France's Sarkozy says justice twisted by politics in corruption probe

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Pedro07 wrote:

What sort of news is this?????? It is totally incomplete. Sarkozy was using a phone under an alias to communicate with his lawyer Thierry Herzog . Unknown to Sarkozy, his secret mobile phone was under surveillance. The investigators were able to hear Sarkozy discussing with Herzog how Gilbert AZibert (a judge) was meeting some of the judges in charge of the Bettencourt dossier and influencing some of them. For more information see web site and

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Leras wrote:

Only In Greece NO POLICIAN has faced the justice system, with prooved 1000 times worst charges than those of Sarkozi!

Even in Turkey and everywhere in the world, public sighted scandals cannot just “dissapear”. In Greece, Media silence and Support for the Goverment is promoting injustice and Oligarchy rulling by a corrupted and lawless political system, who makes the Italian Mafia seem like amateurs!

Of course, they share support from everyone in the Corrupted world! Its like an Hypothesis Testing in Statistics:
The likelihood that anyone who Expresses support for the Corrupted Greek Government, besides the crimes that have been done (money laundering, banking relationships, corruption, political contracts)
is not corrupted are virtually zero.
Ho: Corrupted
Ha: Not Corrupted

There is a probability of 0.00000000001% that anyone who expresses support (pushing for ignoring real data and crimes) is just ignorant and “stupid”. The 99.99999999999% is that we are dealing with another corrupted guy!

Sarkozi was one more guy! Merkel the same!

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Redford wrote:

At least they can hold an inquiry in France. In the U.S. Attorney General Holder insulates the Obama WH from any serious inquiry.

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JLWest wrote:

NO! In France? I’m shocked, Dirty politics, bribes, corruption, crime.

He should have cleaned it up when he was the man in charge. If you corrupt a government when you leave you have a corrupt government.

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