Washington goes to pot? U.S. capital may vote on legal marijuana

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TOTL wrote:

If dope becomes legal in DC, maybe the Dems & Republicans can get together over a bag of Doritos and do something while they’re calm!

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

Heh heh – true that. Look at it this way – you’re at a ball game, or concert, and some jackass behind you is being obnoxious and annoying and rude… Has he been drinking beer, or smoking pot?

Hint – it’s not number 2.

Put these guys in a room, lay a little mellow on them – maybe we could start getting something done. Can’t see it being any worse…

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Kyle2112 wrote:

Because it is DC and the Fed is involved this could be a watershed if passed. The only people against pot being legal now are either really old or really ignorant.

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JG585 wrote:

A government FOR THE PEOPLE…..regardless of their personal feelings , if the people want it, why can’t they have it?

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dd606 wrote:

So we have laws stopping us from doing everything from eating too much fat, to talking on a phone in a car… because it’s supposedly bad for us. But people sitting around getting high… Got no problem with that.

Every single person I know that has been a chronic smoker, is a complete air head now. Can’t remember anything, no motivation, can’t be depended upon for anything. Then when they get older, they start moving into that… constantly grumpy, paranoid delusional thing… where they’re always arguing with everybody and they think everybody is out to get them. It’s a proven fact that it screws up your brain. I can’t buy chicken with too much fat in it, but I can destroy my mind with dope. Makes perfect sense.

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BGoldberg wrote:

I’d personally like to see the whole dang cannibas plant used for american good use. From fiber board, building materials, clothes, skin care prodcts, bio diesel, to detoxifying soils. The plant is amazing in all that it offers. Why we aren’t capitalizing on it more is beyond me. Surely, it’s entrance into our systems would not be much of a threat to any of the estabished large businesses.
I know that a few states have legalized hemp cultivation but have been on hold until the DEA gives them the okay to produce the crops.

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Bob3434 wrote:

“The committee approved a spending bill that included an amendment barring the city from spending money to legalize or reduce penalties for marijuana, which could include barring the elections board from printing ballots that include the legalization measure.”

Can public money be donated just like public time was donated to the effort to get it on the ballot? It wouldn’t require much extra printer toner to add that line to the ballot. This can easily be paid for by the supporters of the ballot.

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

“Every single person I know that has been a chronic smoker, is a complete air head now.”

Sounds like you’re hanging with some serious dopers there, dd – anything we should know about the crowd you run with?

….wait… what was I saying?

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rlm328 wrote:

First I want the Girl Scout cookie concession.

The THC in pot has been found to be detrimental to fetal development. While most smokers can function from the ones I have been around it is not at a very high level. But then again There is not a lot of high level functioning going on in DC now.

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TOTL wrote:

Don’t take my first comment as an approval. I don’t want it legalized. I don’t want to drive on the roads with anyone that’s under the influence. Right now there is no immediate sobriety test for THC, so any lawyer will argue the arrest saying the dope was smoked 2-3-4 days ago and it just stays in the system longer. Smoke away, you can’t be caught. I don’t want anyone where I work stoned, at all, ever. Same situation, can’t effectively discipline due to the lack of a test. I’ve seen habitual users, please don’t try to tell me THC is a safe high and doesn’t have the same problems as alchohol. BS!

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BobWhite2000 wrote:

Conservatives should just introduce a sister bill that requires any pot to be shared freely and NO penalty for any crime committed during the acquisition of pot.

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

TOTL – don’t want to ruin your day, but you’re already driving with/working with/living next door to people who’ve been using. While I agree with your basic premise, studies HAVE shown that basic coordination and motor skills are MUCH less impacted by THC than by alcohol.

Regardless of the substance in question, there will always be those who go too far with something – shall we discuss the gun situation in this country? I don’t advocate removing firearms from our society just because a small percentage can’t use them responsibly.

You paint with a broad brush – I personally know doctors, lawyers, engineers – highly intelligent professionals with keen minds and razor sharp focus – who prefer a bit o’the Evil Weed as opposed to alcohol for their evening unwind. Are they wasted from dawn to dusk? Don’t be absurd – and see the above paragraph, anyone who tends to that kind of behavior is going to find their substance of choice, be it liquid, vegetable, or chemical.

You don’t want it legalized – so the status quo is acceptable? The tremendous waste of money and resources, and “criminalization” of more people in our prison system then for any other reason thanks to the consistantly-failing “war on drugs”? Colorado seems to be doing ok so far, crime numbers are reportedly down.

Tell you what – if you agree that pot, alcohol, cigarettes, proselytizing religion, and firearms should all be banned I’ll have the discussion. as all of them can have a detrimental effect on society. But leave just one of them off the list, and you’re simply picking your favorites…

Oh, and btw – no immediate sobriety test?? The standard Field Sobriety test doesn’t apply?? (And I used to administer them…) If you can walk the line/track the moving finger/do the alphabet backwards/touch your nose…… just how impaired are you??

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dd606 wrote:

TheWhiteLine wrote:Sounds like you’re hanging with some serious dopers there, dd – anything we should know about the crowd you run with?


I live in the state capital of dope-heads. You’d have to live in a cave, to not know people who smoke. The state motto here is going to be changed to: “Huh? Oh yeah… I’ll do it tomorrow”.

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4825 wrote:

It is all about the tax dollars. They see a lot of potential money they can get out of the pot heads pockets.

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