Six Jewish suspects arrested over death of Palestinian teenager

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AlvinReed wrote:

Those aircraft attacks are a response to the terror attacks against israel in the west bank and Jerusalem, in the last few months Hamas members are attacking innocent israeli citizens (arabs and jews), using bombs, rocks and burning cars.
both sides should stop the fighting immediately, but at least acknowledge that-

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abledoc wrote:

Terrorism is the use of fear (terror) for political ends. The use of rocket attacks by Hamas and the bombings and bulldozing of homes by Israeli defense forces, both are acts of terrorism. One by a ragtag group of people who are seething with impotent anger and another by a powerful state. Between the two, state terror is more deplorable. And the most despicable is the use of terror as a state policy.
Terror in all forms should be condemned.

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Thomas269 wrote:

Is anyone guessing the verdict?

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At what point do we aknowledge that burning Palestinian children alive is terrorism? If the perpetrators are Jewish is this Jewish Terrorism? If the elected officials of Israel fomentend this act by stating publicly they wanted revenge isnt this state sponsered jewish terrorism? Isnt there a law in that clearly staes if you are conducting terrorism you cannot be the benficiary of US financial assistance? At what point do Americans have to say enough is enough and ask the Israelis to return all of the money and weapons we have given them? We cannot support a country that burns children alive.

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Six Israeli suspect allegedly killed an innocent Palestinian teenager. They have “nationalist motives” and will get a fair trial.
Two Palestinian suspect allegedly killed three Israeli teenager. They had no “nationalist motives”, they were terrorist and the house of their family was demolished. If found, they will be shot “while resisting arrest”.
That is the way an apartheid state function.

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drmorocco wrote:

If the arrested are found guilty, I certainly hope that their family homes will be demolished. It is a good deterrent for the Palestini’s it should be tried on the Israeli’s. Bibi called the murders of the three Israeli teenagers “human animals”. I have to admit burning the kid alive qualifies for that description as well. This whole episode is so dark and depraved, really sad.

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VegasJack wrote:

An American citizen has been videoed being beaten by the Israeli border policemen that arrested him. This video has been shown on national news across the USA yesterday evening. Are the Israeli border policemen wanting to give President Obama a reason to join in on this cold war of yours? If so, they are definitely getting the attention of every citizen of the USA after this little police activity. The only question remaining now is which side will the USA be supportive of after such activity.

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FurbianSenior wrote:

Six arrests? But the Israelis have killed 13 Palestinians when they were looking for the 3 kidnapped (and now dead) Israelis, and arrested over 400. They have been no other Israeli casualties. Never forget the Gaza war, launched to ‘avenge’ the death of 10 Israelis over four years due to home made rockets, over 1400 Palestinians murdered, whilst 13 Israelis (3 civilians, 10 soldiers) died too, four of those by the Israeli friendly fire, so wanton was the destruction.

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Calfri wrote:

Rocket attacks by Israel are likely to kill more innocent people. If Israeli authorities think they need to snuff out the Hamas rocket attacks by force, then let them send in personnel to attack the nests where the rocket fire is coming from. Keep in mind that although the Hamas rocket fire creates an atmosphere of terror where and when these rockets land, most of the rocket fire has been intercepted and the rockets haven’t killed anyone, so far. That doesn’t justify it, but these aren’t sophisticated rockets. I think that should be kept in mind. I think it’s important also to keep in mind who has most of the power here. Settler groups are drunk on their own sense of entitlement, and feel that any encroachment on their prerogatives is an unacceptable violation.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Well, the Israelis grabbed the suspects in the arabs murder..did any of the arabs grab the suspects in the THREE Israelis murders?…and here the haters express what?…to what end?…want peace, lock the leaders in a room, till a peace deal is cameras, no hate, just plain, important negotiations, till a deal is reached…

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PAlexander wrote:

Justice demands that these killer’s homes be demolished.

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PAlexander wrote:

Justice demands that these killer’s homes be demolished.

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WFH wrote:

Burning to death is barbaric. The Israelis no longer have the moral high ground, and deserve everything they get.

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American1945 wrote:

Are they going to blow up the family homes of these men?

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TheMongoose wrote:

And I’m sure the Palestinian Authority will shortly arrest those responsible for the deaths of those three Israeli teens.

