Kurds seize Iraq oilfields, ministers pull out of government

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itsmysayokay wrote:

Probably true or it would not have been mentioned in Parliament.

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willich6 wrote:

The end of Iraq as a nation…… Look for a declaration of Kurdistan independence soon and a flow of Kurds out of Syria, Turkey and Iran into the new country.
Kurdistan will prove to be a peaceful and prosperous nation aligned with western ideals…

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BanglaFirst wrote:

These Kurds are behaving like desert tyrants Saudi Arabia and Israel..oops I forget they are friends of these Kurds hence Turkey and Iran needs to put their feet down on these Kurds before they become another Israel proper occupying and killing Arabs.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Whether you like someone (group of people) or not does not matters not as to whether they deserve the right to self determination. For instance, I hate Texans because they are so stupid and cruel, yet I hope some day they do cecede from the union and we should let them. They are a huge resource suck on the rest of the nation and their philosophies are those of retarded children. So, good for the Kurds, I hope they get their country.

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REnninga wrote:

Inevitable, but not good news. If the Maliki / Shia-controlled government survives the current assault from ISIS/ISIL, it will soon turn it’s attention to Iraqi Kurdistan.
War looms in northern/northeastern Iraq, do to this action, and it will be devastating for all involved (most specifically as always, for innocent civilians).
Additionally, the age-old Kurdish conflicts with Turkey and Iran in are inflamed by this action. I think this will not end well for millions of people.

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Hatsin wrote:

Good luck Kurdistan, I hope you are a more stable and less mass murderous country than Iraq was. Kurds at least sound more sane than the Sunni and Shia tribes that have been running the show thus far.

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Yashmak wrote:

“They are a huge resource suck on the rest of the nation and their philosophies are those of retarded children.”

Per IRS.gov, the federal spending to revenue ratio for Texas in 2013 was .79. That means for every dollar Texas provided to the federal government, it only received $.79. The notion that it’s a net drain stems from editorial articles which cherry picked data from 2011 and 2012 only, in which Texas received a lot of stimulus money.

In fact, 30 states in the union had worse spending to revenue ratios, with the worst being South Carolina ($5.37 spent on SC for every $1 in revenue), and the best being Maryland ($.23 spent on Maryland for every $1 in revenue).

Your hateful invective against an entire state is quite misplaced. That said, I do hope the Kurds get their own nation. I do like it when competence rises to the top.

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