Florida to begin redrawing unconstitutional congressional maps on Thursday

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GeorgeBurdell wrote:

Those slimy Florida Republicans will continue to pull underhanded tricks. Wouldn’t be a grand world if they believed in the American ideal that everyone’s vote should count the same? I will admit they are the best politicians the rich can buy.

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BaiJiuUSA wrote:

” Three weeks ago, Lewis ruled that two of the state’s 27 congressional districts must be revised because Republican leaders improperly conspired to rig the boundaries to protect the party’s majority in Washington. ”

So now a judge has ruled the Republican party has tampered with federal elections. Isn’t that a crime? A major F—-ing Crime?

This crime cost the US: an illegally elected president and all the bad laws he passed, two wars, a major set back in global economy, and one big u-turn for progression of a balanced society.

Where is the Justice? When will the people responsible be held accountable? Get every last republican out of my government…NOW!

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Seriously2016 wrote:

GeorgeBurdell and BaiJiuUSA..did either of you read the ENTIRE article. There was one district set up to keep an Incumbent Democrat in office as well. The practice is called gerrymandering and both parties have abused it.

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dcayman wrote:

Gerrymandering…the only savior for the Republican Party

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The_Traveler wrote:

“… because Republican leaders improperly conspired to rig the boundaries to protect the party’s majority in Washington.”

verb (used without object), conspired, conspiring.
1. to agree together, especially secretly, to do something wrong, evil, or illegal:

verb (used with object), conspired, conspiring.
3. to plot (something wrong, evil, or illegal).

They “improperly conspired”. Wow. Even when they agree to do something illegal they get it wrong.

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morbas wrote:

The people must declare ‘separation of corporate and state’. The SCOTUS 5 are not constitutionalists, rather oligarch fiefdoms, in opposition of liberalism, rather promoting corruption of electoral rights! We see vagrant constitutional violations by the Tea-GOP in North Carolina the NAACP declares to be templates of ALEC dictates. In effect, ALEC carpetbagged North Carolina; from which opposition ‘Moral Monday’ emerges. All these ALEC’s egregious NC legislative enactments are unpopular, fostered by the money of the few as oppression of the many.

Tea GOP fairness is H-589 Voter disenfranchisement.
Voters at polls must show a specific type of ID.
Teen age pre-registration ends.
Early Voting cut by 7 days.
No same day registration.
No out of Precinct voting.
Loosening of Ad Slander responsibility and less campaign disclosure.
Provides for vigilante challenges at the polls.
Increases corporate money to the parties.
Kills public financing options and raises contribution limits.
Provides for mass absentee ballots.
In North Carolina 2013 the T’GOP enacted fragrant governmental power and liberty infringement over reach implementing ALEC forms, in effect ALEC carpet bagged North Carolina . All 2013 T’GOP NC legislation must be completely removed from the books to preserve inalienable rights of all citizens.

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jbeech wrote:

Given; both parties engage in gerrymandering when they’re in power.
Proposal; stop the practice through use existing political boundaries.

Otherwise, why do we have city limits and county lines?

Stop the nonsense and get to work.

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morbas wrote:

Gerrymander Antidote
World Democracies have used partial proportioned electoral systems to minimize gerrymandering. Simply, the percentage of ballots cast for a party restricts the number of seats it may occupy. An unintended consequence is the individual perspective balloting loses traceability allowing path to virtual representation, that which is at the foundations of our Declaration of Independence.
The people vote for any state wide legislative Representative candidate, in the same manner as any two Senator(s). After balloting, each respective Representative tallies his/her vote, and if equal to or larger than the minimum he/she fills one of the Legislative Congressional House Representative seats. Minimum defined by the cumulative number of ballots cast within that state. If he/she needs ballots to qualify for the seat, he/she then compromises issues among all candidates to use his/her ballots fill the seats. After a period of barter time, free ballots are re-allocated by the then state governor.

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Gerrymandering, Only a sin if it benefits Republicans. Nothing to see here.

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Gerrymandering, Only a sin if Republicans do it? There will always be a political split in districts. Cities are generally Democrat and The people outside the cities are generally Republican. Neither political party represents the best ideas for the county. They are fixated on retaining their personal seat at the big table. The two party system is destroying America and while America is being looted, the sheeple are kept busy with inane fingerpointing.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

‘Republican leaders improperly conspired to rig the boundaries’

That’s the ONLY way the GOP can win anymore. They have NOTHING for the Average American.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

Gerrymandering and voter suppression are the only things keeping the GOP/TP in any office.

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njglea wrote:

Good Job, Judge Lewis. All states should require that political boundaries be decided geographically by judges rather than politicians – as long as they can find impartial judges which is becoming increasingly difficult because ALEC/Koch brothers are buying them, too.

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gcf1965 wrote:

Corrine Brown was from my district when I lived in FL. As is all too often the case on the left, she is near the top of the most ignorant and racist, race-agenda driven democrat fools in politics. She, like obama, is in office for no other reason than the color of her skin. If not for politics, she would be a Wal-mart cashier, and not a very good one.

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Not enough space 5th district too garrymandered It is done to accomodate blacks & Democrats but the voters have elected republicans instead. That’s why there are more republicans instead of Democrats. Policies are too scary for the average votor!!

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JeremyFuller wrote:

Wish they would do this in Ohio as well.

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RexMax46 wrote:

Gerrymandering needs to go. This isn’t a partisan issue.

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4825 wrote:

It is almost humorous to see the way the Democrats seem to find religion when it is the republicans that are in charge of the congressional maps. These democrat hypocrites were not crying one iota when they were in charge of the “democrat gerrymandering” of recent years. Kick all those liberal democrat hypocrites to the curve by voting for anything but D in the November elections, I am.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“The focus will be on the congressional districts represented by Corrine Brown, a Democrat in a serpentine district stretching from Jacksonville in north Florida to Orlando in the central state, and Daniel Webster, an Orlando-area Republican.

Lewis ruled that the legislature packed Brown’s district with black voters, overwhelmingly Democrats, to help the two-decade incumbent win re-election. The result left adjoining districts, including Webster’s, heavily white and Republican.

In a July 10 ruling, Lewis found the result “made a mockery” of a state constitutional amendment, approved by voters in 2010, prohibiting legislators from protecting incumbents.”

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

Why can’t the GOP just win elections based on their constructive ideas? Unless, they don’t have any.

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COindependent wrote:

@Sunny You’re a microphone for the progressives, nothing less.

Gerrymandering has been in play for decades, and it is equally the domain of both parties. Stop with the political tripe and your opinions disguised as fact.

Especially when one considers a lot of the gerrymandering protects Black Democrats so that the so-called “disenfranchised” can maintain one of their own in Congress, underwritten by the 1964 Civil Rights legislation. Since you obviously do not know history, the goal was to get more blacks in government and district boundaries are structured accordingly. The courts have demanded this also.

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4825 wrote:

Funny how these liberal democrats found religion all of a sudden once the Republicans are in the majority for the congressional map drawing. When the dumocrats were in charge they performed major gerrymandering in an attempt to keep their congressional seats. Once they lost power in these states they have reformed their opinions. Democrats = Hypocrites.

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