U.S. asks North Korea to release two detained Americans

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johne37179 wrote:

Why would any “tourist” go to PRK in the first place? Why should we expend any effort protecting that level of stupidity?

Jun 30, 2014 3:04pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SoutherRican wrote:

If one is stupid enough to go to North Korea, knowing how much they hate the United States, I say too bad, so sad, for these two. AND yes they are guilty as sin, according to North Korean law, they make the laws there. Note that the U.S. State Department is also guilty, for our country doesn’t prohibit citizen from going there, Cuba is another story. I say give them Dennis Rodman, in an even trade.

Jun 30, 2014 3:15pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

I’m sure that John Kerry has privately given Kim Jong un the “don’t cross the red line” and “this can ugly real fast speech.” Kim must be shaking in his boots after seeing what happened to Assad, Putin….Maliki and all the other leaders that have crossed the Obama administration. Sure taught them a lesson the rest of the world won’t soon forget.

Jun 30, 2014 7:00pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

I can not understand why an American would be so arrogant as to choose to go “vacationing” in North Korea, or Iran, or Somalia or any other number of cess pools, cess pools that have made no secrets about their hatred for America and all things and people American….These countries have repeatedly reminded us, here in the U.S. THEY HATE US….THEY WANT ALL AMERICANS DEAD AND GONE…. and yet idiots like Mr. Fowle and Mr. Miller seem to think they are above the consequences of mere mortal Americans….leave in a North Korean prison that hould knock some of the arrogance out of their personalities….

Jun 30, 2014 7:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Chaos_N_Boise wrote:

Another brilliant American travels to N.Korea… Sorry, but anybody who goes there should sign a disclaimer.

Jun 30, 2014 8:38pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SoutherRican wrote:

Not only are they being held captive, they also add insult to there own injury. By going as a tourist there, they are giving North Korea, much need funds to keep that regime afloat, these countries charge fee’s for Visa’s, airline landing fee’s, and I’m sure Hotel’s pay taxes to the state, hope they enjoy there stay. For those who are considering a trip to North Korea, they are one of the LEAST humanitarian governments in the world.

Jun 30, 2014 9:13pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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