Colorado judge backs county clerk over gay marriage licenses

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REnninga wrote:

It seems clear that the time has come, for the Supreme Court of the United States to take a state same gender marriage ban challenge, and put an end to all of this wasted investment of State Courts and District Courts time, litigants and appellants money, and divisive socio-political shouting and hand-wringing, over what is a question of equal rights and equal protections.

The Courts decision ruling against the “Defense Of Marriage Act” (AKA: DOMA) seems strong enough suggestion that the Court is ready to decide that the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment invalidates the various state bans on same gender marriage.

So let’s just get it over with, already! In a few years the hysteria and furor over what is other peoples personal and private choices of whom they love and wish to bond with in civil marriage, will begin to ebb. Many of those opposed now will begin to modify their views and realize that their own personal values system, religious beliefs and judgments, … should never be allowed, in America, to abridge the equal rights and protections of others, simply because they deem others to be undeserving of those “rights”.

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