Taliban insurgents set oil tankers ablaze in Afghanistan

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stambo2001 wrote:

There’s going to be ‘boots on the ground’ sooner or later. The longer Obama waits the bigger the mess is going to be.

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Doc62 wrote:

Afghanistan was a mess long ago. Russians wised up as their pipeline wasn’t worth the cost of war. Thank heavens Obama has kept us out and getting us out of all these Muslim cesspools. No more American soldiers dying. Let them kill each other. Goodbye Iraq, Afghan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, etc.

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Neurochuck wrote:

Might just be another insurance scam.
The picture looks similar to that in Peshawar a few months ago, all the trucks parked wherever the drivers left them, in some sort of tail back queue. Set one on fire, and up they all go, with burning fuel running down the hill slope. So maybe mainly stupidity and slackness.
There are not many “rambo 2001″s left, a lot got shot or disabled by IEDs in Afghanistan and Iraq, others found any other job when their time was up, others have PTSD and the family looks after them, others do drugs and alcohol and hang in the streets. The American Em pyre runs at a loss.

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StevefromFL wrote:

stambo2001 …Just not your boots right?

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mustafaspeaks wrote:

Burn, baby, burn!

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chuck2 wrote:

There was Korea, despite heavy loss’s we never “won”, there was NAM based on lies, we never “won”. There is Iraq War based on lies, it now seems we never “won”, there now is AFG, which it seems, we one more time, “never won”.

Wonder if we will ever learn, but DOD contractors made big bucks on them all, lots of Senior military promotions, lots of reelections for the hawks that so lied, then waved flag as if they were true patriots, rather then charletons.

Yep all “won” but those injured and KIA’s, it seems never do win. Yep as that song goes, Where have all the children gone?, dare we ask?

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idewa wrote:

Whether there will be “boots on the ground” all depends on how much pressure is brought by “big oil”.

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harrykrishna wrote:

why do you say “nato” when it’s only usa?

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sjfella wrote:

Let ‘em burn. The U.S. stuck their nose in their business far too long already. Let someone else lose this time.

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The “scale” is hard to estimate, but this ‘incident’ might be a major problem for “NATO;” as the requirement for fuel is still quite high.

If the numbers reported are accurate, this ‘incident’ equates to maybe 50 successful Taliban roadside attacks. Not the kind of ‘efficiency’ that “NATO” appreciates.

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111Dave111 wrote:

“stambo2001 wrote:
There’s going to be ‘boots on the ground’ sooner or later. The longer Obama waits the bigger the mess is going to be.”

‘It’s so bloody funny watching’ low information Conservatives ‘whine’ about Afghanistan, since they don’t know where Afghanistan is, who started the war in Afghanistan, or if we have troops in Afghanistan.

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FLF wrote:

I see as usual everyone in the picture is very concerned. They all have their hands behind their backs INDICATING they have nothing to do or are too scared to even try!

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carlmartel wrote:


I am a US citizen who spent 34 years in the US military. Therefore, you are an abusive, liar. I don’t like the US to take stupid actions after the past 13 years of wars.

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stambo2001 wrote:

@111Dave111 Yer so silly. The illiterate cave dwellers just took out a supply caravan. The most powerful military force in the world can’t protect their supply line, something so basic it’s been used for a few thousand years.
Every played the game Risk? You can blow things to bits with artillery and air but you can’t claim control of the ground unless you have boots on the ground. Obama has to send them back, the longer he waits the more ground he’ll lose. If he wants to maintain control that is.
@StevefromFL Nope. Now why would I want to fly halfway around the world to kill someone? But however if any country were to invade my country I’d be one of the guys planting IED’s in the middle of the night. We don’t need oil or food up here, matter of fact we sell both to you.

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sabrefencer wrote:

excellent work Karzai brother and minions…you created this disaster for your peoples, while you enriched yourself..maybe the Taliban should visit you, grab your probably stolen billions and build, schools and farms to help the people…oops forgot, all the Taliban are good for is killing…welcome to your new reality , Afghanistan…what couldn’t be won on the battle field, was won from your traitorous leaders….ps..USA you really suck at nation building…what a waste of lives and treasure…

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Stanley7746 wrote:

The oil tankers are the handle of the hand basket of war. Very strong strategic move.

Jul 05, 2014 4:52pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
carlmartel wrote:

For those who want to see the destruction from the fires, today’s Xinhua has a photo essay, and the 6th photo shows dozens of the hundreds of tankers destroyed by the Taliban to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. In the background, a herd of goats grazes in a field. I called Afghanistan a dung heap, but it is more accurately described as a toilet for goats that we don’t need.

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McKay wrote:

sad, the native people will always repell foreign invaders nevertheless in terms of a body count the cost for afghans and Iraqis is staggering to the point of embarrassment, the UN and Nato forces are probably the few times in those countries (afg Iraq) that the invaders would have helped more than harmed those people

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tiktin wrote:

It’s unreal. I am an American tax payer and that’s my money going up in smoke. The Taliban have been destroying (or stealing) these supply convoys for years and the U.S. just keeps sending them. An imperial foreign policy is bad enough, but to persist in such a foreign policy with that level of ineptitude and incompetence is beyond belief.

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carlmartel wrote:

The US has chosen to allow me to be abused. Therefore, the US and its allies deserve to receive punishment.

Jul 07, 2014 12:20pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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