Ukraine says suspends attacks to let experts reach crash site, rebels deny

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The reports from Human Rights groups gives some details to the “patriots” operating in eastern Ukraine. Grabbing people from churches really indicates who the separatists really are.

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Motovilov wrote:

No matter, who was hit the Boeing, in error, but it is important, who directed civilian aircraft in a combat zone, consciously.
Issue today version, so far, is questionable.
Version defeat “Buk”- anti-aircraft missile complex is questionable. The airliner was flown by a quarter of the way and was almost completely filled with kerosene. At hit of a powerful projectile “Buk” in the plane that was supposed to explode and become yellow cloud. As it was in 2001, when debris from the downed by a Ukrainian TU-154 of airline Siberia was dispersed at a distance of 12 nautical miles, and of the 74 passengers and crew members found only fragments 14 people.
The version of the defeat of the Ukrainian SU-25, is also doubtful. The SU-25 has a weak shell and low altitude.
Then there was a third option. The radar detected the plane near the Boeing at the moment of the explosion, but what kind of plane it is not clear, maybe it was a NATO aircraft with more powerful armament and more height of flight than the SU-25.
Instead declare a ceasefire during the investigation of the crash of the Ukrainian army with greater intensity trying to take the place of the accident.
The Americans refused to provide data from satellites, flying over the scene of the accident in the time of the accident.
Experts pretend that militiamen don’t allow them in place of the accident, although all who wanted, including relatives of the victims, journalists, observers of the OSCE, visited and nobody suffered.
The impression that the Ukrainians and their owners from Washington have something to hide.

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MonitorLizard wrote:

How can Kiev and the pro-Russian militants each be so stupid. Get the H….out of the crash site. Perhaps you both could spend time on Facebook.

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Macedonian wrote:

The Ukrainians finally admitted it’s their fault that the experts can not reach the crash site. This proves that the freedom fighters from Donetsk Republic were honest when they said its not them blocking the access.

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mjp1958 wrote:

You have to credit the Russian leaders and their paid Russian terrorists in Ukraine. Time and again, they prove that they are really great LIARS!

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prolibertate wrote:

I have no faith in the Puppet government in EUkraine or their NATO aupporters. The people have a UN-recognized right to self-determination. They don’t want to be sold into slavery to the IMF/ECB. They didn’t vote to join Russia.

The separatists have no air force. There has been no proof that Russia is in any way involved. Only claims by the puppet government and their sponsors using sloppy and provably false propaganda.

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yurakm wrote:

@ smokeymtnblues :

After reading the webpage,

it looks as the “Human Rights groups” is a group (singular, not plural) based in city of Kharkov, Ukraine, that reports human rights abuses perpetrated by one side of conflict.

The information still may be useful, as a part of a huge mosaic. However, the so obvious bias does not let consider the source as trustful.

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The government in Kiev seems to be doing everything it can to obstruct an investigation. When will they release the air traffic control recordings with the plane? When do we get to hear the black box audio of the conversations in the cockpit?

Given the high numbers of openly neo-Nazi members of the Kiev government such as Andriy Parubiy, commander of the armed forces and intelligence, forgive me if I am skeptical of their motives and statements.

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Actually Brave, Hitler took his statement from this previous quote:
“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
― Joseph Goebbels

As for me, I am an American by birth, but do not live in the U.S. but closer to this story from my businesses and contacts operating in St. Petersburg, Ukraine,Romania, Moldova and even in Transdnistria. It would be sickening to say that it is entertaining of the tragedy in Ukraine that has been created by the Kremlin. That cannot be denied regardless of what Russia attempts to do. To blatantly lie and distort information such as we have seen with the MH17 episode is unforgivable. People in the West do need to understand some of the Russian psyche to know what Putin is attempting to do is to restore a level of honor that is ingrained into the Russian mentality that many people felt was lost with the collapse of the USSR. Another quote from Goebbels went like this “We shall go down in history as the greatest statesmen of all time,or as the greatest criminals” . Let’s hope Putin takes a few steps back, disavows the separatists in Ukraine and works to regain his world status again. For his sake and Russia’s.

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proliberate, you should expand your sources of information. What you are seeking is out there…….

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