U.S. imposes toughest sanctions yet on Russia over Ukraine

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nose2066 wrote:

This story: “Russia had failed to take steps needed to ease the crisis in Ukraine”

Is that word “crisis” over-used these days?

American youth unemployment is in a “crisis”. Student loans create a “crisis” for graduates. Violent crime is a “crisis” in America’s inner cities. Drug addition in America is at a “crisis” stage. America’s disappearing middle class is an economic “crisis”. Obesity is at “crisis” levels.

Maybe the government needs some way to prioritize which type of “crisis” is important for the American people, and needs more attention???

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one_some wrote:

Russia was cought firing directly from its territory onto Ukraine’s forces.

Russian multiple rocket launcher ‘Grad’ was filmed firing from the Russian territory to Ukraine by an occasional Russian tourist:

Goggle maps location:

Location identification:

Video operator and ‘Grad’ locations:

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Bowo wrote:

The ultimate results will be determined by events on the ground rather than by political posturing and ineffectual sanctions.

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majkmushrm wrote:

And what, exactly, has Washington done to de-escalate this crisis besides providing Kiev with the tools of the trade?

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UScitizentoo wrote:

GO GO rasPutin killer of Ukrainian slavs and the Russian economy.
rasPutin is a cursed leader of a cursed country.
Revolution in Moscow this August!

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usa.wi.vet.4q wrote:

It is sad to see the horrible leaders causing this. Putin has little man syndrom and feels the need to show how powerful his old body is. Obama has no skills to lead anything. Two dictators ruining three countries. Only your paupers believe you Vlad!

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Krystya wrote:

@nose2066 I expect the word ‘crisis’ is over-used these days but this actually is one so your post seems pretty lame.

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oldmax wrote:

ah yes, our paper tiger president has ran out of patience!! I’m sure putin is scared to death.

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Sinbad1 wrote:

The US could retire from global domination with dignity, like the British did, but seems intent on going out in a ball of flames, such a waste.

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sabrefencer wrote:

the Russians could care less about Obama and about his pin prick sanctions…Putin marches onward, grabbing what he can, while Obama and group, hold mock debates…

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xcanada2 wrote:


Yeh, like Putin has marched forward where? Are you still talking about Crimea, which I will accept as a legitimate part of Russia. You know the history, I presume.

So, where is this invasion of Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, that has been so much ballyhooed in MSM?

The BRICS and busy setting up their own world bank and monetary fund, including Russia, and the West is busy cutting off its nose despite its face.

Does EU want to sink with the US, or rise with the rest of the world? We’ll see.

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