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justcause wrote:

How many suspects did the Palestinians arrest for the murder of the 3 Israeli teenagers? Answer: 0

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justcause wrote:

WFH: This was not authorized by the Israeli government. However the kidnappings and killings were authorized and applauded by the government: Hamas. BIG DIFFERENCE.

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APAB wrote:

religion = idiopathic

people killing over scribes written by MORTAL MEN

sad but the epitome of humanity

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REnninga wrote:

“We will never have peace in the world until men everywhere recognize that ends are not cut off from means, because the means represent the ideal in the making, and the end in process. Ultimately, you can’t reach good ends through evil means, because the means represent the seed and the end represents the tree.

“The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding. It seeks to annihilate rather than to convert.

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

“Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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REnninga wrote:

The countless conflicts in the Middle East have no chance for resolution until the parties recognize the need to stop living in the past, and to begin with a clean slate.
The underlying implacable problem of these ages-old disputes is a lack of self-reflection about one’s own participation and provocations, as seen by the others.
The perpetrators of each act of violence insist theirs is an act of revenge and retribution in response to some earlier act against them; whereas the victims see it as a new original act of violence, requiring revenge and retribution in return.
And so it goes, a circle of violence with no beginning and no end, a ceaseless tit-for-tat orgy of violent revenge and retribution, as pointless and unjust as it is futile.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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KDupre wrote:

It appears to me that Israelis are being remarkably calm considering the constant barrage of rocket fire from the so called Palestinians. And one can’t help but sympathize with them for so many people and countries criticizing them for taking possession of the land they won in the 1967 war. They won it fair and square after they were first attacked by the so called Palestinians who then built on that land without permission.

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drmorocco wrote:


The israeli’s killed 14 Palestini’s, jailed 200 and searched over 2000 homes. The big difference is the israeli’s have been the cruel occupiers for over sixty years. Each day Israel steals more land.

“BBC survey measures public opinion on 22 countries, places Israel in company of North Korea, ahead of only Iran, Pakistan.” This taken from the Jewusalem Post.

Israel’s continued racist, Nazi like policies are only endearing to the settlers. You know the people that are the apple of god’s eye.

If the product label says made in israel or has 729 on the barcode, put it back on the shelf.

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Missionary6 wrote:

Now let’s see if the Arabs have any integrity and arrest anyone for the kidnapping and killing of the 3 boys. I am embarrased that the US would investigate Isreal for arresting an Arab citizen of the US, but not protest the death of an American in the case of the 3 boys!

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expat75 wrote:

The standard fine by Israeli courts in the past for murder of Palestinians was the equivalent of half an American cent. When an Israeli army officer in the 1970s shot a mother and her baby on the terrace of her house that was his fine. In all my years of living in the region daily killing of Palestinians was the norm. It is an accepted policy in Israel that every Palestinian male killed means 5 fewer Arab children. Since the average for Israeli males is 2, they do not want a South African situation where second class citizens out number themselves.

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m0derateGuy wrote:

When your country does not protect your children, when your country allows murder of your children to go unpunished (to be fair Israel is doing that in large part because of pressure from the “West”); it doesn’t take a”right wing extremist”, whatever that is to take matters into your own hands.

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Redford wrote:

And do you suppose the Palestinians will ever arrest those responsible for kidnapping and killing the three Israeli teens? That’s the difference right there.

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If these (6) Jewish kids should be found “GUILTY” by a Israeli court of law they SHOULD BE HANDED OVER TO THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY! Jews want justice for what is thrown at them then let them (Israel) prove they’re willing to let the (justice system) work FAIRLY!

PS! I’m NO FAN OF ISLAMIC BS either!!!

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Pedro07 wrote:

What can be expected from the Jews? They believe they have a biblical right to a land which they abandoned for thousands of years. The rights of the Palestinians who have lived in that land for thousands of years matter little for them. International institutions condemn the occupation of Palestinian land by Israel, they condemn the so called settlements. Does Israel care?

