Arthur, no longer a hurricane, pelts southeast Canada

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ralphos wrote:

By wallop they mean did nothing.

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chuck2 wrote:

Having seen some TV “Home Repair” shows on the work done after Sandy, and now the work needed now from this one, got to ask, WHO is paying for their insurance, often repeated claims from living in highly exposed areas that always flood? Seems raising a home 9feet and complete rebuilds in some cases are highly expensive and just putting off inevitable next claim. What are ins costs for these folks, from what company or is ole tax payer on the hook for it?

WHY or HOW they can get affordable insurances living in such areas? MOST of us put in one claim on insurance and rates get huge bump. We got bump simply due to fact “increased tstms/tornadoes in the region” and have yet to put in any claim. Bit fed up with predictable damages often on nearly semi annual basis, expensive rebuilds, while most dare not put in claim as rates jump sky high. Sounds like some BIG time welfare, for selected few to live in dangerous areas, backed by big money lobbyists? This is NOT same as tornado alley, etc as these folks are hit by floods etc way to often.

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casper22 wrote:

to Reuters dismay,,,there was no disaster , no damage , no deaths no one for the president to visit to and promise all sorts of goodies which they will never receive…and no Global warming to blame it on…sorry mainstream media you’ve lost yet again..but keep up hope, there may still be some ef-5 tornadoes coming and you can flip out then…with your fear mongering and lies.the people are on to your con games…

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albd5a wrote:

It’s so telling how the mainstream media is setting up the public for the next natural storm/disaster to be linked to the global climate change hoax.

One only has to glen through newspaper articles from the past to realize that hurricanes, tornado’s, storms, floods, drought, etc, is, has and will always be a natural occurring phenomena on our planet.
ANY natural disaster will now be linked to reinforce the hoax.
Scare the public, collect more taxes, distribute the cash according to the global democrat socialist agenda.

Jul 06, 2014 9:26am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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