Swedish court upholds arrest warrant for Assange

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viewing wrote:

There is an easy and legal solution for all involved parties: 1. Step: The lawyer of Mr. Assange requests for a written statement from the U.S. Gov. that there is no intention to bring Mr. Assange to the U.S., or any other place, illegally while he defends himself depending on this sexual assault claims against him in Sweden. – 2. Step: In return, Mr. Assange confirms in written manner that he will leave the embassy to face trial in Sweden. – 3. Step: The trial will be done by legal measures, without political influence, in Sweden. – 4. Step: If Mr. Assange may be acquitted from these sexual assault claims, he may go as a free man wherever he is welcome. – 5. Step: If the U.S. Gov. has legal claims against Mr. Assange, there shall be a prosecutor open such claims at an U.S. court against him and by legal measures. Otherwise, the U.S. Gov. may leave him in peace and have learnt the lesson of keeping better security measures. – The result of this plan: (a) End of ‘mixing’ political and legal issues; (b) Political face-saving and justice for all involved parties; (c) a reduction of costs for the British police and last but not least, (d) a positive message to the world that law and order are respected by all involved parties …

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anonymot wrote:

So the British police spent 10+ MILLION DOLLARS hounding Assange because Hillary got her personal feathers ruffled when her lack of control of State was revealed. Is that the kind of small, b*tchy mind we need for President in times of profound crises? Isn’t that the size of mind that’s put us in this mess in the first place? Bush then Obama…

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1nation1 wrote:


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JPHR wrote:

Look up Carl Bildt:
It was revealed following the organization WikiLeaks release of classified diplomatic documents that US diplomats considered Bildt as “stubborn”, “arrogant” and to have “limited political skills”.[29] Bildt was described as thinking he has more power and influence than he really has and was called a “medium size dog with big dog attitude”.[30] The US president George W. Bush was advised before a meeting to “play on Bildt’s desire to operate at a high level” and to pretend to be impressed by his previous international assignments.[31] Other US diplomats and politicians were also advised to play on Bildt’s self-image to “keep him on a good mood”.[30]

There have been reports that Wikileaks has documents proving Carl Bildt is a US spy, with various sources claiming Wikileaks is attempting blackmail.[32]

In August 2012, Bildt accused his Ecuadoran counterpart of living in a “fantasy world” for granting political asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.[33]

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BlueCannon wrote:

Can’t see any difference he serves time in Sweden or US or Ecuador embassy in UK. They are all prisons, but now is one of own choice regrettably for life. Had he surrendered 2 years ago, he could have done his term anywhere and free everywhere by now. Poor Assange.

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