Germany arrests suspected double agent spying for U.S.: lawmakers

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MonitorLizard wrote:

I love it when other countries catch the US in the “act.” I can’t wait to hear how Obummer is going to deal with this one–oh, wait, he’ll have his minions deal with it.

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Arnleif wrote:


Yes, I know. American movies and TV-series can be very biased and propaganda like.

You were talking about fiction and not reality I presume. Because hopefully you do not actually believe that the US only spies on other countries for the good of all humanity?

I mean at best among the most ignorant, US spies are completely useless, we saw that in Iraq. They could not get anything right.

I mean, rightfully Germany have concerns about spies so useless they one day might claim that Norway have this massive and secret WMD-stealth-drone-invasion ready to launch at the US. Who would risk that?

But of course, Iraq was no “intelligence failure”, it was all politics, we know that for sure. So why would anyone leave US spies alone just because in US propaganda movies US spies always saves the world from evil. That is totally irrational.

There is reality and fiction, you only need apply the facts to get your answer why Germany care about US spies.

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JozJag wrote:

“This is the first I have head about this. Like the rest of America, I just read it in the news paper.” This will be Obamas statement.

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We are so sloppy anymore.. What happened to this great nation that had the Finest everything??

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nvgg wrote:

If they knew from the beginning that he works for CIA,
they would not arrest him

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Obviously wrote:

Every capable nation uses spies on every other nation to one extent or another and has for hundreds of years. That’s just the way it works. The only reason this common yet private sort of incident is all over the news is because it is a political move.

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JoePromedio wrote:

Why would we be spying on Germany? Since Snowden exposed the US for spying on our allies, we are the likely scapegoat whether or not it is true or not.
First it was for the Russians now it’s the US.

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The money trail suggests the individual was influenced more by greed than honest duty. Apparently, the person sold secret documents for $34,100, making him/her a criminal if the allegations are proven true.

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dd606 wrote:

And if an American walked up to German intelligence and started offering them inside info, they’d go… ‘Oh no, we don’t want that… We don’t do that kind of thing… That’s dishonest!’… Right? Give me a break. I’m sure the German intel people must love Merkel, because now they can’t risk getting caught doing anything, ever… thanks to her constant whining.

This is why you don’t put some hysterical woman in charge of a whole country. Merkel has got to be one of the most naive leaders in the history of the world. She runs her country like a girl scout troop mom. If I was a German, I’d be embarrassed.

I like how they try to make this out to be some big US organized plot though. When in fact, it looks to just be some German guy trying to make money.

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PortlandME wrote:

News Flash! Nations spy on one another. Jonathan Pollard, an American, spied on the US for Israel…and Israel is a US ally. So, Wing-nuts don’t try to make a big deal of this because it is nothing new. Oh, I forgot you guys watch Fox news where facts and history are never presented.

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gentalman wrote:

What is ally? Ally is with whom there is trust agreement.Spying on ally if it is true is like breaking agreement.
It is true every country spy on other country but not among allies.

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xpat wrote:

I love it when every time an American spy is caught red handed, trolls go on line to say not to make a big deal out of it.. :)

So what you’re saying is that Germany was wrong to arrest a US spy? Sure, then please give a free reign to all spies in US working for your allies. We only want the White House brownie recipe. Honest.

I don’t know under which rock you live but the last time I checked Germany was doing very well economically and is not hated by 2/3 of the world like the US. Go solve your own problems before you dare to put down the leader of a successful western ally. Now you can go back to caressing your personal semi-automatic machine gun collection.

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Hahahappy wrote:

What dose this mean, he/she gets a trial. In the US you just get taken out by a drone. Happy Independence Day.

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PrincessHaven wrote:

Leave it to DD606 to insert sexism into the equation. Sickening troll.

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SR37212 wrote:

Funny how DD606 has no problem spouting sexism yet would surely be the first to yell racism if anyone made a disparaging remark about Obama.

Personally I find it ironically funny that a person gets caught spying on a committee investigating spying.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Yes, we spy on other countries, and other countries spy on us. When those spies get caught, they go to prison, even in the U.S., and we also use those caught spies to embarrass the other county, just like they are doing to us. American Exceptionalis exists only in fantasy – probably why both Obozo and Shrub bought into it so hard.

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Parkbot wrote:

In all this spying brouhaha I’m most shocked by the incompetence of the German government in protecting the security of their Chancellor’s cellphone. Seriously, if the US can hack it so easily, then presumably so can the Russians and Chinese. The US shares secrets with the Germans; should we? I think the wrong questions are being asked.

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Rhino1 wrote:


I am really happy for you personally to have mastered reading and writing. I can only imagine how difficult it would be otherwise to get through life.

But for the rest of us, we’d be better off if you hadn’t.

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stambo2001 wrote:

This is awesome stuff. The dust barely settles from Obama getting caught spying on the Germans (Merkel AND the citizens) the first time…and he gets caught again. Oh, barry is the gift that just keeps giving the last few weeks. Obama is a staggeringly incompetent leader who is bleeding weakness and failure into every institution under him.

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JustProduce wrote:

Whether it is the norm or not, spying partners is bad. Now that getting caught is, say, very Obama.

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SandraFelthom wrote:

Read THE SUPERLIST – I Spy alone.
(Available in all bookstores)
To find out about the FARMINA spy center and what goes on behind the curtain.

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