Fighting in Gaza abates, but truce hopes look fragile

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Rich_F wrote:

>>Some 1,060 Palestinians, mainly civilians and including many children, have been killed in the 20-day conflict

According to who, Hamas? Please. They’re a bunch of lying, sub-humans who use the most vulnerable in society to hide among so they can wage their war on those they want to annihilate. The truth is a good number of the dead are Hamas terrorists but you will never hear this number disclosed because calling everyone a civilian should illicit more outrage from the international community and put more pressure on Israel.

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rgbviews wrote:

“Israel launched its Gaza offensive on July 8 to halt rocket attacks by Hamas and its allies, which have struggled under an Israeli-Egyptian economic blockade on Gaza and were angered by a crackdown on their supporters in the nearby occupied West Bank.”

Netanyahu launched his Gaza offensive on July 8 ostensibly to stop rocket attacks by Hamas and its allies in Gaza, which had been provoked by Netanyahu’s extreme crackdown on Palestinians in the nearby occupied West Bank, where the IDF killed 6 Palestinians, arrested over 200 Palestinians without charge, and demolished homes. Netanyahu’s attack on Gaza is part of his announced intent to “severely punish Hamas” for a kidnapping/murder in the West Bank, which appears to be the work of an independent gang from Hebron. The attack on Hamas is widely seen as as Netanyahu’s plan to destroy the new Palestinian unity government which threatens his government’s agenda of expanding settlement of the West Bank.

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Doc62 wrote:

Hamas militants are gutless fools. Their leaders can’t control them. They shoot off rockets at Israel, run inside schools and hide like cockroaches. When the IDF attacks the launch site and kill the scum, Hamas will claim they are citizens. Why, because they dress like civilians. They should have yellow uniforms, sign of the chicken.

Their billions in foreign aid go to buy Iranian rockets. Not a penny for the besieged Gazans. Time for Gazans to rise up and kick Hamas out. Haniyeh & Meshal have failed their people, miserably.
Embrace el Fatah, then peace & safety can return. Abbas needs their help in creating a Palestinian nation. Hamas failed there too.

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Radek.kow1 wrote:

To the fools from Hamas – keep building those rocked stockpiles and you will never see the light in the tunnels that you build. Your war is futile because you don’t use your brains to think, and instead use them as targets for Israeli bullets.

Israelis don’t want a war with you, but want to feel safe – leaving Israelis in peace is enough to make Palestine a peaceful place. Hamas, you can try to achieve your goals through political means, instead. It would serve all Palestinians a lot more.

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kickabxr wrote:

10 years from now…..Palestinian population 10 million, Israel’s population 7 million. Palestinians dissolve their Palestinian Authority and accept Israel as their country. 10 years from now USA is bankrupt and can’t send billions and billions to Israel. Palestinians demand equal voting rights as Israelis, Israel refuses. Israel is declared an Apartheid state officially. And we all know what happened to the last apartheid state. 10 years is not that far away.

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rgbviews wrote:

Over 1000 killed, hundreds of homes and businesses destroyed, Palestinian and Israeli families in grief. WHY?

Simply because Netanyahu and his extremist cohorts wanted to divide and rule; preserving their power, deferring peace, and continuing their colonization agenda. If Western leaders fail to sanction the Netanyahu gang, we as individuals and corporations will. BDS.

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ArribaJuarez wrote:

Since Kerry (and, in turn, Obama)has done such an excellent job in solving the unrest initiated by Islamic terrorist in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Mali, and Egypt, he should be able to solve the conflict with the Islamic terrorist in Israel in short order. The Muslims will eat his lunch.

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dd606 wrote:

mwab wrote: Hitler was best to kill these dogs.”


There you go, there’s your typical Hamas supporter… 6 million men, women and children systematically hauled off to extermination camps… That’s all acceptable in their view of society. If you don’t like somebody, just remove them from the face of the earth.

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js2012 wrote:

Ceasefire has broken down (because of Hamas). Reuters, please don’t give wrong news.

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smirkingman wrote:

The Israelis colonise Palestinian territories: Wrong. The Palestinians fire rockets at the Israelis: Wrong. The Israelis want nothing to do with the Palestinians: Fair. The Hamas wants the Jews destroyed: Wrong. The Israelis should withdraw unilaterally from the Palestinian territories and let them get on with their lives as they see fit.

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smirkingman wrote:

Godwin’s law strikes again, oh dear.

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johnnyboone wrote:

I think the bombing of civilians in order to make a political change is a war crime: An Israeli official said the army hoped the widespread desolation would persuade Gazans to put pressure on Hamas to stop the fighting for fear of yet more devastation.

It is past time for the world to condemn and use an economic boycott for a regime change in Israel!!!

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Yeah they can do a regime change from a bunker since they can’t go outside because of the thousands of Hamas rockets and mortar shells fired into Israel each year. Hamas needs to be destroyed. There will be no peace until there is no longer a Hamas organization. It doesn’t matter who is leader of Israel. Obama could be their President and Hamas would still want Israel destroyed.

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justcause wrote:

The ceasefire has never been in effect. Hamas has been firing all along and Israel started to return the fire after 12 hours of patience. What can be done if Hamas wants more Palestinians killed?

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Burns0011 wrote:

It’s always a series of staged confrontations. Every time there looks like a chance for peace, either Hamas OR Israel will stage some event to derail the talks and then Israel will try to stage-manage and PR spin the following brutality as being ‘necessary’.

Because politically speaking, the current party in power in Israel absolutely NEEDS the people of Israel to feel like and actually be under attack in order to stay in power.

Netanyahu absolutely requires the constant war footing that he’s put Israel in, in order to maintain his power base.

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