Egypt's Sisi says independence for Iraq's Kurds would be 'catastrophic'

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Doc62 wrote:

Gen Sisi is correct. Mursi had the same plans for Egypt as Bagdadi has for Iraq. Difference is Mursi is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Sharia law would create a poor, ignorant and violent nation, where murder and archaic torture is allowed. Woman have no place, other than cleaning and child care.
Can’t blame the Kurds for wanting autonomy. They are not Muslims. Iraq’s gov’t has always screwed them. They want peace and their share of oil revenue. Probably the safest place in Iraq.

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REnninga wrote:

Just what is needed in the Middle East:
The newest “elected” leader, on his way to being the newest authoritarian dictator, who came to power by orchestrating a military coup to overthrow the previous elected leader, and to jail that leader and all of his supporters, and turn a blind eye to their summary trials and the meting-out of mass death sentences, … now decides to interfere in the internal socio-political affairs of another nearby country in the region.

Great idea, what could possibly go wrong?

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REnninga wrote:

@Doc62 wrote: “…Can’t blame the Kurds for wanting autonomy. They are not Muslims.”

I’m uncertain what you mean by that statement? It is factually incorrect.
The dominant religion of Iraqi Kurdistan is Islam, adhered to by the majority of its inhabitants. These include Kurds, Iraqi Turkmen, and Arabs, belonging primarily to the Shafi’i Sunni branch of Islam.
The largest minority religion is the Shia branch of Islam

Other minority religions in Iraqi Kurdistan are Christianity (primarily among the Assyrians), and Yezidism. There and also small tribal minorities who follow the Yarsan, Mandean and Shabaki religions.

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Doc62 is incorrect; the Kurds are Sunni Muslims second and Kurds first. They can gain by playing this close to the chest.

Note Sakadin, who took Jerusalem from the Crusaders and was Emir of Egypt’ was a Kurd, born in Tikrit.

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