Nine dead, 53 wounded in bloody holiday weekend in Chicago

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carlmartel wrote:

If everyone in america had the right to carry and use tactical and strategic nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, we could stop the crazy maniacs with guns. Arm everyone in america to defend america.

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Loucleve wrote:

Bloomberg should be thrilled, given that Chicago has among the toughest gun laws in the country.

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CF137 wrote:

Yeah and I’ll bet all these killers had the required FOID card to own their weapons.

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1996MEdition wrote:

When will people wake up and realize that enforcing maximum sentencing with no parole is the best way to remove criminals from the streets. Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws yet these criminals failed to obey them…..suprise!

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Macedonian wrote:

The biggest worry for our loved Mayor is the Trump sign …

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MonitorLizard wrote:

freedomlover13: You don’t sound like you are living in the here and now, but the word is “African American.”

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USAPragmatist wrote:

I am so sick and tired of the ‘Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws’, what you all fail to realize is the VAST majority of guns in cities like Chicago were bought LEGALLY in state’s with lax gun laws, then brought to the city and sold illegally to others, what is called ‘straw man’ purchases. A national problem requires a national solution.

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magnum1 wrote:

easy solution, do away with all guns except hunting rifles for hunters!

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TOTL wrote:

MonitorLizard, how about “American”? Quit trying to celebrate where your ancestors lived and celebrate what YOU accomplish now and where YOU live now!

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Gideon_71 wrote:

MSNBC is reporting 14 dead, and then you read the story and find out that 5 were killed by police. Others are reporting that it is the lax gun laws that are getting people killed, in the most strict place in the USA for gun owners. Sadly, the idiots that are in charge in Chicago didn’t note that in other places with similar populations, there were no gun deaths, at all. No shootings, no gun deaths. ONLY in the land where criminals get free reign, and citizens are mandated to be targets.

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Daleville wrote:

The politically correct term is African American you mean.

Why is the African put before the American?

My people came from Scotland and England but I don’t call myself Scottish American or English American.

I will stick with Black which should be fine if I would be called White.

The here and now is none too good, especially in Chicago.

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leopardlady wrote:

It’s not about the guns. It’s about the punks who think they are someone because of a gun. These losers lack self esteem. Don’t blame the guns blame the people who raised them to be animals.

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leopardlady wrote:

Totl- you are exactly right! If you want to be “African American” go live in Africa. That’s like saying I’m “Eastern European Amercian” because my great grandparents came to this country a century ago.

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BobWhite2000 wrote:

Sounds like the mayor wants to take the guns away from the police officers to avoid shootouts.

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Munchma_Quchi wrote:

Natural selection. Gotta love it.

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dd606 wrote:

Wait… You mean all the criminals didn’t immediately turn in all their illegal guns, after the latest laws were passed? Whhaaaa?

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skyraider wrote:

Gun crime? Why not call it what is? Crime.
The solution is simple. Grow a backbone. Enforce the law.

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jwstallings wrote:

Its not gun control, its putting the rabid animals down who run everywhere in Chicago.

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carnivalchaos wrote:

Wow, racist, gun obsessed conservatives, their lack of intelligence on full display.

This shouldn’t require explaining, but apparently it does. Gun regulations can work, but they don’t have much effect when only applied to a small area, like a city. People living in the city will have little trouble driving out of city limits to purchase a gun. Indeed, I’m sure there is a thriving black market WITHIN Chicago. But that doesn’t mean we should make it any easier for a criminal to purchase a gun. It means we have to do more. Even the police Superintendent blamed the proliferation of guns as part of the reason for the gun violence.

We need universal background checks and to renew the ban on assault weapons. No, it won’t stop gun violence in the US, but it is a small measure that can help. It will at least make it harder for criminals and the mentally ill from purchasing firearms. Why would anyone want to make it easier for them?

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JamVee wrote:

How’s that “NO GUNS IN OUR TOWN” policy working out for you folks in Chicago???

I’m sure there must be some proof on where and how it has lowered your gun violence statistics?

