Former IRS official sought to hide information, lawmakers assert

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Sensibility wrote:

“In the emails, Lerner says she has been telling colleagues to be cautious about what they say in emails and asks whether internal messages are subject to the same data transparency rules.”

But, but… why on earth would completely neutral and innocent IRS operatives need that kind of warning?

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Lol, I just love watching conservatives grasp desperately for straws.

Lerner knew her emails were searchable, yet she asked the question in writing anyway. That email and the one urging staff to use caution in no way incriminates her or proves anything other than the fact that she was savvy enough to know that someone was watching.

What’s ticking republicans off (and the reason they’re only looking at how this affected conservative groups) is that liberal groups were hit harder by the IRS than conservative groups were, otherwise they could whine even louder.

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Amwatching2c wrote:

Lois Lerner is really a GOP operative.

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pyradius wrote:

Uhm, sounds like pretty standard fare (unless you’re desperately looking for a conspiracy). My private company tells employees to use company communication responsibly and that the employer may review this communication at its discretion. I would assume similar practices occur in government agencies (I would think even more so given the level of scrutiny and transparency expected from public/government agencies).

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willich6 wrote:

@ Rick; I know that you are not that gullible to believe this whole IRS targeting was a ‘simple mistake by low level employees in Cincinnati’.. No one can be that gullible – not after so much has come out – especially about Lerner actively directing the IRS attacks on conservative groups.

So what is your agenda here – just another obama fanboy who sees the worst Prez since WWII as his personal savior? So you adopt the Dem party line of “Deny, Deny, Deny” and hope it all goes away?

The fact that an Administration has used it’s Agencies in blatant partisan attacks on their opposition is criminal – the last Prez who did this was Nixon and he would have been impeached if he hadn’t resigned.
Do you understand that obama is going down this same road?

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I gotta hand it to them: they may not have the first clue as to how to govern, but boy do they know how to fund raise!

Luckily for them, there are PLENTY of rubes in this country who are more than happy to remain in a state of fear, paranoia and hysteria over the fact that there’s a black/commie/socialist/fascist/anarchist/Kenyan/muslim/radical christain/atheist/strong-armed dicator/sissy community organizer/bumbling halfwit/evil maniacal genius/antichrist in the White House.

“A fool and his money are soon parted”. And off of that virtue alone, the GOP is rolling in dough ;)

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