Ukraine rebels free OSCE monitors, three Ukrainians killed in attack

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carlmartel wrote:

The purpose of the cease fire should be to encourage negotiations that usually involve people meeting to discuss issues that cause problems in order to resolve the issues and end the problems. This usually involves compromises by both sides, but President Poroshenko does not appear to be sending anyone from his side, or receiving anyone from the rebel side, to negotiate. Therefore, the war is likely to resume when the cease fire ends and cause more destruction to Ukraine’s economy that will cause more hardships for Ukraine’s people.

I have pointed out from photos that Kiev’s army is an incompetent group of warm bodies who wear uniforms and carry weapons, but they are not soldiers, so the war will be longer and more costly than Poroshenko can afford. Also, the 50% higher gas prices have reached consumers whose wages are frozen. Ukraine’s currency has fallen over 40% in value since January 1, 2014, so imported products are much higher while wages are frozen. 40% higher gas prices for utilities and businesses are coming to give 40% higher electricity and store prices for consumers while wages are frozen. Taxes are set to rise at the end of the year while wages are frozen. Further, Poroshenko has agreed to let the EU wage this economic war against the same Ukrainians who overthrew Yanukovich, so Poroshenko is likely to be Ukraine’s next overthrown president. Negotiations with rebels by presidential representatives are better than revolutions that remove presidents, but some leaders must learn their lessons the hard way.

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leesik wrote:

All countries that border russia and/or have business ties with this country should wake up and take notice. The mafia in the kremlin aims at cornering a huge segment of the natural resources that the world relies on. War will not be necessary – capitulation will do the trick. Pukins russia is not looking for partnerships in the way the west understands the term. They are nothing but power hungry authoritarians. The don’t invent, they don’t create, they don’t understand freedom. The steal, they lie, and they use power in the most barbaric of ways. Why pay for something if you can just take it?

Jun 30, 2014 12:26pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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