Sprint drops bid to buy T-Mobile, changes CEO

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“Sprint Corp (S.N) has dropped its bid to acquire No. 4 U.S. carrier T-Mobile U.S. Inc (TMUS.N) because the challenge of securing regulatory approval for the deal was too steep, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.”

No, what it was is that Sprint realized they did not want “Nextel Merger II”. Sprint operates on CDMA and T-Mobile GSM; two different network technologies a la the Nextel buyout.

If Sprint bought T-Mobile, it would’ve been the death knell for Sprint and they knew it.

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speakfreely wrote:

TMOUS may be innovative with its marketing but its ability to keep pace with telecom advances is lagging. I remember when TMOUS proclaimed that 3G was not in their plans. Suicide for them and it took forever for them to catch up. If it weren’t for the $4 billion failure clause and bandwidth turnover that T had to donate to TMOUS, there would be no TMOUS today. There probably won’t be a tomorrow for TMOUS soon.

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WCTopp wrote:

T-Mobile is simply not on enough towers. They would certainly shake up the industry if they were competitive in this key metric, but they’re not and they’re not doing anything about it at all quickly.

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SixthRomeo wrote:

Regulators would not let AT&T purchase T-Mobile because of anti-trust laws. What is different about Sprint, all Sprint would do is double the price of Internet access for all T-Mobile users as they did with Clear.

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njglea wrote:

“The environment will definitely change”. Yes, it will because the vast majority of Americans will elect people who will stop this mega-merger mania where only the top 1% global financial elite profit. It’s OUR turn.

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NycIdea wrote:

As a sprint customer and owning a few thousand shares of Sprint / Blackberry i think it is a great move all around and i do hope Sprint does pickup on the idea i proposed and they denied (Read idea below) …. I Am grateful for bailing out and selling off all of my sprint shares after realizing that something is not right when shares are not rising and instead plummeting even after a good earnings report last month.

This so called terrible news to some today just forced me to buy shares in S once again, i view it as company which can grow since cell phone service is not going no where going into the future and if you look at the big two US cellular companies, Sprint’s total company market capitalization is roughly 1/6 the value of where it can potentially be compared to Verizon and At&t. A company which can multiply it’s current stock price by a potentially a six fold is thinking high, but i’ll be happy if my shares just triple in value for a company which i invested in because of Aggressive core leadership, Spectrum assets worth a majority of the market capitalization, A name synonymous with Cell Phone Carriers, Backing of various Softbank companies – http://www.softbank.jp/en/corp/group/list_02/,). I really hope Sprint learns going into the future and absolutely tries listening to there investors proposed ideas.


“ Where Are They Now, There In The Sprint Framily”
As a Sprint investor who had nearly $20,000 plus my credit line invested into Sprint and a valued customer for over 10 years i had on 05/05/2014 written to Sprint (Case # 2100579) of my deep dis-appointment in the marketing approach of the Frobinson Framily commercials. I still cannot fathom why on earth i still have to explain to colleagues on how great of a plan the Sprint Framily plan is to consumers. I do not know how much of an interest is given towards low level investors such as my self but with all that Sprint has invested a lot more can accomplished. I am sure reading this letter has you thinking since i know it all how about i give some ideas to Sprint and here is a start…..

- The Most important of all we should start a “ Where Are They Now, There In The Sprint Framily” marketing campaign rather than an unknown, un-energetic campaign as the Frobinson’s Framily. Theses days there are TV Shows produced to just cater too peoples enthusiasm on watching what there favorite past television sitcom stars are up-to today. This mentality is exactly where we could capitalize with the Sprint Framily plan by instead of using an unknown Frobinson’s and substituting it with let’s say the “Seinfeld” cast or “Family Matters” cast. What better way to get a message across than having our favorite stars from the past explain how the Sprint Framily works rather than a confused Frobinson’s Framily that has a hamster in a bowl. Just imagine the excitement created from viewers who see there favorite 90’s Tv stars saying “Hello, Newman.” or “Did I Do That” when the price keeps getting lower and lower as more people enter the Framily commercial. A “Where Are They Now There In The Sprint Framily” marketing campaign will properly suit the Framily plan while getting cult like viewers impatiently awaiting the next Sprint Framily commercial.

- We could mix up the Commercials by having separate groups of a family join to become one unified Sprint Framily. For example with a Tv Commercial we could hire three cast members from the “Duck Dynasty” cast who are joined by four cast members from the “Seinfeld” cast and three cast members from “Full House” cast to create one complete Sprint Framily commercial of 10 members enjoying the discounts and benefits Sprint has to offer.

- We could as far as clarification goes use a more creative approach towards explaining what’s going on and how the plan works. I believe it would make a massive difference if something as simple as Air Bubbles are placed on top of everyones head. If there are two people on the commercial then Person # 1 Air bubble should write $55 while Person # 2 Air bubble should write $50 and so on as the price gets lower as more framily members enter. Air Bubbles should appear on top of each person to clarify that everyone’s price goes down the more people you add to a Sprint Framily.

- We could also market the idea with a twist by using cast members current all grown up looks but inside the same sitcom houses with the same fashion they wore in the 90’s explaining the Framily.

- We could excite people with amusing commercials by having someone like Ms. Swan from Saturday night live explain the Sprint Framily or get a straight to the point cast member like Kevin O’Leary from “Shark Tank” saying “ It’s All About Money” when it comes to saving with the Sprint Framily

I am writing directly to Sprint and it’s business proposal site as a dissatisfied investor (Case # 2100579) who could scorn Sprint’s marketing team for too long but it will not help in succeeding in the end which is profiting. If as a company we are spending so much effort and cash on so little results for sprint customers, sprints investors, sprint employees, etc. we are all failing whether in poor service or poor revenue. In my opinion current commercials make me wonder if companies try to be annoyingly boring to gain notoriety while wasting millions of dollars on marketing. So as an ambitious Sprint investor i ask to please hear me out with a open mind by creating a marketing campaign where viewers actually enjoy commercials due to the excitement created in a Sprint “ Where Are They Now, There In The Sprint Framily” advertisement.

Email – NycIdea@yahoo.com

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Vertigo wrote:

A Sprint/T-Mobile merger would present real competition to the entrenched Verizon/AT&T duopoly. “Despite months of lobbying” Sprint could still not break the Verizon/AT&T stranglehold on the democratic process. Congress members continue their sweet deal, Consumers lose.

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