European regulators training sights on Google's mobile software

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MonitorLizard wrote:


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AndroidL wrote:

Since when did Europeans know anything? There’s a reason why Android is globally dominate; look at your company Nokia how poor it was sticking to Windows OS a proof of concept showing $$$ doesn’t make a company good. Then look at iOS with Apple nearly dying again for the third time proves people can be turned into sheep and be fooled. Android is how it is because people like it, the device they come on are super affordable, and it’s open source. Sail Fish OS, Fire Fox, yes all linux based but fail to be what Android is. In this day in age it’s too late for a new OS to rise up communications have been layed, services placed, and options expanded.

So I ask why is it you believe Android is a monopoly? Is it because Apple is paying you to say this? Is it because you’re all just too old and stubborn to learn to evolve with the world? Black berry is dead get over it; Nokia, Lumia, Xperia, Windows OS, Fire Fox OS, SailFish OS, iOS, BB Os, Web OS, Palm OS. All are Operating System’s to which have either been absorbed or died out due to inability to keep up.

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