Japan takes historic step from post-war pacifism, OKs fighting for allies

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REnninga wrote:

While on its face a positive move, in that this will allow for Japan to carry a larger portion of the costs burden of its own defense (potentially reducing the burden of the United States), it is more than disconcerting that Prime Minister Abe has refused to acknowledge Japan’s responsibility and liability for war crimes and other atrocities committed by that nation during world war II or respond to the longstanding and legitimate complaints of Korea and China for those acts.

Many see Abe as “a denier”, much akin to the holocaust deniers, working to rewrite the History of Japan’s World War II culpability for crimes against humanity.

And now this same prime minister, appears to some to be re-embracing the pre-World War II Japanese militarism which eventually led to those acts. Troubling.

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ytowner wrote:

This is not good news.

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bigturkey wrote:

China needs to be riled more often. b

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Tarheel72 wrote:

When all is said and done I do not think China ever wants war with the west, especially the US. They have too much invested in the country as a trade partner and a banker. But with a weak leader like we have now they may risk war with a US ally. And there is no way China would use nuclear weapons, even tactical ones. By far the biggest threat to the US today is North Korea and I think China might use them as a proxy in a conflict, goading them into the war and standing back to see how we respond. And as any thinking American knows, if North Korea actually launched a nuclear attack of any kind on the US or South Korea, there is zero chance the US would respond in kind.

We would call for a coalition of nations, issue sanctions and use long range ships and planes to try to defeat the North Koreans, under the guise of coming to the aid of South Korea. No land forces would be dispatched. And we would not use nuclear weapons regardless of what North Korea does, even if a long range missile struck the west coast.

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WoodWork wrote:


Your nuts if you think the US would respond with sanctions against a NK nuclear attack on its soil..

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JapanViewer wrote:

Thank you China. Your belligerence and aggressiveness helped secure a mandate for Abe’s changes to Article 9 of their constitution. Japan could not have done it without you. Did you actually think you can bully everyone around you and they’d sit around without the ability to defend themselves? Keep up your attitude and you’ll have the whole of Asia in an arms race soon.

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wpgger wrote:

This coming from the grandson of WWII Class A war criminal who escaped punishment. Why so surprising? Thanks to Uncle Sam!

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mils54 wrote:

You are being foolish to believe the U.S would not vaporize North Korea if they used Nukes on Americans. Do you not think the Americans have Nukes on South Korean soil?, Not to mention the Nuclear Submarine force laying in wait off the coast. Little fat boy and his note taking hats would be toast along with their pink chairs!. Don’t believe the Chinese would allow N.Korea to use those weapons because it would effect their country as well, Along with S.Korea…….Horrible to even discuss such thought’s to be honest, Man willing it will never happen!.

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Ananke wrote:

So, the import of Democracy in China officially started today :). Honk Kong announced, Japan supports it…the avalanche began.

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webo1 wrote:

Wow, the nips finally grew up! Now they can help defend their interests and not rely entirely on Unca Sam! Sixty years of acting like Children. Having a strong defense and aiding your allies does not necessarily mean aviing to go Bushido on everyone and reforming the rising sun empire. Frankly, does Japan even care what China, Indonesia, Philippines, and anyone else have to say about their rearmament? Grow a pair, push back against China, and take a lead in your area before Beijing makes you its little brother.

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webo1 wrote:

Of course, the transition to a bigger profile would have been helped if Japan, as a country, had actually acknowledged the horrors they committed in WWII and had the sac to confront their demons. They went big, lost big, and cowered behind the US Pac fleet for six decades. Now it’s going to be difficult to convince the neighbors that all they really, really want to do is protect themselves.

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