After beating Google, Korea's Naver goes global with messaging app Line

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nitfol wrote:

The first version of LINE wasn’t released until June 23rd, 2011, or more than three months after the earthquake/tsunami.

So I’m not sure how true the “developed by a subsidiary in Japan to overcome downed communications after the [March 11th,] 2011 earthquake and tsunami” is.

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seriouspeace wrote:

No, Google is not trumped by Naver. The fact is, young Koreans aren’t familiar with Google. They haven’t tried it out to compare. Every Korean student is taught to use Naver. Teachers don’t offer another option. I’ve taught in Korean schools for 8 years. When I use Google on the classroom projector screen, I’ve seen Korean university students who are shocked because they’ve never seen search results come up so fast, and they’ve never used Google translate, and they had no idea what cloud computing and file sharing were. The world thinks Korea is advanced technologically – but in fact, Koreans have blinders on. Anyone who has ever tried to use a Korean website that has some kind of form to enter information, or tries to pay with a credit card runs into a thicket of frustrations. First, nothing will work unless you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 is the standard). Then you have to download security programs and provide your national ID number. If you have a number, but it’s a foreign resident number, you’re stuck. Similar problems run across most Korean websites. I quit Skype when they re-routed payments through a Korean site because of a government regulation. I couldn’t get the site to accept my Visa that every other site in the world will accept. I gave up trying to buy an airline ticket online, because none of advertised sales would be available on the Korean sites. The reason I’m taking time to write this is because I’m a Google user in Korea … but I’m a well-educated American. Personally, I hate using Naver. The Naver page takes forever to load because it’s full of advertisements – lots of disgusting ones too – like rotten teeth and butt flab ads. And, Naver searches are just hopeless for trying to find anything. I can type in Korean on Google and get better results faster. This is not a competition of quality. This is a problem of culture-wide ignorance.

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