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justcause wrote:

If Canada would sanction the kidnapping of 3 children from the US. Wouldnt that be a cause for war? The land Israel has is because they were threatened with extinsion by their neighbors. They cannot give this back because that threat has not been eliminated. If you want to boycott Israeli products good luck. Here are some of them:
The ten brands that BDS supporters have urged others to boycott: Pampers, Victoria’s Secret, Volvo, Intel, Israeli hummus, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and SodaStream.
There are thousands of other products that contain or use Israeli-developed technology, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Skype, computer firewalls, and Microsoft XP.
Good luck to the boycotters!
products good luck. Here are some of them:

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Rich_F wrote:

>>The big difference is the israeli’s have been the cruel occupiers for over sixty years. Each day Israel steals more land.

you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Palestine was never an Arab entity and never belonged to the Arabs. The Jews of Israel did not steal the land from the Arabs. At the time of the rise of Zionism the Arab population in Palestine was 250,000 of whom the great majority were newcomers. What is more very few were land owners. They were debt-ridden peasants, nomads and Bedouins. Turkey owned 72% of the land. Sovereignty over the land was transferred to England and ownership passed to Israel, under international law, in 1948. 8.6% of the land was owned privately by Jews, 3.3% by Arabs who lived in Israel and 16.5% by Arabs who had left the land many years before.

The UN Partition Resolution offered the Arabs LIVING IN PALESTINE a state alongside the Jewish state. The Arabs of Palestine – and the surrounding countries – REJECTED the UN offer. Instead, on 14 May, 1948, five Arab nations invaded with the intention of destroying the Jewish state. In other words, it was the Palestinians and five Arab countries that tried, by destroying the Jewish state, to steal the land from the Jews.

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mrnukem wrote:

I don’t care what religion or ethnic group your part of, if you take a 16 year old child out and burn him alive you are evil. End of story.

This is not a political issue, it is a moral issue, you kill a child by burning them alive your evil and deserve neither compassion, understanding or mercy.

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anna458 wrote:

When will you acknowledge the murder of 3 Jewish boys out of hatred for their race and religion, an act of terrorism?

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Azuka wrote:

The forensic report was scientifically flawed regarding the autopsy of tarik.The breathing episode is like an after shock of the body when it has undergone extreme trauma.To say tarik was burned alive is inaccurate,just adding drama to this sad event.The Israeli police are still actively investigating all possible leads of this terrible murder as they are perusing the terrible murders of the three Jewish yeshiva boys.Now how about the peace partners like the pa coming up with some sound leads as to where these murderers are?

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REnninga wrote:

@Azuka wrote: “The forensic report was scientifically flawed regarding the autopsy of tarik. The breathing episode is like an after shock of the body when it has undergone extreme trauma. To say tarik was burned alive is inaccurate, just adding drama to this sad event…”

Dear ‘Azuka’, Please post your credentials in forensic pathology, and list your resume of relevant forensic pathology experience with autopsies which qualifies you to provide your more scientifically accurate analysis than that which was issued by the medical examiners, a). without your having viewed the body, b). without your having examined the body, c). without your having participated in the forensic autopsy, d). without your having read the pathology report?

If you cannot provide credentials and experience to backup your assertions, please then explain to us here why we should not consider you just another anonymous Internet know-it-all, who is pushing a personal point-of-view and agenda, in the false guise of professed knowledge?

Thanks very much in advance, for helping us out.

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dd606 wrote:

I seriously don’t understand how anybody can blame Israel, when they’re surrounded by people who openly state, that they’d wipe Israel off the map, if they could get away with it. What belongs to whom is irrelevant at this point. That’s never going to change. So you can’t just keep shooting rockets and blowing people up, because you don’t like somebody. It’s clear who the aggressors are, and if you support them, then you most likely just don’t like Jews. Which doesn’t make you right… It just makes you a hatemonger.

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Blackorpheus wrote:

My expectation is that Israel will find some way to exonerate the Palestinian boy’s Israeli lynchers.

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xyz2055 wrote:

AZuka…REnnings is correct to call you out. While am not a forensic pathologist I have been in the medical field virtually all my life. Material in the lungs has been used in many criminal investigations. For victims found in water, water in the lungs typically has been used to demonstrate that the victim was still alive when they entered the water. As typically one of the last acts of a body when death occurs is to exhale. Regardless, it’s pretty ballsy to dispute the findings of a pathologist with or without a formal education in the field and without direct access to the autopsy or the documents recorded during the autopsy.

The deliberate killing of teenagers in the region of the world is so wrong. It speaks volumes about these people. My heart goes out to the poor mothers of those children.

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