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REnninga wrote:

We definitely need many more guns in American society.
We need to acknowledge the keen, unbiased wisdom of the NRA and its supporters that we will all be much safer from guns violence only when many more people are armed, packing, locked and loaded!
How much clearer could it be that if a lot more people were carrying on these Chicago streets last weekend, some of them could have pulled their own guns and squeezed-off a few additional rounds?
Clearly this would have been a preferable outcome, instead of just being a victim without getting off your own shots, maybe emptying a couple of high-capacity magazines and taking a few others with you, right? The more people shooting, and the more random gunfire flying around, the safer everyone would be in situations like this.
Clearly the 340 Million guns already owned by Americans are not nearly enough to keep us safe, because innocent people just keep getting shot.
Despite these 340 Million guns in private hands in America, 2/3 of American households still do not have guns in the house. How irresponsible can they be? That’s more than 200 million Americans living each day without quick, easy access to a gun when they get scared, get intoxicated, get angry, have a psychotic episode or otherwise need one. How irresponsible can we be? Get armed!
The only way to end this guns violence insanity is for many more Americans to own many, many, many more guns. Obviously we will never be truly safe from guns violence in America until every American man, woman and child is packing a gun; or two guns; maybe three!


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spizzbool wrote:

A better solution is recognizing that higher concentrations of humans produce psychological changes that warrant entirely different laws, perhaps even a different US constitution for large cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc…

Unfortunately the only way you’re going to get gangs out of the picture in places like Chicago and L.A. is to send in the National Guard, absorb all young gang recruits into the Guard, which would fulfill many of the positive social goals of joining a gang. After you’ve absorbed youth population into the Guard, deploy them outside the city to dislocate them from the gang culture completely.

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edgyinchina wrote:

We teach them at an early age…. Killing people is what we Americans do best.

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nose2066 wrote:

It’s a different kind of terrorism that the Homeland Security people are not equipped to deal with.

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Cleveland2012 wrote:

Chicago is worse than Afghanistan. “President” Obama lived and worked in Chicago for years. He recently took a trip were he played soccer with a robot in Tokyo. On that weekend 9 people were shot in Chicago.
President Obama needs to do something. I know he loves being President, and that his gold game is improving. Those are wonderful things, and we are all not disappointed. 30% of kids in Cleveland do not graduate from High School. Forget that they are rude and uncouth.
Now it is time to be concerned that they are armed. President Obama needs to face up to this horrific American problem.

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american111 wrote:

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is an absolute jackass. It is the lack of firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens that is why his state has so much gun violence. His ignorant comment on the proliferation of guns is outrageous. He should be going after gangs and not law abiding citizens.

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carnivalchaos wrote:

Who here would like to tell Cleveland2012 that in America it’s Congress that makes the laws? Anyone?

REnninga: We either laugh or cry. Thanks for tipping me toward laughter.

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beofaction wrote:

“At a news conference Monday morning, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy called the violence “unacceptable,” blaming it in part on a “proliferation of firearms.”"
“In three of the incidents, the victims had pointed weapons at officers when they were shot, the Chicago Police Department said in a statement.”

Those pesky firearms did it again! They apparently caused the levitation of the victim’s arms thereby aiming themselves at the police! That’s probably how everyone else was shot too! No wonder people like the police superintendent want to take guns away from law abiding citizens. I better lock my guns up right away before they do something terrible!

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carnivalchaos wrote:

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is on the front line. This is an area he thinks about each and every day. He knows a little something about gun violence. He has no reason to lie regarding his concern about the proliferation of firearms. And though this may not carry any weight with the gun lovers in the room, but the rest of the world has reached the same conclusion that Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has reached: More guns results in more gun violence. It’s not rocket science. But I’m sure everyone on earth is wrong and America’s gun obsessed conservatives are right. Oh, and Obama faked his birth certificate and is a Muslim.

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alwaysskeptic wrote:

“There is more of a sanction from their gangs for losing a weapon than there is to get arrested with an illegal firearm,”…

How would restrictions on legal gun purchases lessen gun violence by these people who acquire guns illegally?

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Warnin2U wrote:

When will these miscreants realize that guns aren’t the problem. The problem is the trash holding the gun. You do nothing to hinder gangs. You keep the poor bottled up in “projects”, you reward their lifestyle by giving them more (cellphones, better housing, free food, heat, air, etc.) You keep them bottled up so they feed off of each other. You want to solve the problem then give each family 10 acres and a garden tractor and send them into the country. Tear down the slums and disperse the population. In other words, do away with what makes Chicago “Chicago”! Or if that’s too hard just blame guns and take them away from everyone including the cops. In fact take them away from the cops first!

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gornisht wrote:

Once again, we hear the call for more guns to offset the guns that are still available. What America needs, are bazookas and rocket launchers. And lets throw in some grenades!
Great America go for it!

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