Obama to nominate former P&G CEO Bob McDonald as veterans secretary

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lkofenglish wrote:

“he’s gonna roll some heads.” First impression is that the President couldn’t have picked a better man. Wasn’t the best CEO of Proctor and Gamble…but he was that CEO so clearly the idea that both he and the folks who work under him are accountable is not foreign to him.

Interesting choice.
In theory “through the VA you could create a single payer system” actually. (meaning the Government is that single payer.)

When working towards providing care it is the best system I have ever been and ever will be involved in. And of course it is the country’s most extensive. “If it’s gonna be done right…it’s gonna involve a fight.”

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So here’s a guy that made nearly 16 mil last year and got replaced. Typical outta control CEO pay and Obama thinks this is going to change the culture at the VA. Really? Isn’t part of the problem at VA that the bosses were getting huge bonuses while Vets were left to die? It sounds like more of the same- nothing to see here folks, move along.

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jnewkirk wrote:

More of the Chicago mafia,hasn’t the prez given all of his Chicago buddies all the jobs yet ? It’s obvious they are not problem solvers

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SanPa wrote:

Experience running a large, multi-disciplinary organization would seem like an important basic component for the job. However, one would think that a background overseeing and organization like Kaiser Permanente or a Tenet Healthcare would be more relevant. The example which comes to mind is that of John Sculley … great marketing CV and plenty of organization experience, but he nearly ran Apple Computer into the ground. By contrast, Le Iacoca had sales, engineering, and marketing experience in the automotive industry, and together with his organizational skills pulled Chrysler out of a near-certain death spiral.

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REnninga wrote:

An absolutely stellar choice for an agency much in need of corporate style management, and the ability to shakeup the works in order to accomplish the mission. Mr. McDonald, in addition to his very able steering at the helm of one of America’s oldest and most respected corporations is also a West Point graduate and veteran, who was selected Brigade—Adjutant for the Corps of Cadets while at the Academy, and Captain McDonald was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the US Army for his service with the 82nd Airborne Division.


I sincerely hope that the regular Obama-bashers will not try to demagogue even this nomination, with their standard ad nauseam hateful, hyper-partisan rhetoric. This is about the needs of our veterans, folks, not about your need to vent still more of your divisive, venomous and vitriolic rhetoric. Give it a rest for a change, just this once, and let’s get on with supporting our veterans.

This nominee has the credentials and corporate experience to make remove the dead wood, restructure a deeply flawed agency, and make a real difference. Let’s give Mr. McDonald our verbal support, in order to strengthen his hand as he tackles this extremely challenging assignment. Again, … it’s about our veterans, it’s not about you.

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REnninga wrote:

“…More of the Chicago mafia, hasn’t the prez given all of his Chicago buddies all the jobs yet ?”

Good grief, how does a man who was …
born in Gary, Indiana,
who attended the US Military Academy at West Point (New York),
followed by 5-years in the US Army 82nd Airborne Division (Headquartered at Fort Bragg, North Carolina),
and then earning his MBA at University of Utah (in Salt Lake City, Utah),
then in 1980 joining Procter & Gamble as a brand manager in Cincinnati, Ohio, (when Pres. Obama was just a 19-year-old college student in Los Angeles),
then moving to Toronto, Ontario Canada in 1989 to run a Canadian Division of Procter & Gamble,
then to the Philippines in 1991,
then to Japan,
and then to Belgium,
then back to Cincinnati, Ohio as VP of Proctor & Gamble, then COO, then President and CEO, and remained in Cincinnati through his retirement last year in 2013….

… get dismissively labeled by you as just one of Obama’s “Chicago buddies” part of his “Chicago mafia”? Care to explain those absurd remarks?

Some hyper-partisan people work very hard at ignoring facts, and avoiding truths in their posting of ignorant and dishonest rhetoric in these discussion threads.
But others don’t have to work hard at all. For them, ignorance is just a natural gift.

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4825 wrote:

One thing everyone should be able to see is that when the government gets into trouble, it always looks to our capitalist leaders to bail them out. Government is inept. That is why we need to shrink government and get it back to the basics that government is best suited. Smaller government is better government.

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