Four Tunisian soldiers killed in landmine blast

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carlmartel wrote:

The Arab Spring of 2011 has brought al Qaeda and affiliated groups to reward the countries that participated in the new freedoms. The US and NATO that supported these revolutions are gaining higher oil prices that damage their mechanized economies. The US and EU (NATO) make or import goods at city A and sell them at cities A, B, C, D, E, and F. That requires transportation that runs on oil for fuels and lubricants. The US and NATO also have mechanized militaries that need fuel and lubricants for armored vehicles, aircraft, and most warships, including nuclear carriers that have aircraft as their primary weapons.

In addition, Ayman al Zawahiri has moved al Qaeda within striking range of the oil and gas infrastructure of north Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East. He is flexible in his approach and allows labor unrest and civil strife in Libya to reduce oil exports, most of which goes to the US and NATO, by 92%, so the US and NATO only receive 8% of the oil they once received from Libya. Tunisia is adjacent to Libya’s oil and Algeria’s gas that has been attacked. These attacks on oil and gas raise the terror premiums, raise prices for oil and gas, raise revenues for Arab oil and gas producers, raise donations from citizens of Arab states to al Qaeda and other groups, damage the mechanized economies and mechanized militaries of the US and NATO, and let the US and NATO pay for both sides in the war. It is an effective strategy that requires effective countermeasures.

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