!.

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bbazz wrote:

When the actions match the words I will believe. Today, I hear one thing and we all watch another.

Jun 28, 2014 6:24pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
FreedomFries wrote:

They always SAY they aren’t up to no good. But does it really matter? their history proves nothing but lies.

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FreedomFries wrote:

Lol “gentalman.” You clearly aren’t living in reality.

Jun 28, 2014 6:29pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ReadandShare wrote:

Western publications seem to love harping on about China’s supposed threat to India (and vice versa). I am absolutely sure that neither wants to conquer the other, just to bring in 1 BILLION people more to feed, clothe, keep healthy, and find work for.

And now, it seems the two Asian giants have recognized the awesome potential ahead if they will work together — and not fall for the west’s tired, “divide and conquer” antics again.

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Your-guess wrote:

Since when does China believe in peace
When you build something your intention is to use it
Why is their military growing?
Speak a lie often enough and people think it’s a truth, Then sudden destruction shall come.

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martinp88 wrote:

Every other week Chinese claims on other people’s sovereignty has people worried and they should be. It’s not going to stop because the leader of an oppressive and mafia-like government said so.

How can he say that while China has ongoing territorial disputes with at least 6 other countries?

At the turn of the millennium, the international community wondered whether China’s rapid growth and rise as a serious global power would be accompanied by increasing military activity and rhetoric towards its fatuous territorial claims.

This ridiculous national-bravado should not be underestimated.

Jun 29, 2014 4:37am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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