China says investigating two Canadians in espionage case

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Bdy2010 wrote:

How’s that feel China? Sting a bit?

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jim1981 wrote:

I don’t know the specific about this situation.

But for a long time, foreigners in China lived beyond the law because Chinese government afraid of diplomatic fallout. Finally, that’s a change under Xi.. If you want to live in China, you need to follow the law. If you don’t like, don’t go living in China.

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WestFlorida wrote:

Yeah, I’m sure a coffee house in some remote part of China run by two missionaries is a real serious threat to the national security of China. This is little more than transparent retaliation for the exposure of aggressive Chinese espionage in Canada. That is the Chinese way: You expose them stealing your secrets, and they take it out on your citizens living in China. One can not believe a single word spoken by the Chinese foreign ministry.

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harrykrishna wrote:

i couldn’t make up a story like this

Aug 05, 2014 11:06am EDT  --  Report as abuse
dd606 wrote:

Sounds ridiculous, but… either way, they can probably kiss their lives goodbye. Nobody in the Canadian government is going to do jack, and China knows it. Come to think of it, the US government would probably be about the same these days, sad as that is. More proof that the whole ‘let’s be nice to everybody’ thing, doesn’t work. All some people do is take advantage of it. China, Iran, N. Korea, Russia… They all think they can just do whatever they want now.

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Burns0011 wrote:

When the laws are so vague and the authorities can accuse you of anything at any time based on either suspicion or diplomatic need, and trial outcomes are based either on a> finding everyone guilty regardless of the truth or b> the need to find someone guilty to save face or c> hostage taking for international reasons;

It’s best just to avoid China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, or any other country that is hostile to the idea of free association and free speech.

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There is no doubt that they could be found guilty. The law allows the authorities to retroactivly make any information into a state secret. very convienient when random retribution is the goal. This is fallout from The Chinese Cyber theft department getting caught stealing information from Canadian companies and the embarassment of being detected

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Thieves, liars and cheaters and no, I’m not referring to the Canadians.

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RajeevTutu wrote:

Just like the German official says it, everybody does it, but don’t name and criticize others stealing yours when you discover it and pretending you are sitting on the high moral ground. I think China is sensing the Canadian gov’t is collaborating with the master eye to single it out under pressure. After all, like minded politicians are just like pack of wolves, they all try to build stong pack for themselves to fend off attacks from the hyenas and the king lions.

Aug 05, 2014 5:02pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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