Exclusive: Iran nuclear negotiators under pressure after leader's speech

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innismor wrote:

do not worry israel will take the steps necessary

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rsierra33 wrote:

So…when the next drought cause by global weather disruptions hits Iran and nothing else grows they can eat uranium.That is if they have not been vaporized by Israel first…

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Art16 wrote:

Confusion is a tactic frequently employed by many countries to short circuit any initiative not of their making.

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The Western negotiators are going to give Iran the best economic package possible and will attempt to make sure Rouhani has every means necessary to publicize the package back home in Iran to the Iranian people. Their intention will be for the Iranian people to see that Khamenei is willing to throw them all into the pits of poverty all for the sake of keeping control over government by ensuring Rouhani fails to achieve a resolution to the crisis. If the Iranian people receive this message they would be more likely than ever to demand and explanation from the Supreme Leader. Not a bad plan of attack… IF the Iranian people keep their eyes and ears tuned into what’s going on instead of simply doing what they’re told by the religious leaders.

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truemomineen wrote:

@ innismor.

You seem to suggest that Israel can have nukes but rest all cannot.

Iran as a signatory to NPT has a right to enrich uranaium. period.

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kurdstaat wrote:

Somebody has a double Standard against Iran having nuclear weapons?

I know why.

The reason is that the French and British supreme war council ordered the Turks to commit genocide against 200 thousand Kurds in 1937 and displace millions.

40 years later NATO and USSR armed Saddam Hussain with chemical weapons of mass destruction as a result of which one million Iranian soldiers and one million Kurdish civilians were genocided. Millions more were displaced.

NATO knows that if Iran gets the weapon they can not commit genocide against Iranians and Kurds in Syria, Iraq, and TUrkey anymore.

Also NATO suspects that If Iran gets the bomb they future Iranian leaders will seek revenge for the genocides ordered and committed by NATO, Turks and Arabs.

Recognize Greater Kurd State


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